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    I'm Chris and I have created a product called Super Coco. I have been testing the medium over the past year with great success. This all started about a year ago when my father suggested that we start selling super soil. We've had such great results over the years and no one else offers it. I now know why no one has attempted to sell individuall bags of super soil. The logistics of such a operation are more than established companies want to do or can do plus they would rather sell you a 20$ bag of soil and untold amounts of bottles to mimic nature. Before I go any further I must thank Subcool for teaching me how to mix super soil and how to grow. I have a great respect for subcool and the inbound marketing techniques he has used to build not only a great business but a thriving community of people helping others grow. That being said I told my father a year ago that super soil was subcools thing , and it was not for me to do as he was looking at the oppurtunity. Fast forward to the weed nerd early episodes and subcool says he does not have time for dirt and i believe him. But I do have time and now it is my life.

    This will be a grow journal showing super coco's first public test. I have a unlimited amount of free bags of soil I would like to give out to established riu members to test and document thier results on this thread. I am not selling anything this is a purely educational thread where I intend follow in the footsteps of subcool and establish a online community of people that believe in my products and share thier results.

    I have a few theories about super soil. First is the "curing" process of leaving the mix to sit for a month is really a very hot banner batch of compost. Secondly one of the reasons super soil is so effective is its diverse mix of benificial micro-organisms. Each ingredient you mix in has it's own set of organisms. These organisms are responsible for chelating the nutrients. I believe there are a few ingredients that could boost plant growth that aren't in the super soil recipe. I"ll get more into this later, but the ingredients I believe are missing are greensand , crab meal, kelp meal. These ingredients are probably in the soil you choose but not at suffiecient quantities. I have proved that properly composted manure of most kinds CAN NOT burn plants. This is the reason super soil can hold all the nutrients required for nuturing healthy plants, without buring plants.

    I have chose coco coir instead of peat moss for the reason that peat moss has a symbiotic relationship with water. When the peat begins to dry out it compacts and holds on tight to remaining water making it unavalible to plants. This process compacts the material and suffocates roots. Peat moss is harvested from peat bogs. These pristine wetlands cover only 6% of the earth and SHOULD NOT be used a planting medium when coco coir is a superior medium in every aspect. Peat moss is also "washed" with natural gas. I am not an expert on peat moss.

    The other two substrates that make up my mix are composted pine bark and general compost. Pine bark ranges from slightly acid to neutral, low electrical conductivity (0.1 to 0.6 mmhos/cm), and many cracks that allow for water and air storage and movement.

    The full list of ingredients;

    coco coir
    composted pine bark
    Peruvian seabird guano
    Jamaican bat guano
    Indonesian bat guano
    Mexican bat guano
    Jersey Greensand
    bone/blood meal
    rock phosphate
    kelp/alfalfa/crab meal
    large perlite
    pulverized lime
    azomite trace minerals

    Through my tests and research I have concluded that super coco is an excellent rooting/cloning medium. It has never burned my clones and roots them in 7-14 days. The plants love being rooted this way. The evidence is the lush green vegetation and the incredible terpene production at such an early age.

    Here is my veg room with plants at week one and two of veg.( they rooted for a month) I will try to post a picture a day. These pictures came from our washington dc medical grow.

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    without further ado*

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    i like the idea. i did coco/perlite last year with hand feeding

    i thought about doing super coco mix this year, but went with soil because it was my first time making SS. next batch for sure i am going to leave out the peat and do just coco.

    glad to hear it works.

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    Thanks new Jim. Spelling not my strong suit. I'm in the process of moving and I was rushed. Still don't have my internet so sorry for any delays

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    Hey old school thanks for stopping by, Killer avatar. So the Super Coco has about the same consistency as super soil. In the last year I have ran Super Soil made with peat moss and with coco and the results are clear. Peat moss contracts as drys out robbing plants of oxygen. You also have that terrible problem of water absortion. You know how the soil gets crusty and the water runs right off it? Peat moss is causing that.

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    Cool thread I been running coco for a few years and just this year was turned onto super soil.. I will be following this thread.

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    Thanks Beaver!! Turns out when you decide to bring super soil to market you don't get ANY time for huntin'. Beaver I'll send you a 1.5 cu ft bag in return for you posting a few pics on the thread documenting your experience if you want to test it out for me.
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    I now have to bring up the elephant in the room, which are the bugs in bad potting soil so many of us have bought over the past two years. This is the issue that tipped the scale for me, and like shitty weed, is the reason I started mixing coco. A good question is how many of you have seen roots organics compost pile, and the building scraps they have been known to use in it. I'm probably going to upset a few of you now by disussing sewage compost. I refuse to use the scientific name for it I heard a UGA horticulture expert use recently. Many potting soils include compost taken from sewage treatment ponds after they are closed and backfilled with sand. This practice is very common and frankly upsets my stomach. Many horticulture " experts" will tell you that compost is compost no matter the scource and it's all the same after breaking down. I tend to imagine the difference between full melt bubble and bs hash. Trash in trash out. Whats in your potting soil? Super Coco uses omri listed products and will be listed soon. Pictures are 1.5 cu ft bags of soil .The shop were we'll mix. Earthworm castings from Bear Creek farms in Douglas, Ga. My father and I are building the coco mixer out of a old propane tank. I'll post some pictures later.

