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    Chopped the kalichakra today Day 66 on 12/12.
    I vegged it a couple of weeks too long in the super soil and the plant was exhausted towards the end so the yield
    wont be amazing, but she looks great and smells even better, i cant wait to grow some more in ss.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge sub!
    DSCN4460.jpg DSCN4461.jpg DSCN4463.jpg DSCN4465.jpg DSCN4470.jpg
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    SB #1 colas.jpg

    Here are a few colas from my Space Bomb #1 pheno at day 42 flower.

    GrowBrooklyn Well-Known Member

    My first post in this topic, so be gentle please. :-)

    I run a 3x3 flower tent with two 180w LEDs. It has four plants at a time, in 3 gal pots with Bathtub Super Soil. I try to stagger the flowering so that I'm harvesting two plants every 4-6 weeks. I just switched to this program over the winter, so I'm still ironing out the kinks.

    This is Greenhouse's The Doctor. I think I got it as a freebee. It took 10.5 weeks and started to run short on calcium after week 8, but I still ended up with good results. My next batch of soil will have a bit more cal and K.

    The nugs are dense, so I'm estimating that I got 60-100 grams. I don't really care too much about yield, but that does imply that I could get 240-400 grams a cycle if I filled my tent with four of these at once. Not bad for only 360 watts of LED.

    Bathtub Super Soil

    The Doctor (main cola)...
    IMG_0676-s.jpg IMG_0681-s.jpg IMG_0679-s.jpg

    On the drying rack...

    I'm totally sold on Super Soil. I will never return to coco. Sorry if the pixs are a little blurry. Next time, I will use my tripod.

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    use 5gallons + container and you will be even solder. 7 gallons indoor seems like optimal for small op. I find 5 gals is not quite enough ... 3 gallons will never yield close to optimal results

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    I have one plant going in a 5 gal right now (Tahoe OG) and have used them in the past. The problem is that the plants tend to get too tall for the tent. For my setup, using a 3 gal with a long veg time (and aggressively topping anything too stretchy) seems to work. Plus, I use a 2x2 tent for veg and it can accommodate four three gal pots with no room to spare.

    I really do appreciate the suggestion though!

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    Hello all this will be my first attempt a ss my only question is do u guys spray it down with water first then put in cans or just dump 3 gals in trash can when u fill it thanks

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    I just dumped in the water and that wasnt so great. It pooled at the bottom and bacteria grew making it smell like shit.

    I recommend wetting it mixing it making sure all is moist then putting it in the cans.

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    3 gallons of water is too Much IMO. I use about a gallon total, fill the can half way and use 1/2 gallon, then fill the rest and use the other half.

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    In my limited experience, it is that it is best to error by add too little water, if you are unsure. You can always add more the next day.

    Antlers170 Member

    Good point Brooklyn I will do little at a time

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    Nice sticky buds

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    I have one more ques. Witch roots soil there are multiple kinds I'm pretty sure it's not the 707

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    "Roots original"

    Antlers170 Member

    Ok thank you

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    Panama harvest day 85
    Panama_Day85-10.jpg Panama_Day85-9.jpg Panama_Day85-8.jpg Panama_Day85-7.jpg

    Romulan day 27
    Romulan_Day27-10.jpg Romulan_Day27-9.jpg Romulan_Day27-8.jpg romulan_day27-7.jpg

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    Chopped a Buddha Tahoe OG (Cali Connection) today. Here are the stats: 77 days, 5 gal Smart Pot w/ Bathtub Super Soil, 380 watts of LED lights, 3x3 tent, hand watered, lollipopped but not topped.

    Never really got any fade. Does this mean I should cut back on the N in my Super Soil? I don't see any signs of excess N and another plant with the same "issue" smokes smooth and has white ash. So, no worries?


    Some of the fan leaves are enormous (remember 3x3 tent).


    Here are some views of the main cola. I don't know how to use the macro function of my camera yet, but I think you can see that this is a very resinous plant!

    IMG_0701-x.jpg IMG_0700-x.jpg IMG_0694-x.jpg IMG_0696-x.jpg

    My best shot...


    Here is the whole plant chopped. Zero popcorn buds. Does not look like much, but these are all fat dense buds. I'm guesstimating 3 oz dry. BTW, I really like my Trim Tray. The screen is not too useful, but it is really comfortable for holding your work on your lap while you trim in front of the TV. Saves me some back pain because I don't have to sit hunched over a table.


    Lastly, here are the results trimmed. This was a super fast plant to trim. Took me twenty minutes from start to finish, not counting picture breaks.

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    I have my doubts that any of you give a shit, but... to complete my post about The Doctor: The final yield was 50 grams. Really smooth smoke and quite potent w/ a sativa-type high. Tastes like mentholated canned peaches. Considering my very limited space, it is not a keeper, but I like it enough that I'm flowering the one clone I kept. In flower now: The Doctor, Space Dawg, Deadhead OG, and a Dela Haze.

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    Just an update from my passive hydro super soil project...

    Day 29 in flower with Blue Cheese, she's only in 3 gal of soil and half is super soil on the bottom. Started her late wanted to see how much veg growth this setup would push. I took her 16 weeks from seed before flower. She about outgrew her closet, topped her just before flower at almost 4 feet. I even accidently decapitated (topped) her at 8 weeks about 3 to 4 nodes from the top. I managed to use some adhesive in electrical tape to hold her back together. Your can see her knuckle joint on the bottom half of her now. Anywise looking 4 weeks of flowering done 5 to go at 12/12.

    20130425_181235.jpg 20130429_182759.jpg 20130429_182807.jpg 20130429_182834.jpg 20130429_182912.jpg

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    First off I want to say thank you to Subcool and all the other people on here that contribute info. Before I found this forum (thanks to stumbling onto Nugz awesome Mainlining thread) I could have cared less about growing organic herb, but now I can't even think about growing any other way. My medicine that I have grown since I started using Subs supersoil has been every bit as good or better than anything I have seen from dispenseries in my state. Just popped some TGA gear finally can't wait until its rocking. Thanks again Sub you are a ninja :clap:

    Plant on the left is Jedi Kush and the plant on the right is Bluedream x White Fire Alien
    DSC00513.jpg DSC00517.jpg


    DSC00519.jpg DSC00522.jpg

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