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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana News' started by Sexxxy Beast, Dec 11, 2009.

    Sexxxy Beast

    Sexxxy Beast Active Member

    Anyone know of a good dispensary to goto in Cali? I heard some are run by the mob and are dangerous.

    A couple dispensaries Ive talked to are only willing to pay $3000-3400 a pound of A+ Meds. I heard some people getting $4k for a pound, where and how do I get those prices?
    Mr Bomb

    Mr Bomb Active Member

    To sell to a dispensary legally you have to be a member of their co-op or collective. Find one in your area that will take you in and do business with them.
    Sexxxy Beast

    Sexxxy Beast Active Member

    I think the key to supplying a dispensary is having the right product. They say they only take A+ meds. I have been talking to a few of them and they are so picky about what they want. They want rare exotic strains.

    I have found that in Northern Cali they are only willing to pay $3400 right now max. In Southern Cali I can get $3600-3800. It seems a bit low to me.

    nickelz34 Member

    wow that shits crazy i want to goto cali lol ... if they make the shit legal i think they will have a situation kinda like the gold rush days way back when lol
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    vonwolfen Member

    Sexy beast...check out my thread on "Outdoor growers and co-ops". It might give you a better idea of what it is like(at least for me)

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    how can someone become part of a collective? are the donations reasonable? enough to support a family?

    Grower1 Member

    Here in CA, you just have to be a resident and get a doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana. Then you can join a collective, and they're all looking for new patients.
    It's not hard to find a doctor, just look on the CA NORML site, they list them there, or look in marijuana publications. The doctor's take out ads in them.
    The donations they talk about are the prices that the members of the collectives pay for their meds, and they're usually really high. The stuff isn't cheap, no matter where you get it.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    hey grower i thought collectives were more of a thing for caregivers to grow meds and for patients with the anticipation of a donation. am i wrong? ive been seriously considering relocating to cali but i need to find out if i can earn enough income growing meds to make the move.
    Sexxxy Beast

    Sexxxy Beast Active Member

    Dispensaries over here are always looking for premo shit. If your shit is better then the next guy they usually want it. Some dispensaries do grow their own so they dont want bother with our shit but usually if they get caught its all curtains, so there is a risk to it because they grow 100's of pounds. I know you can only grow upto 3 pounds a year in some parts of Cali, but the dispensary doesnt give a fuck how much you got, the more the merrier! People get like 10lbs of it from Humbolt and drive it all the way down to LA to sell it at a premium. If you can get 3k in Nor-cal you can get about 4k in So-cal. So 10lbs gains you an extra 10k just to drive it down to LA. Its totally worth it. Also if you buy now after October when the outdoor shit floods the market, store it, and then sell it in June, or July you can get a premium for it too. By July nobody has weed since the Indoor shit isnt enough to cover the demand.

    I just email all the dispensaries I know to see if they are looking for "Vendors" if they are they will usually have a request. I see most SoCal dispensaries asking for OG Kush right now. But most dispensaries will want something, anything from marijuana candies/cookies, clones, hash, trimmings, or finished dope. They are looking for someone who can supply them with alot of it, they dont want to mess with 100's of different people.

    I have decided that I want to sell all the excess clones I can make, since the bottom cuts dont end up to be much, you might as well sell them instead of throw them away. But at 5-7 per clone it isnt exactly a good deal unless you have alot of excess clones you gotta get rid of. I just have 8 plants so I want a premium for my stuff. The places I am going to use to sell my clones is Craigslist, and Bud Trader. I can get $10 per clone. or $100 for a mother. Dispensaries sell clones for $14 -20 per clone! So alot of growers who dont bother with cloning would appreciate buying 100 clones from me then pay the premium at the dispensary.
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    FoolBloom Active Member

    what about washington state? anybodyknow?

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    wow SB that is alot of good inf man. one thing ive been concerned about is inspections; if i get my med card and my grow card can i expect a visit from the authorities or will that only happen if my grow smells strong or i have high power usage? what county is best for a grower looking to get donations for his meds? thanks again

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    im not lookin to get rich i just want to earn a living doing what i love. i bring home about $23k a year (net income) and i support me my wife and our three kids but there is nothing left to put away for a rainy day; when some unexpected expense comes up i have to borrow from my family and im tired of living this way. my wife has a medical condition so thats why she dont work and besides i like for her to be home raising our kids. so if i could earn enough to live out in the sticks and support my family without worrying about having money for day to day life and unexpected shit (like upper middle class folks) that would be a dream come true!

