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    The Dawg

    The Dawg Well-Known Member

    Ok My Hommies The Time Is Now. So Go Ahead And Post Your Germination Pics. Remember K-Mart Blue Light Shoppers You Only Have 14 To Show Your Germination Process Or Your Eliminated.

    You Are Allowed To Start 5 Seeds Total. If Your Using Fem's Your Allowed 3 Fems And 2 Regs

    On Your 16oz Cup You Must Mark Each Cup with A Different Marking.

    You Must Update Your Progress Every Week And Post Pics From Friday To Sunday Night. Miss 2 Updates And Your Eliminated

    Because Their Is Another Comp Going On Allowing Different Size Cups With Entrants Participating In Both Comp's. So Your Entries Photo Must Include A Tape Measure Showing Your Entries Cup Height. Below Is A Pic Of A 16oz Party Cup Height Anything Taller Or No Tape Measure Accompanying You Photo Will Be Disallowed

    Voting Will Be Done By The Competition Participants. Remember Peeps While The Host Can Receive Votes He Can Not Win Any Prizes

    Peace And Let the Games Begin :hump:


    WxMan Active Member

    20180214_155053.jpg 20180214_155159.jpg 20180214_154113.jpg
    I guess I'm out. @The Dawg you said 16oz. Now you put a more stringent spec on it. My 16oz cups are well outside your height restriction.

    HydoDan Well-Known Member

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    WxMan Active Member

    I'm guessing the Solo branded cups are what The Dawg's using. My paper Dixie cups were taller yet.
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    Mine are Solo!

    WxMan Active Member

    Houston we have a problem!

    WxMan Active Member

    My seeds have only been in water for about 8 hours. 3 are still floating. If I pull them now and let them dry will they still be viable at some later date?
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    I don't know never had to abort germination before.. I'm glad I planned on starting tomorrow..
    This really sucks changing shit on starting day.. He said 16 oz not 4"..
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    CobKits Well-Known Member Rollitup Advertiser

    OG cup for life!
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    @The Dawg
    Google 16oz party cup dimensions..
    Dart Solo P16R SpecsHeight 4 3/4 inches
    Bottom Diameter 2 1/2 Inches
    Top Diameter 3 3/4 Inches
    Capacity 16 oz.
    Edit: Amazon - SOLO P16R 16 oz. plastic party cup is built tough to stand up to your most abusive party games. Overall Dimensions Top Diameter: 3 3/4" Bottom Diameter: 2 1/2"
    Height: 4 3/4"...
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    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    Working on the math for doing the volume of these cups (top diameter 3.5, bottom diameter 2.25, height 4.875), coming up with slightly more than 16oz, but also guessing other cups will show similar volumes.....stand by doing math in public, this is dangerous shit folks.
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    nc208 Well-Known Member

    There's many ways to get a 16Oz cup.

    Rusher Well-Known Member

    Yeah mine is 16oz but is also 4 3/4". Damn. Guess I'm out? Oh well, still gonna run the White Lemon and Purple Bayou. See what I get.


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    SSGrower Well-Known Member

    A cup with those dimensions would have a volume of 36.917 cubic inches, that is over 20 ounces.

    The cups I have are are calculating at just over 16 ounces. (16.66)
    Dimensions are
    3.3 inches top inside diameter (its 3.5 outside to outside but there is a curled lip)
    2.25 inches bottom diameter
    4.875 inches height

    @The Dawg if you trust me to calculate every ones cup volumes and you decide it is needed let me know.
    If my cups aren't legal I don't think I'll be able find ones that are, I went to 4 stores looking for these. It is your competition, your rules.
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    psychedelicdaddi Well-Known Member

    top ID 3"
    bottom ID 2"
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    natureboygrower Well-Known Member

    mine are almost 5" tall.i'll cut mine to the proper height if i have to.i'll lose a little volume but im not going out yet.
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    Rolla J

    Rolla J Well-Known Member

    IMG_20180214_182727.jpg soaking 2 afghani #2 beans for the comp. Will post more as I go along.
    My 16oz cups measure out at 4⅜"
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    my 16 oz, 473 ml cups would've already disqualified me anyway.

    too many rules for me...

    i grow weed, i break rules
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    HydoDan Well-Known Member

    16 oz of water comes within 3/8" of the top.. barely holds 17.5 oz... Don't need math to figure that out.

    MonkeyPickAss Well-Known Member

    So whats the deal here.... i'm not going searching for tiny cups because he found the one 16oz cup thats short and fat..... Seems most everyone elses cups are a taller size.
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