Seed City - Anyone else use them??

Discussion in 'Seedbank Reviews' started by bringcannabisback, Sep 10, 2011.

    sapphire charm

    sapphire charm New Member

    Hey errybody! I received my second order of seed from Seed City the other day and I am soooo pleased with them. Got a couple medicinal marijuana seeds for myself as well as a few auto hybrids for my best friend. We haven't planted anything so I can't give you any info on that, what I can tell you is it's the best, most reliable company I've personally used so far. Stealthy, two weeks max for postage. I live in Australia so for legal purposes, they are strictly used as a souvenir/collectables, I collect seeds big whoop wanttofightaboutit?
    Ahaha :D 10/10 recommended my peoples!
    Oh you also get free seeds depending on how much you spend
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    in4eto New Member

    I bought ones from Seed City and I am very happy. Very fast delivery and all of my seeds grow up. Will buy again!
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    crazyboy41 New Member

    seed city does well. i bought from there and they posted so and enclosured secretly. So many seeds, in every price, it is easy to find good seeds lower prices. And, customer services is always trying to help, they answer you quickly.
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    4mans New Member

    I will recommend everyone to not buy from this site because I bought 13 seeds, from those just 7 of them has been gereminated .then I emailed them and they not answer my email their seeds were pale and small.They are WORST

    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    Do they ship to USA or do you have to use seedsman?

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    They are a seed bank, not the breeder...not their fault. Email the breeder. It may also be your germ method.

    Kev21% New Member

    seedcity is safe i use them loads easy payment via bank and fast stealth delivery
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    Orlando737 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I've used them, recently too. They are very good, as eastcoastmo said they are a seedbank so I'm not sure if they are to blame for germ problems.
    Better luck next time mate :peace:
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    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    Sure wish they shipped to USA. Seedsman who they pass US customers off to, doesn't have the same stock as them.
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    redzi Well-Known Member

    It sometimes is the seed banks fault if they do not rotate stock properly or they buy other seed bank's old stock. If the bank has really low prices and spotty selection not to mention offering seeds that have been out of production for a while then they should be avoided like the plague. I choose cash in envelope with Sannies and my $$$ get from middle USA to Holland and back to me faster than some of the orders I place with UK of Spain seed banks.
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    That can be true in some instances but most big banks get their stock through one or two major suppliers which don't give them the choice as to which breeders they carry. If some breeders don't sell fast, they get held onto as they can't get their money back on the stock they don't sell. I personally don't go for breeders that don't sell a lot due to this fact, hence why I said to contact the breeder, the breeder is the one responsible for germ rates. Banks can't reply to questions about germ anyway as it's illegal.
    I just don't understand why people get up in arms about it when they take the risk to buy them, knowing full well that they are sold as 'souvenirs'. Of course they will be popped, I don't know anyone who buys them to 'hold onto' in case it gets legalised...but germing them is still illegal and we take that risk when we buy them.
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    thean1976 Active Member

    Well all I can say is I have purchased from Seedcity and they have been nothing but outstanding. The idea of giving you a choice of free seeds is the best thing they could have done. Who wants the monthly bogus that sits in a bag as it's not really good.

    I bought from them and the delivery was inpecible and the price is always competitive to say the least. I couldn't give them a bigger amount of respect and don't forget they have a discount code and it's easy to find.
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    Human petbowl

    Human petbowl Member

    I tried to order from them just to see how fast they can deliver, I only ordered 1 seed to try it was +speed, it took only 2 weeks to get my country (non legal state), the stealth is good and my single seed is well packed inside:clap:

    Too bad I only ordered a single seed, considering their cheap price I will definitely order my second soon! :bigjoint:

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    simon91710 Member

    I have been purchasing cannabis seed from all over the internet for the past 9 years, I have recently bought 200 feminized seeds from with great price. All I got to say about them is: Awesome and friendly services + super fast delivery + great price + wide selection. They are definitely my first choice from now on and I do recommend them.
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    Hormoz Member

    Yes, I used them and I'm satisfied. Everything about them is nice. They have a nice website so I easily found what I want with great prices. The ordering process is very easy. They accept a large range of payment methods. They notified me in every step of processing. If there was any questions I asked, they answered me kindly. once the payment is done, they will ship quickly. They have a stealth mode in shipping methods and I recommend everyone to use signed for and guaranteed shipping method. Packaging is so good. There are also some more positive things about them. They have a non stop giveaway on their website and they have discount codes. So I do recommend them and I will shop from seed-city again.
    seeds quality = 9.5 of 10
    seeds price = 10 of 10
    customer service = 10 of 10
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    AnteaterDon New Member

    Best selection of single seeds I have found at the best prices too. They come discreetly packaged with goodies like discounts, rolling papers and stickers. Always been a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
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  17. I have used them for years now, and won’t use anyone else. They have great customer services, and on most recent order I paid by Bitcoin which is a nice option to see. Delivery was fast, next day as I am in the UK, but they ship world wide, and get pretty good reviews for international delivery times too.
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    Hormoz Member

    Unfortunately they don't guarantee packages to my country!!!
    My recent order didn't arrive to me, they sent my order again and it didn't arrive again!
    Each time the customs had seized the seeds, due to their weak stealth...
    Now I need some seeds immediately and don't know what should I do? :confused:

    Haamoon New Member

    Good strains from well-known breeders. I visit their website and it was very easy to find a suitable seed. Easily I made my order and they notify me in every step of process. Team members have a nice behavior and they'll assist customers kindly. Prices are low and they accept many methods for payment. Soon after payment and dispatch, Seeds arrived in labeled tubes. Seeds was fresh and safe, in a good condition.


    customer service = 10 of 10
    quality = 10 of 10
    price = 10 of 10
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    Muminq New Member

    Let me be a miner, as wanted to refresh old thread by adding own feedback - 100% satisfaction met, good prices, fast in well packed shipping, all seeds made it, what else customer might want? Would return for sure.
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