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    This is my first Gage Green experience, found 2 wonderful pheno's out of the bunch. All grown in super soil of course.

    This is Grape Stomper BX2. She is sweet grape and lovely here at 6 weeks.

    GS5d 6 weeks.jpg

    GS5e 6 weeks.jpg

    Mendo Montage F2. She showed color at about 2 weeks.

    MM2c 2 weeks.jpg

    Here she is at 6 weeks

    MM2b 6 weeks.jpg

    Mr.Vega Well-Known Member

    20130626_201850.jpg 20130626_201952.jpg 20130626_201819.jpg 20130626_201741.jpg ...I know this is a little off subject but im wowed by theses plants...I put tomotoes out every year...this year I filled their holes w super soil....theyre insane...thats just two plants at 6weeks old and not only are they growing like ive never seen theyre flowering/producing like ive never seen...literally triple the amount seems to me....super soils the shit

    BroJohnson Active Member

    People growing in ss and using RO water what kind of Cal Mag products do you use? Im currently using Botanicare Cal mag Plus, and thinking on switching to General Organics Cal mag.
    The GreenBastard

    The GreenBastard Active Member

    Add one cup of dolomite lime per cubic foot of soil and mix well.All pH and cal mag issues resolved.

    DANKSWAG Well-Known Member

    Flush that Bontanicare shit out of your soil, it is not good for soil, designed for hydro and yes General Organics CaMg+ is for soil especially for us organic growers.

    DANKSWAG Well-Known Member


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    I think I can speak for everyone when I say super soil is the shit plain and simple. Here's a few reasons why :-P newpics029.jpg newpics032.jpg newpics035.jpg newpics188.jpg newpics197.jpg newpics199.jpg RSCN1118.jpg DSCN0990.jpg Just in case you were wondering these various shots contain Vortex, Dairy queen, Agent orange, Qush, Chemdawg and Freezecheese 89'. Can I getta amen!?! Ganj
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    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    What up guys and ladies need some Help I have a ???? I'm not that good with math lol!!! so need some help on how much of each ingredient to mix with my soil I have a list of my ingredient I have about 5lbs of each ingredient so thanks to who ever can help me out!!! JB
    6 bags of organic soil and 30lbs of EWC
    Alfalfa Meal: 2-1-2
    Blood Meal: 13-0-0
    Bone Meal: 3-15-0
    Kelp Meal: .6-.5-2.5
    bat guano 0-5-0
    Humic powder
    dolomite lime
    Epson salts
    Roots XL Mycorrhizae

    BroJohnson Active Member

    Flowering out a Pandoras Box, Jillybean, and SpaceDawg in 3 gal pots filling about half with SS. Will this be enough for them through flower or will I have to possibly ad in some teas or extra nutes?

    GrowBrooklyn Well-Known Member

    I ran SpaceDawg in 3 gal pots 50% full and it was fine. It vegged in the 3 gal for a couple of weeks prior to flower too. You can always top feed if it does not look like it will have enough juice.

    jaydub13 Well-Known Member

    I know this isn't what most of you are interested in... but I got some bangin tomaters in my spent supersoil that I ammended into my tomato patch before planting...

    They have all been topped and trained, multiheaded beauties. Pushing past 4 ft right now.

    I did just top dress with about a quart of Super soil on each one too... NO BURN.

    jbrown3 Active Member

    half batch made, filled two 32 gals, Ready for the dank [​IMG]

    Damnecro Active Member

    814weedb.jpg super soil and hose water

    sincitygrowJB Active Member

    Nice bro looks real good idk why I just always have to ph my water with my super soil I guess its a habit lol!!! JB

    DANKSWAG Well-Known Member

    Hi All...

    Well Hempfest has come and gone and I scored myself some TGA gear! Now I have a dilemma though for I only have room to grow one of three TGA strains due to WA RCW's regulations can only have 15 plants unless I can show need for more. Don't have time to deal with that, I have space for one and I will be placing into PHOGS growing right next to my Blue Cheese that is currently part of my perpetual medical grow. I am looking forward to this side by side grow so I can get a real look at how much better the genetics are with the TGA gear and to see how well it does in PHOGS.

    Please only those who have grown Chernobyl, Jack the Ripper or Vortex, chime in on this link and share your thoughts... If you could only grow one which one?

    Be curious no more, Blue Cheese in PHOGS 35 days 12/12 21-28 to go this should give an idea what I will be growing the selected TGA strain next too. Modified Super Soil with self watering under heavy led (more on light setup going to add to current PHOGS).
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    We all eat veggies and fruits, the more I learn on here the more I incorporate into my regular garden as well :)

    Jimmycrickets Member

    Yeah I too like to "normal" garden :)

    CrazyBrennie Member

    Love the post! Keep it up. Keep em green... tomatos too :)

    jaydub13 Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys and gals, the tomatoes are about 6 ft, and LOADED! I have never seen such health and yield from tomatoes. Next year ill be amending a full garden with my spent TGA soil! Excited to see what it can do for corn, beans, squash, and pumpkins!


    hotshotisdashit Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is kinda old but maybe someone can still help me. I wanted to use the soil with autos. I planned on using 5 gallon pots with 1/3 rd filled with super soil and 2/3 with base soil. Question is will this work? Has anyone tried it on autos. Big up to anyone who gives an opinion.

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