The Importance Of Mixed Lighting

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    great thread. this is really helpful, thanks a lot.

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    Wonderful thread!

    My experience with mixed spectrum is small but will surely grow(Ha)
    I've only used LED to flower in the past, gonna try t5 next (trying the unorthodox lightings first, maybe they can end up as supplemental when I finally get a HID)

    However, I veg with mostly flouros obviously 6500k. But when I attempted to use 2700k there was a noticeable stretch. So much so that for the two days I had replaced two 6500k with 27's the stretch between nodes stuck out like a sore thumb through the rest of the plants life.
    HOWEVER, under all 6500k's the plant was pure nodes and while bushy, didn't have any noticeable internodal growth until it had matured. The plant I used both spectrums on had an interesting spike in internodal growth especially where it had stretched!

    I found this thread because I'm now intentionally trying to cause a stretch with mixed spectrum so I can fill my tent out before the 12/12 stretch
    (also going to try full 6500k and intense light to limit that specific stretch)

    This isn't scientific but rather experimental. It might have been coincidence but Either way it's a test now and a good reason to excavate this thread. This is always relevant information!

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