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    indica4sativa Member

    contact Chris Harvey [email protected] is the website. and will give you all the contact information needed. Tell him you were on his forum talking to me and i told you sometimes he gives out a trial bag to people. He may send you a free bag of cubic foot super coco or give you half off the 1.5 cubic foot bag, im not sure, i live in california, he just sends me the product, i use it, and tell him my results. I have access to so many things out here and on a regular basis i can get almost a gram a watt in 7 gallon containers 4 to a 1000 watt light. this product is the full real deal. contact chris, tell him your excited to try the product and see if he may be able to work with you. basically per bag of super coco, i can get almost 3/4's of dried flowers. i freakin love this product.

    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    Sent a email.

    indica4sativa Member

    ok bud it may take a few days at least. i know hes hella busy. i contacted him about 4 days ago and havent heard from him. So dont be discouraged if he doesnt get back to you till next week. He's just hella busy.
    Sunny deck

    Sunny deck New Member

    This is the best thing I've heard in a long time.i can't wait to start this ride.first time ever outside with earthboxes.i am a true newbie can't wait to learn from the masters!

    May11th Well-Known Member

    Sounds like my mix. I'll gladly try yours though :). Good minds think alike. You've done your study, greens and is a excellent soil additive. Why no earthworm casting? Oyster she'll meal is great too and I find is great for pest control and for silica. Nice soil ;)

    indica4sativa Member

    Yea i think hes added some things over the years as well. But he is a true master my plants are sooooo healthy its insane. my shoots start coming out after the 2nd week from seed. it is uterrly amazing

    indica4sativa Member

    If u need any help or advice let me know

    stickyickynuggs Member

    Chris. Hey there I have been using your super coco with very pleasing results. But I had a few questions on what nutes to use. And what sweetener s to use. Here's a pic

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    Sticky Lungs

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    It's a super soil mix so that you're supposed to not use any additional nutrients. With the mycohhrizae innoculated into the soil, and all of the other amendments, you shouldn't need any kind of "sweeteners." The bacterial colonies will feed on the amendments and release them.
    Silky Shagsalot

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    a friend of mine is using something called coco loco. he waters like he's in soil. what's the point of growing in coco, if you don't water/feed with plenty of run-off? and if you do water the same, wouldn't that wash out all the added nutes???

    vitamin_green_inc Well-Known Member

    Does this stuff work pretty well? I am interested in it, but of course I would like others opinions. So

    Sticky Lungs

    Sticky Lungs Well-Known Member

    Works great. Been using it for 3 years now. I will not accept any other soils into my grow. Its basically the best product of its kind. Try, and you will not be disappointed.

    hellraizer30 Rebel From The North

    I wonder a few things like speed feeding! Can you water like
    A normal coco grower does with small pots or does this super coco need to be water less with a larger pot?

    pappybear Active Member

    Old thread but im on the same page with the ewc , d. Earth, and oyster flour. The only thing i dont understand is how exactly to use d earth. Can you gimme a quick rundown. I have been looking at gnat nix too.

    westbmorekush Well-Known Member

    I know this thread is old but I'm just reading it. I would like to try the super coco if you are still giving out test bags. I'm interested in starting a thread of my own with your product. Please reply back

    pappybear Active Member

    Hey, bro, just my 2 pennys but i ran a few bags on a few different strains and it runs out prettymuch as soon as u get into flower. I had good luck doing my own super soil just using a basic recipe u would find here a d bushdoctor coco loco soil for. A base. Just make sure whatever soil recipe u use has k
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    pappybear Active Member

    Or if u can get it, theres m3. Its a michigan based company. Th product is peat based but i had the best new york city diesel ever using it. Water only, or i guess i added alittle yucca to my water

    westbmorekush Well-Known Member

    Thanks man never heard of M3, will give it a look. How is it on longer flowering strains like Amnesia kush?

    pappybear Active Member

    I would just use a bigger pot on heavier feeders and long flowering strains. But i had a 75 day strain that did better in m3 because i think it can feed easier in the late stages in an organic mix. Just my thoughts.

    westbmorekush Well-Known Member

    I was planning on using during flower stage after transplanting into 7 or 10 gallon pot. Will it have all I need.

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