taking plants that don't belong to you? DO NOT post here.

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I'm getting sick of seeing threads of people finding plants that don't belong to them and asking others about how potent they will be and blah blah blah.

I say, read this sticky and realize these threads are not welcome here. there is almost no native cannabis in places close to civilization, so the likelyhood that you've stumbled upon wild plants is very very low.

so if I see anymore of these threads of people taking plants that don't belong to them, or harvesting plants that don't belong to them, they will be deleted immediately.

I don't think I will see any disagreement from my fellow mods and owners of the site.

happy posting, stay high, grow your own plants.


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Couldn't agree more. Especially when the majority of times they didn't just stumble across someones grow, they were friggn looking for them in the first place.
Imo 99% of the bastards who do take peoples grows. Are either to fukn lazy or too stupid to grow there own so they go out and take what others have put there hard work and time into. Hope they run across a gorw set up where they run into a few nasty lil surprises.


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I couldn't agree more. And as the last one went on four pages it should have been stopped as of post 16 (hint hint). Maybe as a group, if you see a thread about it, we can post the links here for easy access for the mods to rectify promptly.
I usually hit the "report" button when I see something I know is contrary to site rules.
Do Mods get these? It sure would be nice to get some feedback at times like that.
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