Terminally ill cancer patient in reno/fallon area looking for help

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by lostkeys, Aug 21, 2014.


    ch33b Active Member

    Wish I could help you, I'm in Washington State and have my medical garden here ... Have family in Reno though...

    lostkeys Member

    I ended finding some cool people who really helped me out.
    And they are starting to open mobile dispensaries in reno so MMJ is available for those that are new without any connections now.
    Amazing how hard it is to find when you not in that scene anymore.

    BattleBorn Member

    Did you end up getting your card ok?

    lostkeys Member

    Yes I did but had problems using the MMJ cant seem to get used to it makes me feel sick and I have tried different strains sativas indicas hybrids no difference.
    Kind of strange to since I smoked like a chimney when I was younger 20 years ago but no not sure if its because of my health and all the medical issues I have.
    Really bums me out as I was hoping this would be some great thing for me and help me deal with the cancer but I just cant tolerate it why I don't know.

    I am getting dizzy spells all the time now and it did make me feel kind of dizzy when I used it so maybe the cancer is in my brain screwing stuff up no idea.

    I am OK with it all just wanted to try it and see if it would help it didn't and that's OK I got plenty of other meds that make living tolerable until I am gone.
    Would have been nice though I remember my weed days fondly good times with good friends.

    BattleBorn Member

    That's a bummer. Have you tried edibles? I have chronic pain due to old injuries and I find that taking the pills I make from my trimmings actually helps with the pain more and has a much different effect on my mind.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Sorry to hear the mmj didn't help, I know I use to get dizzy from herb that wasnt flushed correctly..but I agree with the poster above give edibles a try, but I'm guessing you already have

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    Yo don't give up bro there are other ways you can use mmj it not over unless you say it is hope you choose to keep fight wish you the best brother later!!! JB

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