⚡️2022 Mars Hydro Grow Journal Contest-Win FC-E LED Grow Light!⚡️


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2022 Mars Hydro Grow Journal contest
Good day, RIU members and Mars Hydro Fams, thanks for all the kind support & love in past years, Mars hydro has been 13 years since 2009 in the market and received a good response from growers. We are so glad to see many of you using mars items, and this year we released some new items with new good looking such as FC and FC-E Series, Do you guys wish to own one of them? :) Here comes the chance, just enter our Grow Journal Contest. Feel free to tell us your impressions, experience, reviews, or feedback on Mars products. You'll have a chance to win one of our new hottest items, you’re so welcome to enter this contest!
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Activity Time: 1.27-2.21

Participate Rules:

1) Like this post and Open a thread on FORUM ROLLITUP to record your growth journal(thread open during the Jan-Feb is okay)
2) Need to show Mars Hydro item picture
3) Title Need includes "Mars Hydro" or "Mars Hydro Model Name eg,Mars Hydro TS 3000 Grow Journal or TS 3000*****"
4) Participants need to update the journal weekly.
5) Please write your thread links when commenting on this post

✅How To Pick The Winner:
1x Winner will be picked randomly from the grow journals.
2x Luck growers will be awarded mars gifts randomly(fan kits or seed heat mat or grow bag,etc)
Multi-coupons $10-30 for FC/FC-E series will give out randomly

If the total grow journal is more than 10, the prize will be FC-E3000
If the grow journal is more than 15, the prize will be FC-E4800
If the grow journal is more than 20, the prize will be FC-E6500

Everyone actively updates your journal weekly, the more your update, the more chance to win and the better item we can offer, all just try the best for a better opportunity!:)

Join Mars Hydro Contest now! Peace love and happiness growing!
At the same time, also have new year Sale, welcome to use Code ROLLITUP on the below sites to save more. Hope the information is good for you guys:)
USA&Worldwide: https://mars-hydro.com
Canada: https://marshydroled.ca
Europe: https://marshydro.eu
UK: https://marshydroled.co.uk
Australia: https://marshydroau.com
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Well here is my Grow Journal Guys

Robin Hood Seeds "Nanaz" - Mars Hydro SP3000 - Coco - Floraflex

I'm struggle a little because I'm in the week 4 of flower and the SP3000 distance from the lights is 21 inches or less from the canopy and they are 4 lights already at full power, a few plants are hungry for more light ? Do I need to lower the lights a little more for that specific section ?

Since the extractor duct is in the middle and the 8" carbon filter is too, I don't know how I can be able to install other kind of light, the SP3000 give me the freedom to move them to the sides and rise or lower sections of the tent for smaller plants or taller plants.

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Dear Friend, do you have other thread open on 2021,Jan? if not, you can open a new thread to share it. this thread is open on Sep 30, 2021 , not valid for join this contest. :hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug::hug:

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Here is my grow journal feat the Mars Hydro FC-E6500

Just got the 3x3 Mars Hydro up and running again.

GoodLuck everyone!