The Ultimate Growing Competition

Discussion in 'In It To WIN It' started by Dyna-Gro, Feb 4, 2019.

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    Take before and after pics?

    Justinsbudzzz Well-Known Member

    I'm only one with a single digit lol cool ...I'll post my stuff Tommorow
    T macc

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    Ok. And I soak my seeds before planting. Should I just take a pic of the seed in a shot glass? Or wait till I get it to soil?
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    Big Perm

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    I'd take pics of everything. dry, shotglass, going into dirt.
  5. Soak mine, then to the paper towels before, soil. Pics will be posted! GL everyone stay awesome!

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    Big Perm

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    He got banned in the old heisen thread.

    SoMe_EfFin_MasS_HoLe Well-Known Member

    Shootttttt, well that's stinks. Thanks for the heads up..
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    Alright ladies and gents. The gloves are now off in this thread. Have fun!

    P.S. Don't get yourself turtled or banned!
    T macc

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    I really hope this seed is of quality. No hope for the clone tho. I can't tell you how bad that original gelato plant was. Still have it jarred on top of my tent. I'd rather smoke tomatoes. Not to bash greenpoint; I love his crosses. He said there will be another release of fem seeds this year. Kinda iffy after the first run. Wonder if he will still honor an exchange a year later?
    Sorry for the rant.
    Big Perm

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    Hahahhaha Damn.
    I've never ran GPS myself.
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    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't worry about it. The real challenge is getting to harvest with perfect, chunky plants. Good luck!
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    T macc

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    Great seeds if you like chem smells. I have a Dream catcher clone in flower and 2 Hickok haze seedlings in veg. My dreamcatcher, if I remember right, smells like a blueberry muffin with a spritz of chemical spray. Hella good

    But yea, the gelato looked horrible with wispy buds, but somehow yielded the most. I guessed 2 oz and got 4. Was gunna throw it on my mulch, but some dumb ass said he got high and bought it all to resale it...he still has it lol
    Hell yea

    BostonBuds Well-Known Member

    Its started. I wonder if any wont make it past the 1st day.............
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    H.A.F. Well-Known Member

    #125 Checking in
    IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7694.JPG IMG_7695.JPG
    Fine, I'll be first ;)

    I am up to my neck in Superskunk and still have 7 left to pop after this (10+10free deal). So my grow is to try and find a nute for me. It will be in either 2 or 3 gallon pots max, each one with a different nute system.

    So I dropped 4 Superskunk by ILGM, and obviously planning on 4 plants... For those that pop I will run one in Dyna-gro, one in the Gen-hydro "maxi" dry nutes, the third in the original Fox Farms trio, and if all 4 pop, the last on the Fox Farms Gringo Rasta schedule.

    They are in a 30-1 water to peroxide solution for 24 hours.

    I plan to keep the nutes 75% or less, starting slow, but trying to get to and keep 75% on all, barring issues.
    I use RO water, Have HLG quantum boards, and AC Infinity Cloudline exhaust.

    My number is in there, the number of plants, nutes, system info, If I missed anything disqualify me! LOL. I'm still growing them :)

    I added the non-contest seedling (northern lights) in the pic for full disclosure. The contest plants will get no training, straight up Christmas tree, and will flip before the NL.
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    Kushash Well-Known Member

    Good morning everybody, #121 here.

    I am technically involved in 3 comps at the moment.

    1)This one.

    2) The 12/12 from seed Party Cup Comp as a sideliner who refuses to harvest 4 solo cups that are 141 days from seed as of today.

    3) The party cup comp in the LED section which as of this moment I have not been kicked out of yet so I'm technically still in at this moment.

    My goal this comp.
    To get a gold star for good behavior. :)

    Good Luck Everyone!
    Mellow old School

    Mellow old School Well-Known Member


    Pictures of my choice on strains with seedbank boxes coming up, in about 4½ hours from now...still busy with other things...

    Have a great weekend....
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    As a reminder, photos for the contest belong in the link given by Dyna Gro - this thread is for general chatter. As I understand it, the photos have to be in the other thread to be part of the competition. is where you'll put the pics. Heading there now to upload mine! Good luck everyone...


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    Your number is #570

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