The New Jersey THC limit is like an insane cruel joke

Discussion in 'New Jersey Patients' started by TreeOfLiberty, Jul 21, 2011.

    BiG PuFFer

    BiG PuFFer Well-Known Member

    there not providing meds, its bullshit. Do they even offer something high in CBD? They sell you over priced shwag. No tinctures, edibles,concentrates. You have to be terminally ill and smoke a bunch of shawg? Its a crule fucking joke.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    They did everything in their power to make sure 1) the program would be a failure and 2) they know where all the pot smokers live.

    BadAndy Well-Known Member

    so Im in NJ visiting for the holiday (merry xmas). I have a friend who is practically bent in half with MS and he has a med license. He goes to the disp in woodbridge where they cahrge 125 bucks for a quarter ounce.

    Idk if the information is old because of how long this thread is but the meds he got was listed at 29% thc-a

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    First off, most marijuana "testing" company's will tell you around 26% is the max you'll ever see in THC content in bud. Anything over that should be sending out red flags. It's just not possible unless it's hash or one of the different concentrates.......

    Secondly, N.J. put a 10% limit on THC content on the bud sold. Anything over that much be destroyed, per the law. $110-$125 per quarter is about right, but there is also a 7 or 8% tax too.

    The Woodbridge location just opened a few weeks ago.........this may help:

    Hobie Well-Known Member

    DAM ... so NJ medical is not so compassionate . My sister in law is looking into NJ medical after her visit to RI and what I told her about my state . At those prices and % available in medicine , its not possible to maintain proper relief for her cancer . Here its for proper strains and %

    steve4x4 New Member

    tell me about it...they have no problem raising our ridiculous property taxes, but god forbid they legalize & regulate the marijuana market to generate millions in additional taxes that are WELCOMED by the users

    twistedentities Well-Known Member

    Hey all. As a jersey native, I agree that the mj laws and system here is a fuking blasphemy to everything the compassionate act stands for. Politics as a whole is nothing but a whores scabby ahole in this state. I gotta get the eff outta here. I hear nj is a nice place to

    Pie7775 Member

    Remember this was not in the original medical bill for jersey. It was an amended by Chris Christie along with the 3 strain limit(So that leaves us with if your lucky at least 1 Sativa, 1 Indica, and 1 CBD rich strain; remember thats if your lucky sadly its typically 1 100% Indica, 1 Indica-dominant hybrid, and a Sativa-dominant or 100% if lucky). No MEDibles &/or tinctures (later changed to only for children after major backlash from press), no concentrates. He also assigned the head position to someone with what kind of work experience? You guessed it; law enforcement not someone from say a medical background or any profession that doesn't engrain its employees to look at marijuana and its users as drug users and fiends and not patients or those who favor it to alcohol or a long day.

    He put all these restrictions/hurdles in play to discourage entrepreneurs(backers)/true activists from joining the movement/industry that comes with medical marijuana. He wants people to stick with street bud that can go for cheaper and probably its no less than 12% if its anything decent. His requirements for getting a license are so complicated and requires more security(8cameras, remote monitoring, full time security guard, etc). He also requires children to get a prescription from no less than 3 doctors, not forgetting the fact there are less than 500 doctors statewide participating. He just wants to keep that staunch image of a man of the people who cares about your kids and the evils of drugs when the truth stares him in the face. Fuck career politicians. They'd be tried and hung for treason in a perfect world.
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    You know this......Jersey is not a friendly state in any way! Very militant in their approach in general. Sad but true, they just want to have you on a list so later they can sweep everyone up!

    Diesel5000 New Member

    Can anyone help me I had a random drug test at work and I'm
    Buggin out most likely sent to a lab that's what got me nervous used to smoke a lot of weed but had to stop for at work tests .. started doing cocaine here and there on the weekends while drinking , on Friday nite at like 2 am I had one line and one key bump and didn't have my test until Wednesday at 10 in the morning and drank plenty of water and peed straight clear

    Diesel5000 New Member

    What's my chances of passing I've been going nuts on google looking shit up this is my life right here with this job work for the public works don't want my whole town to find out

    shuki New Member

    With a new Governor that platformed on legalizing it maybe there is hope that the medical patients in Jersey might finally get acccess to the real medicine they need!!!!!!

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