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    hey sexy dont the clones go towards your plant count? arent you worried about some pig setting you up or am i looking to deep into it? like i said man i have no idea how it works in cali but thats why im here i wanna learn.
    Cali chronic

    Cali chronic Well-Known Member

    may I say--- as a consumer I would love to see the stuff sold via gland shots like looking at diamonds with a loop except I know some like the head high and instead of listening to someone else's opinion the proof is in the glands.
    By having the gland shots you can see how dark or light you are getting like beer. Light or dark? Head or Body?
    also the cost of M.M is about 3 to 320 a Zip' so I do not know how the price you are getting wholesale is that far from retail considering store fronts and overhead/ I'm just saying.... the price is super pricey since I have been around for a while but there are always supply and demand to be an issue no matter what. But hopefully the price can come down for the consumer since the whole thing is low overhead anyways.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    good luck selling anything in cali right now. i'm sitting on half a truck load. i have looked everywhere. no one needs anything.

    alwayspackin Well-Known Member

    is that due to all the outdoor still flooding the maket? what if you had some dank indoor like mk ultra; would it sell anytime?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    no one is paying the higher prices for indoor because all the outdoor is just as good and much cheaper. it all looks the same now. you could call it indoor and they'd never know. buyers aren't risking it. they are just going with the top quality outdoor for now. if you're lucky enough to find anyone who needs it. i haven't been. :cry:
    Sexxxy Beast

    Sexxxy Beast Active Member

    Dispensaries can tell the difference very easily. Outdoor isnt as high quality because you get bugs, dirt, mold and other shit in the product, thus it cant get the price of indoor. Generally speaking, right now outdoor is about half the price. That being said outdoor is still a huge $$$ crop because you get alot more dope per plant.

    The thing about selling on the net is aslong as you obey your counties laws, and the buyer obeys them, your in the "green" so to speak. So if my buyer asks me for 100 clones I tell them that I can only sell them 30 per day etc. If your sellin to someone from a stricter county you have to obey their rules when in that county. When asked, I never reveal how many clones I got, or anything to do with my operation.

    I doubt the cops give a fuck about power consumption or anything like that. Ive asked my local police about it and they say they have more serious problems to deal with then dope. They caught my friend with dope at my house, he had no med card just a baggee and a pipe. They let him go!

    Fortunatly dope is practically legal for anyone in Cali. Ive been at a 420 rally where everyone was blazing it up right outside the San Francisco City Hall doorsteps, in public on a Sunday afternoon. Cops whizzing by on their bikes not giving a fuck. Since its so decriminalized everybody is doing it, so demand is very high. I dont know anyone who doesnt smoke anymore.

    Unfortunately since its so legalized the day of the grow op is about over. 5 years down the road I see dope being so cheap nobody will want to grow it.

    I'd still be weary, Ive known cops to pull over suspicious dope runners just because. When they pull them driving over from humbolt they usually are with 10lbs of dope in the trunk and 10k cash in the glove box. Cop searches your car, finds the money first, puts it in his pocket right in front of you, smiles and says "have a nice day". Thats how the pigs operate here. Growing enough to make a profit takes alot of money to begin with. My buddy who grows for profit spent $40k on his setup. Thats not including the cost of those nutrient mixes or the time he spends. He doesnt like growing though, he'd rather be working. I on the other hand love growing, its like a hobby to me, I enjoy opening the door of my grow room and see my plants all green, healthy and bushy.

    The best place to be in this business is not being a vendor, its being a end supplier. Dispensaries, and delivery services make millions. I know a guy who buys clones from vendors and sells them to his contacts. Sells 900 a week right now. The guy makes over 300k a year, its sickening, lol.
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    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    you have much to learn. :weed:

    you think i made all that up? it's first hand knowledge. :wink:

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    actually almost everything in this post is off. clubs aren't making shit right now because of the flooded market. the people that make the most are the "runners". they can make 1000 a pound just driving for the day. pick up at point A for 2000 drop off at point B for 3000. they make 100 grand a TRIP, not a year.

    kids. :roll:

    and you won't tell other patients how many clones you have but you tell the cops you grow? dude, you don't have to be like that to fit in here. we love everyone equally. :)

    and how do you start a thread asking if clubs are mob run and how do they operate, then go on to explain how it all works?



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