taking plants that don't belong to you? DO NOT post here.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by poplars, Sep 10, 2011.

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    panhead Well-Known Member

    Dont want to step on no toes but were not supposed to post anything to a sticky,potroast says he wants to approve all threads prior to going sticky.

    I got no bones with you guys or how you mod your forums,its your business & im stayin out of any other forum business that dont concern hydroponics,im just tryin to save you any problems with potroast over making a sticky.

    Did you guys see where the reports come in at yet ?
    Mellowkitty had to help me find them along with anything else that shows up for our seperate forums.

    The blue page ?

    poplars Well-Known Member

    nope still don't see... and I"m not gonna trip until potroast actually pm's me about it.
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    Moteasah Active Member

    I'm all for this as long as we ban the people growing on land that doesn't belong to them as well. Stealing AND trespassing are both illegal but I'm sure NONE of the guerilla growers will be for this.
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    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    sounds like poor planning but probably total bullshit lol

    poplars Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting into the legal issues.

    I'm going by the simple concept that people who put their heart into something like outdoor growing of epic plants, we all hate it when people steal our hard work, simple.

    so for that reason and because I actually have the power to control this now, these types of threads are simply not allowed.. .there is no because this there must be that, or I'm all for this but...

    until a mod comes to me and says I can't do it, this is how it is,crop robbers are scum, and their threads are not welcome here.
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    doublejj Well-Known Member

    I keep my friends close & my enemies closer, let them post

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    poplars Well-Known Member

    nobody tracks down croppers from the internet, the police certainly don't...so I'm good on that.

    grizlbr Active Member

    I am just traveling thru! Some people want attention: negative attentions still attention. Internet: say what ever you desire true or not. Until a Mod shuts you down.
    So just to stay on track: 1976 I drove a wrecker. MG flipped with 14 oz in zip. got it up right and police looked inside: Take it away! So when I found the baggy tying the steering wheel what was I to do?
    Officer! O officer? No my sister smoked soooo. What would your call have been? Fast forward to "Will you dispose of some MJ for me PLEASE!?".....YES LOOKS LIKE 3 POUNDS!

    mtbazz Well-Known Member

    hey, go f yourself d-bag.

    Seeds, soil, nutes, etc.... its a spot that in previous years has produced 3-5lbs. by the end of september. hours spent digging holes in rocky soil, making sure things are ok in a hurricane, etc....all wasted.

    As far as rippers go, they better hope they don't get caught. They'd be lucky if I caught them, as they would just get off with a severe beating, not so lucky if other people I know caught them, they would wind up in much worse shape if not missing.
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    wheezer Well-Known Member

    It turned out to be one I forgot I planted in my back yard.:roll:

    veggiegardener Well-Known Member


    Brought back memories.

    1977: Totally out of weed AND money. Stumbled out the back door, and suddenly spotted an 18 inch, half budded beauty. Probably five grams. Enough to get us through to money and weed. A seed was swept out. It's nice when a plan comes together!

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    mtbazz who the fuck grows where theres hurricanes ? like a serious grow lol haha! wtf if i was going to spend 100$ on an outdoor i would make sure it would be covered from rain and protected from bugs before anything else and u say u spend 40 gs lol! if u really spent that much and didnt think about the hurricanes your hella stupid yo !!!!!!lol

    MediMaryUser Well-Known Member

    hahah oh u said 400$ lol i wont correct myself so we can all laugh i thought u said 40 gs .. haha damn im smoking sum good not reading rite

    Dankster4Life Well-Known Member

    If you grow on the east coast how do you avoid a hurricane?

    MJstudent Well-Known Member

    i fully agree with what your doing here, but i would very much like to see the evidence that you have to prove this statement. you cant judge that by any means. im completely in agreeance with you about taking them but i hate how people think wild cannabis is at all extinct. just because your average person doesnt stumble onto a plant doesnt meen squat about how many there are. in the middle of the country every year cops are trying to battle wild cannabis http://www.hempreport.com/2004/07/wild-marijuana.html just because you dont get high doesnt meen its not weed ;)

    MJstudent Well-Known Member

    your whats wrong wtih people. becasue people dont have medical and they dont want to lose there house by growing it inside illegaly they should have to buy all there weed? whats wrong with growing gov't land or public or hell even private land. if they get some chronic and dont have to risk losing everything theyve spet there lives trying to create its a win in my books.
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    DippyHippy Member

    As a victim these idiot thieves, I'm in absolute agreement. Stolen off MY property too.

    Moteasah Active Member

    No you. You're the problem thinking you can break law after law because it suits you. I guess we should all be able to murder someone just as long as it's benefitting yourself.

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    fucking thives i hate them.. and all post of thift should be deleated
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    poplars Well-Known Member

    if they even try to post in this section they will find their threads deleted fast.
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