Selling to a Dispensary?

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    yeah maybe fdd will post the guys name and address too

    DubsFan Well-Known Member

    There is a lot more money out there than you guys think. And it's not mob money.

    FYI- that is not 1p per bag. It's at least three.

    This is one P per bag.


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    you put it in the trunk and drive. if you get pulled over you're done.

    pretty cut and dry.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    well it sounds to me that there still is indeed a profit to indoor grows; it just depends on what your expectations as far as money are. i feel that no matter what posistion in this industry you choose it still requires hard work to earn a living just like any other job, and even though i may not be able to earn millions i wouldnt care because i would rather earn upper-middle class wages doing what i love (growing) than living paycheck to paycheck and not be able to provide shit for my family while busting my ass at a job i hate. i still have alot more research to do before i move my family out west but cali or oregon seem like the place we will move. oh and by the way i live in upstate ny north of albany and a pound does not cost $7k per pound its more like $2k per pound if you wanna move your outdoor quick or you could get 200 an ounce and about 30 an eighth and nobody really grows indoors here unless its for personal use like me because nobody is willing to pay you what its worth.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    i dont think i would risk going to jail being a runner the money is just not that important to me and the same goes for running a dispensary; im sure owning one would be extremely profitable but i love growing and i would be crazy happy to be able to earn a living doing that. for me its not about millions its about doing work i love and being home and spending quality time with my family.
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    dontexist21 Well-Known Member

    If I wanted to grow for extra change, I would wait till the DC metro area picks up, there is no way we are not going to have dispensaries. We have the same wording in our bill as Cali, well just as loose. One good thing is that there would not be a lot of out door grows to compete with, but do not see a lot of Cali growers trying to flood the area, like there are doing in Colorado.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    ill have to check the NORML site for mmj states but were looking for a mmj state with areas that get no snow and not to cold. maryland doesnt fit the bill for us.

    dontexist21 Well-Known Member

    That's why is a great sellers market, no outdoor to flood the market.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    yeah i was thinking more of a desert cliimate which not many people would brave the outdoor grow. hey didnt maryland just get hammered with snow? thats why i wouldnt move there!

    DubsFan Well-Known Member

    The entire state of Ca is a desert. Many folks grow outdoors in them. It gets really hot. 115+

    420REDO Member

    anyone know how to grow sum bubba kush outdoors??? Ive been growing them for about a month and the two seeds sprouted already!
    Ive been blazing the plant out and checking up on it i just want sum tips for growing it right so wen i grow it the bud will taste like itself
    and not sum other shit....

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    Just a few words abt CA growing. The crop from No CA comes in right around October, and our market is flooded with their outdoor product, yes, but that only lasts until January because it's all consumed by then. They can only grow one crop a year, from May to October, ( lucky them, they can grow outdoors without being hassled) but all the other months it's the indoor grows that supply the patients.
    You can make a living growing, and even tho the dipensaries make a small fortune, it's the operators of the dispensaries that are constantly being arrested, so it's probably not worth it in the long run. Better to grow and stay out of legal trouble, I say.

    323cheezy Well-Known Member

    Im from southern cali...
    and trust me .... allot of people are in need of good bud ......
    Yah its everywhere and you can get it anywhere.....
    There is still alot of demand out here ....
    most people out here dont have a licence...
    so they go to people to get bud from the collective for them and whoever gets it....... (me sometimes) makes a couple bucks off them for doing it.... charge them more...hehe...
    There is alot of shitty weed going around for bout 20 to 30 dollars an 1/8 .... mostly hazes or outdoor stuff .... from fruity strains... not bad ...but not premo
    If u want to make profit out in socal
    youll need to have some og kush , headband , bubba , or any kind of og hybrid.....

    this debate over indoor an outdoor ...and nor cal and socal is always happening....
    i found much info on this debate on many sites check it out....

    Thcv writes:
    oh please. come try and sell your awesome outdoor in socal, you won't get more than 3000, and that is for the absolute best. meanwhile, i get 5000 all day. why is that? sheer force of will? no. people look at my indoor nugs and say "let me get my cash". There is no hesitation. Believe me, it isn't salesmanship. So, please explain why A++ indoor is worth so much more than A++ outdoor in the most competitive pot market on earth. I'm listening. Oh wait, maybe you've never been down here and seen killer indoor. Yeah, the indoor from up north isn't as good, not sure why, maybe a cultural thing? Anyway, indoor A++ kush RULES down here, and it ain't easy to make, and yes, it generates greenhouse gasses to do it, like every other stinking business on earth, aside from outdoor organic growing.

    I guess it's time for the inexperienced kush haters to flame...but please don't bother on this thread.

    reply too thcv (other member)

    i am not hating. And for your info i have had herb around the world and lots of the stuff from so cal. I will admit, they like their innies more than outties but to me i see that as a cultural thing like how popular culture is all about money and bling and cars. Well its not like that up here in rural norcal, your heart and the way you treat people is how you are judged, not by the size of your wad of cash..... but to say that so cal is pumpin out better than nor has no basis, you just have more kids and newbs shouting out to the world what they are doing!!!!!

