The color of my dreams


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observation with a 30x jewelers loupe shows trichromes and stalks have absorb the dye as well. pretty cool seeing blue trichromes.
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Do you think you could add it during every watering to get a more prodominate color???? me wondering I jus got 8 new babies......Maybe I will try that with say.....2 of them I will let you know what they look like b4 & after......oh and during......I love to play.....:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:


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i tried watering with it. roots filter it out. (something to think about).
maybe i just needed more dye for a full plant watering. what about dyed soil?

"durkee" brand food coloring. i would think any food coloring for frosting would work.

i haven't smoked any yet. it's drying. i did this last year and it smoked fine but in the sun the buds looked nuclear.


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I'm going to have to try that...That's cool as shit man...I'm beginning to see u have a very scientific mind. I do too, i love to learn about new shit, especially something i have a passion for...Thanks for all the good tips, bro.


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That looks hilarious dude, i'm interested to know what the smoke's like. Maybe it'll be like ink on newspaper as it burns - all different colours!


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That's cool. You could do all different color buds for the same herb and throw them all together in the same bag. It'd be like fruit loops.


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I am def. going to try this on one or two plants come harvest time! Just a few more weeks!


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I wonder if that would work with grape juice concentrate or blueberry juice from a can of blueberries.


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Blue buds scented like extreme tea (thats my doing) and get me high?! sign me up.

The cosmetic stuff like this is good fun and games.