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    So the Growlab 80L has finally arrived after a mistake. I also picked up my magnum xxxl reflector and threw the 400w MH in it for now. I would put the 600 in it and throw it over my hydro grow, but this reflector is huge and weighs 34lbs and wouldn't fit. I have 11 clones total, 4 LA Woman 7 Pineapple Express. The plan is to run 3 PE/ 3 LA in my 600w hydro setup and then run an additional 4 PE in the tent under the 400w switchable. Hoping to pull 12 oz off the hydro setup and 8 oz off the soil in the tent. I will be staggering the harvest to stay at my legal limit of 5 oz. O I am now a cg for 2 patients allowing me 24 plants legally. If you want to see my hydro setup check out my round 2 & round 3 journals.

    3x Pineapple Express 3x LA Woman Hydro, 4x PE Soil
    Medium: Clones in Root Riot cubes. Then into 50% Hydroton, 50% rockwool mini-cubes in 2 gal Smart Pots for hydro, soil is FF Ocean Forest in 5 gal Smart Pots
    Growing style: Flood & drain,
    Hand watered
    Methods: Topping
    Base Water: City tap, EC 0.4 mS, Ph 8.5
    Nutes: Ionic Grow/Bloom/Boost & Mother Plant for my mothers
    Additives: Silica Blast, Liquid Karma, Hygrozyme, Greenfuse growth & bloom stimulator, Cal-Mag, Great White Mycorrhizae
    pH: 5.5 to 6.5, using GH Ph Down
    EC: Starting .7 mS working up to 2.2 mS
    reservoir size: 18 gallons filled to 15 with nutrient solution.
    Flood volume: 7-10 Gals depending on pots/flood height
    Feeding schedule: Hand watering with drain to waste for veg. 3x floods a day flowering.
    Lights: 2 - 85W CFL 6500K, 1 - 64w 4ft 2tube T8 for clones/mothers (~12,000 lumens);
    600W Hortilux HPS in hydro flower room (~88,000 lumens); 400w Hortlix MH/HPS (~55,000 lumens) in the tent.
    Light Schedule: Clones - 18/6; Veg - 18/6; Flower - 12/12
    Temps: 78-82 degrees f lights on; 70 degrees lights off.
    Humidity: 45-55%
    Circulation: (Hydro) Box fan on low/medium, 675 CFM Can Max-Fan 8"; (Tent) 16" AirKing Pedestal Fan, 450 CFM Vortex Fan 6"
    Odor Control: Phresh filter 6x24" 550 CFM x2
    Size of grow rooms: Veg/clone room - 2' x 2' x 6' space in closet; Hydro Flower room - 4.5' x 2.5' x 8' (73 cubic ft. of space); Tent 4'11" x 2'7" x 6'7".
    How long Veg'd: 3 weeks or 8-12"


    Have Central AC coming out of that vent right into the tent...going to make a little cardboard 'collector' for maximum cooling! Yes that's my dishwasher in the lower left :lol:

    And a pic of the F&D hydro area...

    and the pineapple in all her glory

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    Clones should be rooted in 1 week. I got the FFOF into the 5 gal smart pots and put Happy Frog in 16 ounce solo cups to start. Both have been pre-innouculated with double the recommended dose of Great White Premium Mycorrhizae. Hopefully they will start breeding in the soil so when I introduce the plants they are ready to thrive. I will be picking up some grandmas blackstrap molasses to feed them, until the roots get established and take over that job. 1-2 tsp of the molasses will be used every other watering on the plain water days throughout the grow.

    I also ordered a 6x24 Phresh Filter (550 CFM) & a Vortex 6" Fan (450 CFM) which should arrive by the end of next week when the clones root. O, check out the new eco-plus thermometer, ordered one for the tent as it is in the kitchen :lol:. EcoPlus Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer w/Remote Sensor

    Things are about to go down. Can I get a hell yeah?!?!?

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    Hells yea! :P


    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Lol I love the pic

    BlackRoses Well-Known Member

    Oh yea? it's for sale..
    1000 euros please..

