Seed Production. A Tutorial

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    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    errr TERMURO, lol jk, i use whatever is on hand, usually a paper clip or safety pin.

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    when i popp seeds, i scuff them in a matchbox that has 2 flat peices of sandpaper in it for about 30 seconds last year i popped some seeds that were at least 3-4 yrs old and had good success inall the way thru but had to go to jail for 45 days and someone didnt exactly take tip top care of the girls if ya know what i mean...

    if someone reminds me later when im off work ill post some pic of the matchbox its not rocket science tho... lol small matchbox with sandpaper inside

    Fonzarelli Active Member

    couldn't u just scuff them with a piece of sand paper and your hand? What exactly is the reason for the matchbox?

    SFguy Well-Known Member

    i dunno i guess you could, by hand id be worried i d it too hard... but it would probably be ok. adn i can scuff 20at a i dont pop beans too often tho i normally just make clones

    Fonzarelli Active Member

    Oh yeah, 20 atta time makes sense.
    Campo Cultivator

    Campo Cultivator Well-Known Member

    I find you need to leave them a month first I germinated 50 two weeks after they were harvested and ten germinated so I put them down to shit
    2 months later I chucked a couple hundred to germinate thinking to get 20 ......every single one of them germinated !
    Silky Shagsalot

    Silky Shagsalot Well-Known Member

    very nice tutorial!!! great pics too, what you shooting them with?

    Budgoro88 Well-Known Member

    what would happen if you had several male pollen specimens blended together what would that create

    C.Indica Well-Known Member

    It gets done all the time, I'm not sure what you call it.

    I've read to leave seeds in the branches and just post-harvest dry/cure the buds like normal?
    Should I de-seed after a dry?
    Quick dry or slow?
    Will seeds be in danger?

    Reading as we speak for these answers,
    maybe you can help me sooner, thanks!

    (you being whoever)

    polyarcturus Well-Known Member

    i remove my seeds from the growing plant, if they are done, but it wont hurt to let them dry and what not, but i say if you can get them out of the bud b4 you trim after the chop, go for it, it will save you some hassle latter looking for seeds.

    me i would deseed predry.

    dry the seeds out on a paper plate or something for like a week before jarring for sure.

    shouldn't be no danger to the seeds except you.

    Bryon240 Well-Known Member

    OG CROSS 001.jpg this is from an OG female and NLxBIGBUD cross .....eager to see the end result....i have four and two are in the flower room for 7 days now.Good Times.they broke earth on 11-27-12

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Where do you leave them to harden? The grow room?

    mandigo808 Well-Known Member

    thanks alot man. ill be attempting to cross a (columbian x hash) thatthe guys from down the road have been using to make money for yeeears, with a jack horror from sos. i read that people breed the strain theyve created with itself after to stabilize it. is it true?

    mkush Member

    the best tutorial on indoor pollination i've seen so far. great info. thank you my good man.

    greennewfie Active Member

    Awesome thread man lots of good info, Thanks

    Julius Caesar

    Julius Caesar Active Member

    Is there a standard on how seedbanks label their hybrids?

    ie - Skunk #1 x Afghani #1

    In the above example is Skunk #1 the female or the male?

    EZmooover Active Member

    Female line.

    karousing Active Member

    thank you op, you've helped me out. specifically the targeted pollination and the stages of male development. Have a good one kind sir

    indicaa New Member

    I am trying to make seeds myself, the pollinated female is ak48 and in it's 10th week of flower, will I see the seeds? some of them will be inside the buds? They will ( or could have) dropped off on me? I just figured they will be inside the buds? I can see some lil seed pods , btw this was a medical ak48 seed i found, was a male, so being my only plant I turned it hermie for self pollinate and hopefully some seeds. What do you think for a pretty small hermie? Let it go and keep an eye on it? Not ready yet? Flower time takes longer when you want seeds? TY! here is a pic . IMG_2265.jpg Long way to go still?

    Canabuz Member

    Great work

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