The New Jersey THC limit is like an insane cruel joke

Discussion in 'New Jersey Patients' started by TreeOfLiberty, Jul 21, 2011.


    TreeOfLiberty Well-Known Member

    I mean come on, 10% limit? We have strains over double that in CO. I don't see how this stuck. When you have people on opiate medicines like Oxycontin or Morphine you don't see officials limit the strength. Morphine comes in 15,30,60,100, and 200 mg. We don't have a banning of the 200 mg dose.

    I see it this way, if your going to pass MMJ legislation , what's the point of saying you can use it medically but only the weakest potency of it ? This will be an issue, watch and see in the near future. People will complain of inadequate relief from illnesses and not having enough too. I hope people that need stronger MMJ secretly grow the good stuff in their closet. I bet we'll see cultivation charges too of MMJ patients claiming that the dispensary MMJ was too weak so they resorted to growing MORE potent herb.

    This capping of THC limits is like something out of the Spanish Inquisition. It's bad enough that they aren't allowing home growers but capping the THC limit is like a double slap in the face. I'm glad I don't live in NJ because if I did I'd have my own stealth grow in a hollow clothes dresser. I hope the people of NJ fight the THC cap, because we will see issues arising from inadequate MMJ.

    MrEDuck Well-Known Member

    What makes matters worse is that we aren't just limited to 10% THC, we're also limited to 2 oz a month. That's like an oz of your good stuff in THC content, except you have to smoke so much you get bored waiting for it to work. And we get exposed to twice as many products of combustion. Yay more polyaromatic hydrocarbons in my lungs.
    Smoking anything isn't healthy (because of the PAHs which are known carcinogens), so isn't it better to smoke stronger strains so we don't need to smoke as much?

    dass Well-Known Member

    easy way to cap the thc level would be to use all the tractor trailer loads of that brown crap that come to new jersey. theyll probably use the tons of pot that is in evidence rooms. yeh i said tons and if they want to cap the thc limit theyll have to higher scientist to test which one is the limit. such a joke

    Pman123 Member

    I'd care more but I'm leaving NJ soon.

    It's not only the MJ laws that are fucked up around here...

    willsmokeyou Member

    ^true thatt! NJ to me, seems like the most corrupt state in the nation.

    B0ngMan420 Member

    agree with everyone i live in nj and would love nothing more than to move to cali or CO

    CountGlochula Active Member

    marijuana overdoses 0 ever
    opiate overdoses 30,000+ a year
    which seem's safer.

    mrgrrowpro Member

    Have they started giving out marijuana in NJ Yet???

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Studies have shown vaping removes 95% of the harmful carcinogens while smoking.......... anyone with health problems would be smart to invest in a decent vape device.

    ataxia Well-Known Member

    reports from the care center in nj are claiming .... 110 a quater plus 7 percent tax on that ... and the quality is garbage from what i've heard. So there ya have it Jersey 120 for a q of schwag at your "compassionate care facililty" ...did anyone mention this is the only care center up and running and is owned by an ex police officer.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    LOL......only N.J. could have fucked it up so bad. Now a cop is going to sell you your medical pot.....he'll probably follow you home too. LOL

    RaYRoZaY Member

    Seems like ppl are better getting everything off street dealers. This is an absolute joke. 10%? Thats like a bad bag of dirt weed, with seeds, stems, and all. And now you say an ex-cop owns the joint? Wtf?! Pretty soon our nj pastors will start running strip clubs. I love nj, but I hate the politics and restrictions. Land of the free doesnt apply to NJ, cause we are #1 in property taxes. SHEESHHHHH

    pplayer104 Well-Known Member

    I hear the qtrs are like 110 plus tax. Better to get it off the street then that shit hole

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    PLus 7 % or 8% is around $480 for an oz of regs. Two choices, an "A" and a "B" strain. LOL

    SensiHerb Active Member

    hmm $480 a zip for 10%thc reg or $300-$325 a zip for 17-25% loud... fuck NJ, in may i got a pos. mary under 50 grams in nj for ONE GRAM!... $800 for conditional discharge with 1 year probation, and $1685 for my lawyer to get me that conditional (because they slapped me with not using a blinker [because i turned it on 50 feet before my turn instead of 100ft], pos mary, pos of controlled substance in a MV, and a few other BS tickets that i cant remember off the top of my head. all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ dont give a shit about anyone.

    SensiHerb Active Member

    turns out my lawyer was good friends with the judge, they used to "go out for cocktails all the time" hmm you guys can go out, get drunk and drive home, but here i am paying the both of you hundreds and hundreds of dollars because of a gram of herb. seems legit.

    brimck325 Well-Known Member

    welcome to america, land of the sheep!
    Bernie Mac

    Bernie Mac Member

    don't the mmj cards allow possession of up to an oz? if so who gives a shit about the schwag some ex-cop is trying to sell ya. just keep those co buds coming.

    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    Above post reported for deletion.....this ad is against riu policy

    olheadwillie New Member

    i have great aunt and uncles there that have been underground for a long time now, this is a insult to them. they dont even want to a ponie with a carrot. UNCOOL

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