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    This next entry is for sticky lungs. I met sticky in Savannahs' hydro store awhile back. I've been giving out free samples until my bags are ready and every person I see buying castings or such I tell them about my Super Coco and to take a sample. One day I was there ransacking customers I suspected of mixing thier own soil when I asked this guy if he'd heard of subcools super soil. He replied, you know subcool? I said hell no but I've read damn near every post he's made, do you know him? He said, yes I used to live near him in Oregon and gave him the urkle cut. Well, I like to have fainted at this point. You see my entire family has a love affair with deep purple and cheesequake. We value these cuts as priceless and hold subcool in high regard for making them available to the masses. This story may not be that significant if it had been in Oregon, but it happened here in Georgia. If all this wasn't enough of a huge coincidence on the way home I started thinking I had seen this guy Sticky before. Thats when it hit me. I used to live in a small apartment here in Georgia and my dealer lived next door. One day I walked in and this kid I'd never seen before was on the couch. He began talking about moving to Oregon and growing pot with a friend. Living the dream. F*ck! That's WHAT I WANNA DO !!! I never saw this kid again but soon enough we got a package in the mail. A tuperware labeled " jack the ripper" and " purple urkle". Sticky and I had exchanged numbers at the store and that's something I've never done. On the way home I sent him a text that read; Hey You probably are gonna think I'm crazy but didn't I see you in 2004 the day before you moved to Oregon? Yes, it was him. Sweet Hesus it's a SMALL world.

    So I was asking Sticky last night to do a test journal with my super coco. He voiced a legit concern and one that I run into often. Thats the issue of pre-harvest fade with super soil. Sticky doesn't grow in super soil. He like others had the opinion that he could feed plants exactly what they required with each watering and that would be more precise than super soil.

    Well, here I go p*ssing people off again. That has to be the most popular cannabis growing fallacy ever. To think that you can guess EXACTLY what ppm is required at each watering is PREPOSTEROUS. Not to mention you're using a water-soluble fertilizer that is taken up rapidly by the plant at that moment. Lets just call water-soluble fertilizer what it is. Steroids. Pure and simple. There is NOTHING natural about a plant feeding when it's drinking water.

    Super soil is the best growing method because it's natures' way. The nutrients are added and composted in the mix. This makes them readiy available to the plant WHEN IT NEEDS THEM and the PLANT will DECIDE how much to eat. NOT YOU!

    Organic fade 101. Cheesquake

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    You know what I LOVE about super soil? It makes it really easy to grow amazing cannabis. What the future holds for mmj is uncertain. Now that the university studies are coming out and the ASA gets a fair day in court against the DEA in october, the crackdown on mom and pop's mmj begin. Looks as if the politicians( demon Barry) are going to reclassify cannabis compounds so his pharmaceutical buddies can make bank. We here at Super Coco have a saying. By patients, for patients. Whether you realize it or not chances are if you use cannabis daily your self-medicating and therefore a patient of the highest order.

    Ps. I met with our graphics designer yesterday. We Should have printed bags in a month at which point I'd like to be selling Super Coco at Wegrow. I know they have caught alot of flak lately but I believe Wegrow provides an invaluable service by teaching patients to grow. The crackdown on dispensaries is full steam and when it is done there will be very few left. I invision Super Coco being the patients way. The issue has been raised that patients lack the means to grow. Super Coco could help this problem by providing a ready to go complete growing method in a bag. Wegrow offers grow room setup and consultation and I believe with Super Coco the vast majority of patients could produce better than average cannabis.

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    Hi Chris, great thread. I like your take on by patients, for patients as well. I'm an OMMP caregiver in Oregon, and was wondering if your soil mix will be available out here too? Just read Rev's new TLO book and he talks about coco being advantageous as well, so your thread has got me thinking i'd like to try this route. Thanks for posting.


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    Good move ditching the peatmoss. That stuff is crap.

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    have you had the chance to have your mix analyzed by a reputable lab? if so would you mine posting the results and methodology?

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    Are you able to use the same coco mix for the whole life of the plant? Ive seen some amazing grows in coco mix I want to try it.

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    Hi snap,

    Thanks for the compliment. I am dreadfully sorry for the delay. I'm still moving/trimming/growing/blog/ argh! Macbook won't charge!!.

    Yes Super Coco will be in oregon. Maybe sooner than later if measure 80 wins! . We are based in georgia and after securing sales with wegrow and florida stores I plan on relocating to oregon.

    Snap I have a 1.5 cu ft bag with your name on it.

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    Awesome Dude! Thanks for getting back to me, iv'e got some Space Bomb and A13 from seed vegging right now, so i'd love to use it on whatever females i end up gettin out of that batch. Have a good one, and congrats on comin out to Oregon. I'm originally from NC, and don't think I could ever relocate back east after livin out here!


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    Hi ogevilgenuis,

    Thanks for checking out my thread. Yes it is crap! I soon realized that making super soil with coco was much better than peat.

    I'd love to send you a free bag and you show me how much better it is!

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    Hi kushking,

    Yes the mix is in the lab. I will publish the results of the micro organism count but the npk will most likley be a propietary blend as I believe the npk count to be misleading in the case of super coco.

    Kushking might i interest you in a free sample?

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    Nucky Thompson? ......daddy eats first!

    Thanks for stopping by. YES!!!!! I plan to introduce a new category of growing method! Just add water!!! Nuck you can clone in the mix. Once rooted you transplant into a 7_10 gallon pot and NO additional nutrients required!!! Just find some well or spring water. Chorline and flouride are poison and will harm the beneficial organisms.

    Call me Chalky and I have a huge free sample for you!

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    Space bomb!!! Yes!! look for the pheno that has a rotting smell. Lemon phenos's are dominant but the best ones have a more rotten grapefruit smell. When you find that cut hold onto it! You'll find it is a most interesting smoke!!,enjoy!!.

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