Terminally ill cancer patient in reno/fallon area looking for help

Discussion in 'Nevada Patients' started by lostkeys, Aug 21, 2014.


    lostkeys Member


    I live in fallon and have terminal leukemia along with a host of other medical conditions from the gulf war.
    I am on disability and VA disability and I take a lot of pain meds and other medication and I am reaching my limit of what I can deal with.

    I am thinking of maybe moving to Colorado as I could get rec marijuana until my MMJ paperwork went through the problem is I am very sick now and I don't know if I can make the move to Colorado.

    Is there any doctors in the reno/sparks/carson area that can do evaluations for the application?
    If I have to go to vegas I might as well move would be easier to get meds in Colorado.

    I am also really concerned it may not help I know the indica strains are supposed to help pain and anxiety which are two if my bad symptoms but I have no idea how to get ahold of some to test it first and see if the move is worth it.

    I am not asking for meds but just any help on what I might be able to do without moving and see if this MMJ will help me.
    I am looking at maybe a year more of life give or take its hard to tell when the body is going to shutdown the doctors monitor me but I no longer do chemo or see my horrible VA ongologist as I couldn't stand it anymore and choose the natural death route a year ago and they said year to 2 then so not bunches of time left.

    I really just want to feel better for the last few months if possible and I really don't know the best way to get to my goal.
    staying in Nevada is best for my wallet but Colorado seems best for the possibility of finding a strain that helps me.

    Anyways any advice or help on doctors or what to do thanks for any help.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Here are a couple places that might help

    Reno Medical Cannabis Refreral

    Elements cannabis center
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    lostkeys Member

    thanks the numbers helped now just need to find a grower.

    mrgreengrower Active Member

    Tell damn aren't you a party pooper, that really sucks man. Well thank you for your ultimate service, and very sorry to hear about your situation. Is there any reason that you can not grow and just keep it under the radar (not tell any one) I took care of my mom going thru chemo and all that nasty stuff, where she wouldnt eat cause every thing tasted like metal, and here hair fell out and all the fun stuff that goes alone with it, anyway i started growing for her and it helped a whole lot with just her day to day life and feeling like a real person. Its not to hard to start a grow easier than you may think, plus alot cheaper then moving

    lostkeys Member

    I live on a indian reservation with my ex-wife so federal land and not my house so I wont be growing.
    really sucks I just want to see If it will help I tried it once but have no idea the strain made my panic an have anxiety but from what I have read lots of strains and the indicas tend to be body highs not mind highs.
    I don't know if I just wasn't so sick I would just leave to Colorado but its not like the movies when you have cancer it screws you up all sorts of ways doing most stuff is impossible.
    I will just keep looking and see what options may come up just time is running short now.
    Who knows maybe it wont help me at all I am just kind of desperate for some sort of happiness in what time remains.

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Wish I could help ya man, I got a soft spot for cancer patients...your a little far from me tho

    lostkeys Member

    No problem thanks for the thought.
    I think I am just going to start the card process and see how long that takes.
    In October I get my new results that should tell me how long I have left and then maybe we will be close to have disp here in reno or maybe I will try Colorado or maybe I will be to sick to do anything lol who knows.

    mainliner Well-Known Member

    i wish i lived near, id fuckin grow you a plant , no cost!! Uk's to far to swim for me lol ;)

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    ^stfu psyco boy
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    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    What don't you get? You simple too?

    mainliner Well-Known Member

    wtf r u on about??

    lostkeys Member

    wow what happened to the thread lol why is everyone angry?
    Anyways drove 150 miles today and got my Dr. Referral so I will send for my application but I still have no idea how I am going to get MMJ.
    Got Until Oct to figure it out I guess bloodwork comes back then and know more.

    Sorry if I pissed anyone off don't know whats going on here :(

    Bublonichronic Well-Known Member

    Didn't mean to shit on ur thread, mainliner is a pos...anyway, hope everything works out for you

    mainliner Well-Known Member

    well you did shit on his thread now fuckoff back to kiddys corner t'nt,,,,, ignored and banished for that !!

    lostkeys Member

    No problem thanks for the info guys I will post stuff in my other thread.
    I don't know anyone so staying out of all personal issues peace.
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    i guess you're not familiar with the water in your area. i once lived in reno, and my dad lived in fallon. i remember him telling me that they couldn't/wouldn't, drink the tap water. this was in the early seventies. my brother and his wife, lived there in the late nineties, on the outskirts of town/fallon. the water was soooo bad in fallon, that there was a segment on unsolved mysteries about the water. huge increase in cancers per capita, and it was attributed to the water, check it out. you should move...

    lostkeys Member

    Yes I know exactly what you're talking about and the water is not good in fallon in most places.
    The doctor who diagnosed my cancer was one of the families in the big scandal issue with the cancer his child had it.
    My type of leukemia is different than those and I had no idea there were a bunch of different types until I got it.
    Its most surely from my military service I was exposed to tons ofchemicals jet fuel in everything food water showers and lots of weird vaccinations don't even know what most of them were for lol and who he hell knows what was in the first gulf war lots of nasty stuff floating around.
    It's all too late now just want to relieve the symptoms and feel a little better maybe.
    Wish they would get my paperwork processed its driving my nuts now waiting.
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    Nikki61 Member

    Hello darling;

    I live here in Dayton. I see a specialist in CC and have been legal for 2-3 yrs now. I can try to help and answer Q's for you. I understand about the pain sweetie, I really do. For me it took all but two bottles of prescr. away, so I consider it worth growing. You don't need to move to CO darling there is help here. I have helped others here in the area with the steps they need to become legal.

    Yes there are Doctors here. Nevada law says it has to be a 'specialist' not a GP or nurse, etc. It's not that hard to get the card, it just takes some time and money.

    As for the strains, there are two: Indica is more like the 'couch sinking into' feeling. This is very good for sleep as well as high levels of pain. Sativa's is what I use for 'day-time use'. This is called a 'head high'. It takes away my pain enough so I may work my land, clean my house and attend to my animals

    I just signed up on this site today and know this was posted a few months ago, but, if you are still on here and are interested, uhmmm, ping me? LOL however they message on here to let me know how to get a hold of you. My name is Nikki. I hope to hear from you darling...
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    lostkeys Member

    Hi there sent you a conversation which is the message system I guess let me know if you get it.
    The system was a little confusing for me at first but click on the view conversation and it should pop up.

    Should be getting my card soon almost 2 months now so soon I hope.

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