THE definitive Rosin Press parts thread

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    ACitizenofColorado Well-Known Member

    As you imagine, please post your thoughts on optimal rosin presses for small, personal grows.

    Also, please post any links to good Rosin threads. Either rosin press parts or rosin pressing process information, or anything else related to rosin.

    I like the idea of round plates, but can't really find them.

    So far, the plan is a dake B 10 with either low temp lates or 710 snob.

    Does anyone know of other plate manufacturers that I should consider?

    Dual plate, preferably.

    And hopefully something that integrates easily with the Dake B 10.

    A citizen or Co.
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    ACitizenofColorado Well-Known Member

    For instance, does one need caged plates for 3x3 plates? I don't need anything bigger than 3x3. Is round better than square?

    socaljoe Well-Known Member

    This is a pretty thorough guide to putting together a home rosin press.

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    ACitizenofColorado Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the post! I've been watching green gene for a while. I think he and the roundtable had a falling out sometime ago over seeds, or something like that.

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