Seedlings stunted and dying

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    I have a problem. My seedlings are not developing and keep dying and I do not know why.

    Growing conditions:

    Room temperature: 20-23 Celsius
    Water temperature: 21-22 Celsius
    Room humidity: 50%-70%
    Lighting: one 600w Agro lamp set at about 3 feet from the plants
    EC: 0.3-0.4
    pH: 5.8-6.1
    Growing medium: rockwool
    Water change every 7 days
    Air pump: on
    Strains: OG Kush, Purple Bud and Malawi

    I kept the seedlings 6 days after they sprouted in a cloning machine (without the water running) under a humidity dome. After these 6 days, I moved them in my aero/nft system and since then 3 weeks have passed and they haven't grown at all and now many of them have almost died. The tiny leaves slowly started curving down and dry up.

    Did I maybe move them to fast in the system? What do you think is the right time to move them into the system (height, nodes, etc.)?

    Did I give them nutrients to fast (6 days old)?

    What EC would you recommend for young seedlings (1-2 weeks old) when using an aero system?

    If I'm using a humidity dome, how long should I keep it on after they sprout?

    To keep the right humidity inside the growing space I have to spray water in it. I also sprayed the seedlings. Is this bad? Can this negatively affect them (thermic shock)?

    PS: I moved the seedlings back into the cloning machine, under a humidity dome.

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    Some pictures.

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    Diabolical666 Well-Known Member

    yes they probably were not established enough. Can you put a put a dome over them? that might save em..give em some mists of water to help create RH under the dome
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    mainliner Well-Known Member

    sounds like you moved them too soon.
    i had the same problem ........ Let the fuckers root well before you put in your system:)
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    markymark88 Well-Known Member

    Right now I have some mothers from seed in rockwool. I hate it stays really wet and slowed growth until they had good established roots out of the rockwool. can't wait to clone them and get them out of there. That might be some of the problem
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    Tone5500 Well-Known Member

    To much light

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    And we have a winner! The correct answer is too much water. Rockwool is not designed to be constantly sprayed with water. When you over water your soil plants they drown but guess what, they look just like your plants before they do. Rockwool works great for an ebb and flow because it retains water so well yet still leaves pockets of air. This is great when you water twice a day but sucks when you water every 4 minutes. The reason I run a 1-4 timer with Aero is there's nothing to hold the water.

    I always start my seedlings in Rapid Rooter plugs. As soon as I get a big tap root I pull the plant out of the plug and into a collar.
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    Rockwool sucks. Soon as I got outta that shit my problems went away.

    I start seeds right in an aero setup and switch to dwc once they get established.

    I use the quarter inch thick collars germ seeds in a bag and put taproot out bottom and the seed on top.

    Works real well.

    And no u didnt feed your planta too early. .3-.4 is what I start with.

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    I seen one of your threads where you pulled the seedling from the plug and ever scents then I have been doing it like that works like a charm

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    What are these marks on the leaves? Nutrient deficiency, nutrient burns? Have you seen anything like this before?

    EC 0.3-0.4. Maybe I should give them more, maybe double it? Maybe they don't have enough food to develop and that's why they dry up?

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    I just can't figure out what the problem might be.

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    Tone5500 Well-Known Member

    Try not feeding at all

    StinkBud Well-Known Member

    Usually dead spots on the leaves means you need more Cal/Mag. Remember, the dead spots won't go away so always watch the new growth. I never fuck with my mixture so if I ever see any dead spots I just up my PPM. Many people around here believe in the concept, "how low can you go" when it comes to nutes. Personally I lean to the hot side of things. I run my nutes as hot as the plants will take it. Right now I'm running 1500 ppm in flower and some of the plants are showing a very small amount of tip burn. Of course every strain is different so most of the plants are perfect. I add nutes once a week and lately my PPM has been dropping around 700 ppm a week. I'm sure it will slow down because right now the plants are going fucking crazy with growth.
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