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  • INterEsting that the first place you go is gay jokes, no I'm not dead I've just been traveling South America looking for seeds. And I want to know of a good led setup that's not too much money.
    Dude where's ya light bulbs @? You know there's a deep and troubling psychological reason you like long shiny phallic symbols. Where do you put those T5s when your not using them? I know a place where you should put them. Go put on your little dress and I'll tell you where.
    Or better yet what would the SA look like for that light combination? I would greatly appreciate that. Bless
    Hello, I have recently come across a lot of your post in my search for the best type of light set up. I was wondering if a true 10k hamilton technology paired with kessil 350m would be a good combination for flowering. Or would the 10k be a bit much to use during the whole run?
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