The Original 16oz Party Cup Comp

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by The Dawg, Feb 14, 2018.

    Big Green Thumb

    Big Green Thumb Well-Known Member

    Weekly update of my stunted runts. Too much water and not enough drainage... 20180304_231637.jpg

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I would be a terrible engineer, my tray flipped AGAIN a few days ago killing the already injured plant from the previous flip lol so I just duct taped it to the tent wall. The two that are still alive don't look half bad though 20180305_123720.jpg
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    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    More duct tape, speaking as a frustrated engineer, there is no way that is enough. In fact consider gorilla tape.:blsmoke:
    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Here r my 4......for the night IMG_20180305_192628.jpg
    the tuxedo still leading the pack so far for the 1st 2. With the last 2, growth is going decent. Soo boring right now! I want to get to the good stuff already. I wana c sum fkn bud shots!:weed:

    DankBudzzz Well-Known Member

    Mine have been severely neglected thanks to issues I’ve been dealing with at hone and work but I’m sure they’ll come around

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    hybridway2 Well-Known Member

    Looking good fellow cuppers. I'm new to growing from seed but they're alive.
    2, OBG (Original Blueberry Glue) x LaWoman#2 on the right & 2, Purple Chem x LaWoman#2 on the left.
    Ended up using a 40w , 4k , UtilityTech shop light. image.jpg image.jpg
    So far theyre feed has been just the original CloneX & B-1 I mixed when first planted. Kept it in the fridge. Now that's gone so theyll move onto H&G base nutes w/ BatGuanoComp. Tea. Should be seeing signs of sex soon right?
    Underground Scientist

    Underground Scientist Well-Known Member

    Topped the God's AK-47 and Locktite last night.

    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    Hey I won the egg drop in engineering class stoned as hell I think I know what I'm doing bud lol jk I'm grabbing some more after work hopefully it doesn't collapse again.
    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower! Well-Known Member

    When’s the next post ?
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    We're supposed to post a weekly update on Fri, Sat or Sun.... Allowed 1 mulligan...
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    dubekoms Well-Known Member

    I believe its fri-sun
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    psychedelicdaddi Well-Known Member

    How about Monday (I posted Friday too)
    15203659452221560136110.jpg 152036599118533297193.jpg
    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower! Well-Known Member

    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Im Going To Get Stoned Then I Will Post Pics Tonight :peace:
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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Im Higher Than Giraffe Pussy. I'm Off To Mickey D's For A Couple Of Double Bacon Burgers And An M&M Flurry :weed:

    IMG_6832.JPG IMG_6834.JPG IMG_6835.JPG IMG_6836.JPG
    Dr.Amber Trichome

    Dr.Amber Trichome Well-Known Member

    YEAH!! HES BACK!!!
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    Literally just had that minus the mcflurry. Smashed em both 10 bites. welcome back TD!
    I just went back to work after being on vacation for 11 days:spew:. Went to McDonald's. Ate, came home and 2 beers have gone down 2 fast and w/ 2 dabs.
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    swedsteven Well-Known Member

    Love that hydrocup lol that cheating lol
    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Belch :hump:

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