    Sad to say most patient down there cannot afford more than a gram every few days, that is bullshit imo. I would guess that most of the stuff down there comes from up here. All the kushes floating around are not even real kush either, doesnt that trip you out? OG kush doesnt much smoke at all like real kush genetics from the hindu kush mountain range of the mid east. Just a name! And so what if dudes like the indoor, it just brings out the rats that smell money and id rather deal with mi bretheren than some bobby babylon.

    i went down and was supposed to meet up with a owner of a few disp's. anyway i get down there and it is the mother fucking russian will be hard to find that scene here in the real norcal.
    Here's is what i know: i have grown indoor and outdoor for years, dozens of different strains. The idea that outdoor is more potent than indoor is not true. If you compare perfect ID and OD, the ID has a faster onset, and the OD takes a little longer, so after 1 hit on ID you feel it, but the OD takes a few. After half a joint, you are wicked high from either one. I also find that indoors makes a purer representation of the strain, by that i mean, for example, bubba and trainwreck ID seem like totally different drugs, but OD they share more similar highs (while still pretty different). I am so tired of hearing you guys talk about OD being more potent--it JUST ISN'T TRUE. They are both potent, but have slightly different onset and high profiles. Outdoor tends to have more cloudy and amber trichs, indoor has more clear, even when both are harvested at the "right" time. So that means the outdoor has higher levels of CBN which mellows out the edge of the THC high, which i guess is this idea that it is "more stoney". I do find a lot of outdoor growers prefer outdoor, but that is certainly no surprise. I have a OD friend who has a huge garden and he refuses to smoke my herb because he says it is too strong and fucks him up too much. We both grow bubba and other kushes, so it isn't a strain issue.

    Bud size: yes, you can get torso size buds outdoors, but that's usually strains like Big Bud. The kushes do not produce big buds outdoors that are ANYTHING CLOSE to my buds. When i go around to the dispensaries, i literally never see any bud like mine aside from 1 dispensary in Hwood which everyone hates on but which has the best pot in town.

    Value: Just cuz YOU can't get 5K a lb doesn't mean it doesn't exist! Please. This isn't a dick measuring contest, but facts are facts, and the places i go to all prefer my ID and pay top dollar. I am not trying to inflate prices; i have said in other threads that i used to get 6400 for og and those days are truly long gone. But whenever the price goes down, it keeps a difference between ID and OD of at least $1000, with ID having the advantage. If it wasn't worth more to grow indoors, i wouldn't bother--it's SO MUCH CHEAPER and EASIER to grow outdoors, you think i WANT the hassle? I do this as a business, as well as a passion and for my own medicine, and those of you that are conflicted about the capitalism aspect of growing pot are either in denial, or cannot grow decent weed. No matter, you aren't bullshitting me, i provide top quality meds for people who like top quality things.

    It might be like "bling bling" but, fuck, this is a business! Porsche is doing a lot better than GM these days, no? My grow is small enough that I don't need to cater to the low-to-mids world, and i don't care if it pisses off the hippies on this forum. Capitalism is real; LA is the 2nd biggest city in the wealthiest country; people like killer looking and smelling buds that blow them away when they smoke. That is what i provide. The fact that some of the most famous stoners on earth regularly buy my weed will probably sound like bs to all you haters, but that's the market i'm in, and it's true.

    Some asked if i use air filter? Jesus, do you guys even read the thread before posting? YES i filter the SHIT out of my air with CARBON FILTERS. YES they catch GASSES as well as PARTICLES. Get educated before you post please. At least make an effort.

    And as for all you outdoor growers, i am sorry that you can't get more for your herb. But if that weren't the case, no one in cali would grow indoors. It is an economic decision, but i also believe that, at least in my sealed/filtered room, that my medicine is purer, and no one has made a coherent argument against that.

    Now time to go drink a nice IPA here on the east coast. Later

    DubsFan Well-Known Member

    Without question the demand down here is for Kush. I know two shops paying $4800 a #.

    stonedcold89 Well-Known Member

    WA will get you a better price, maybe cuz theres not as much around. I know i can grow better than what they sell in the dispensaries here, its a sad story. around 5k a lb if you got bomb :bigjoint:

    and fuck running, dont see how anyone could do that for a living..brought 3 lbs with me from cali and it was nerve racking. Picked up a buddy in humboldt who needed a ride, and was promised two free ounces. Well when i got down there, he also said he needed to bring ten lbs back with him. well fortunately there wasnt that much room in my car so three had to do. and there was definitely demand for it up here lol, went like crazy :)
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Any chance you could send me a PM with the clubs names or locations?

    DubsFan Well-Known Member

    They are in the 714 and 310 area code :bigjoint:

    dieselhound Well-Known Member

    $4800. I'm throwing my current 3 wk. flowering grow out and starting Kush.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i'm sitting on hella pounds. at 25.

    it's all bullsh*t.
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Had to try.

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