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    Alright, the clones were rooted so they got the transplant today. Solo cups are the 4 PE going into the soil in the tent. The 2 galon smart pots have 3x pe and 3x la in them. Rooted even quicker this round, think they rooted in 10 days. I infused the root riot cubes with some great white mycorrhizae so maybe that helped? Not sure. Anyhow they are looking a touch droopy right now, but they should pick up in the next couple days here. It's really humid (50%) in my space right now so they should be fine with that, but I'll hit them with some superthrive foliar in a bit.


    Annnnd I couldn't wait to try the Afgan Kush by World of Seeds... so I'm going to run one in the tent with the 4 PE. She'll go in a 3gal instead of a 5 though, because it's what I got around.

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    Lookn nice bro, keep em green!

    jimmy130380 Well-Known Member

    i wanna see a another funny picture man
    also op plants are looking ,great best of luck

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    Finally picked up the duct, got the fan and everything wired up. I'm going to grab a speed controller for it, but besides that the setup is pretty much ready to rock. O I got my pedestal fan too, but idk if it will fit in the tent anymore :lol: This xxxl 6" hood is huge, I can't imagine what the 8" ones are like. Let me know what u think of the ducting setup. The clones are doing well, all perking back up from the transplant. They will go under the MH in the tent tomorrow probably.


    Check out my base station for my remote temp sensor. Nice to sit back and monitor it in the other room from here. It's also expandable up to 3 sensors, which is pretty bad ass also. O and that's my new bowl also.


    BlackRoses Well-Known Member

    Sick ass looking setup man, seriously.. that should be like in a magazine for urban growers..

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    Thx for the kinda words, the whole tent setup ran about $1300 if you count everything, but I had the ballast & bulb so it saved me some.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    9 out of the 10 clones have been moved into the tent. I have one LA that is still drooping some on me so I'll wait to hit her with the MH. 3 weeks of veg and then it's flower time. Gotta move it all after this harvest, but the new setup will be bigger and better. Harvest in 11 weeks.
    Pon De Floor

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    How long do you flower your PE?

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    53-60 days
    kali love

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    Oh man sg things are looking really nice you about to blow it up two lamps now :shock: i m very excited to see the results you will have and being able to have a nice perpetual harvest will be great too and i see you got some new seeds too i hope u get a couple of nice phenos to have around as well i see can see you upgrading to a 1000 here in the next few months lol but keep it up i cant wait too see how ur soil run turns out as i understand you dont even really need to feed the plants the first few weeks they are in the ocean forrest whats gonna be your game plan and how long are you vegging before the flip and also are you going be taking cuttings for another hydro run before the move sorry for the 20 qs tday but you got lots going one now lots of good things coming your way :leaf:

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    haha for sure bro, I hated the thought of the 400 just sitting in the closet. My third round is about half way done flowering so I took clones for that as well as this tent. There will be 4 PE in 5 gal pots w/ ocean forest and 1 Afgan kush in a 3 gal w/ ocean forest in the tent. I won't fert them until I switch to flowering in three weeks. I also have 3 LA woman clones and 3 PE that are in the 2 gal smartpots with hydroton for the hydrosetup. These will also be vegged for 3 weeks then flowered for 8. I only have a 4 day cushion between planned last harvest and moveout, hope it all goes to plan. lol. I will also be taking clones 1 month before I move. That will minimize my downtime do to the move, I should only lose 2 weeks or so because of it, not too bad at all. Gonna have to redo my mothers though, they are like 5 ft tall and all scragly... Maybe I'll redo them before the move.... hmm.. Thanks for the interest man, still waitin to peep your new setup bro.

    Someguy15 Well-Known Member

    The lineup...fresh after a wet down :lol:

    the Afgan Kush baby

    Anyone know what kinda bug this is? Chased him out with a foliar and then smashed his ass on the magnum xxxl...ahh redemption!

    BlackRoses Well-Known Member

    No Idea, some kind of small bug.. lol
    I only allow LadyBugs in my room.. very sophisticated bugs.. :p
    Collisto's Orbit

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    It has the shape of a tick. I don't see any legs though, and ticks have eight of them.
    LAX Skunky BwS

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    just went through your journal... Great set up man .. is this your first time using Ocean forest ?? if so u gonna love the results.. no need for veg nutes till flowering.. Everything is Looking great.. keep it up

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