Seed City - Anyone else use them??

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    Brobeans Well-Known Member

    Coukd be a difference of phenotypes.

    I bought barneys pineapple chunk that was supposed to be indica but seemed 100% sativa

    I always make sure seeds are in original breeder packs before I purchase. I think everyone should. I received DP's blueberry once when I actually ordered DJ short. Since it was in the breeder package I was able to prove it and the seedbank exchanged it.

    Seed city is very generous to offer you what they did, I'm kinda jealous lol

    susat66 New Member

    I am happy to use Seed City as ar many others, we choose a variety at our risk, and learn, if unsure of the seedbank don't put everything you plan to do into a single company or just buy direct from the breeders..
    I'm very happy with SC I know they will replace or do anything within reason to solve a problem that can be solved. If not I'm sure a form of compensation would be offered with an apology if they are obviously at fault, but they are acting as the imbetween giving us a wide selection of different breeders.
    This is my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own individual opinions, that is freedom of choice.

    blablanguyen New Member

    The order is complete and true and was received on time.
    I received free seeds.
    all in a very discreet package
    it's perfect

    DRCHRON25 Member

    Has anyone from brisbane brought from seed city

    susat66 New Member

    No, but they are very good and guarantee delivery. I just don't like the website colours.
    My only complaint. And little guru , hows it hanging , bet u got a few plants by now. U never know you may have something really special from all those plants and sell online yourself !
    Good luck

    Zblonzinjo New Member

    I see that inquired for seed city , so to help you, because I 've had similar questions before I ordered , I ordered the other day one of them seeds and they came to me for seven days from the date when they were sent , payment you allowed the couple ways after which you send a package , I chose Card , packaging is so discreet that when I received the package a few moments I could not figure out where my seed .. they are really friendly and quick to respond message, i recommendations :peace::clap:

    monty49 Active Member

    Nothing but good to say about Seed City.Great customer service,Discrete, stealth ,secure packaging and fast shipping(9 days to my door from across the pond)They will be getting all my buisness from now on after using a few others seed banks over the last 10 years.
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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    I also order barney's pineapple chunk because it was suppose to be indica but it was as you said, 100% sativa. Hell one wasn't even near done when I chopped it at like 11 weeks. But those came in the breeder pack, so I'd say it is just barney's sucks.

    nehmeto Member

    I ordered 5 seeds from seed-city, and they sent me unfortunately one of my older cart items. However, when i stated that misunderstanding they posted me my original cart items. So i admit that they are very generous and helpfull in whole stages of purchase. Such a good company seed-city, they delivers in the time without mistakes. When you ask something they reply in a few hours. It is quite amazing for me.

    Thanks a lot...

    JZXchaser Member

    I have used seedcity multiple times and allways got them sent fast and very discreet! and thats to down here in new zealand. Would recommend them to anyone.

    Robfung New Member

    Seedcity, answered all my questions within 24hours. it does have a refund option if your parcel is tracked. if regular mail, they will re-sent parcel to you if rejected. So far Im happy with this company safe and quick! Strongly recommend

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    I must say I'm impressed with SC, I received my package today all in order! Customer service was brilliant, on par with Seedsman for me! Good prices too :)

    warren1990 Member

    I loved everything about the site before I had even ordered, the sheer selection they have is astounding and all available as single seeds! the price blows the compo out of the water and the freebies are incredible. Once I received my first order I fell for SeedCity even more. I opted for the cheaper/free delivery option and my seeds where still sent in individual crush proof containers and inside another plastic case making it super stealthy (not that the postman would have a clue anyway lol). Also check out the prize wheel thing they have if you have time and patience (which are two crucial things in this area anyway) you can score even more freebies/prizes. Awesome
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    arjun1993 New Member

    Made my first purchase in Seed City . On time delivery with stealth shipping . Perfectly maintained seeds in containers . Impressed. Looking forward to purchase more . Highly recommended .
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    I got a second order from them yesterday, very easy to deal with and fairly fast shipping :)
    Seedbank reviewer

    Seedbank reviewer New Member

    Seed-City!!.. Were do i start.. Well i have used Numerous seed banks through the years and Seed-City wins hands down!!!.. Awsome customer service and faultless in every aspect of what they are about!!.. Completely 100% legit and i HIGHLY RECOMEND THESE!!!.. Delivery is also FREE and Brilliant!!.. But also other options on that aspect..Go with these and i assure you a golden ticket service.. Also have strains that you will not find anywere else and if you do and the price is cheaper Seed-City will MATCH IT!!!... 11/10 RATING!!!
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    Luka Šibenik

    Luka Šibenik New Member

    I ordered from Seed City! It was great experience. Delivery is fast and safe. I paid with cash by post in my national currency. Seed came in small black tubes protected of any external influences.By the way I ordered 8 seeds.Seed City have good prices.
    I would recommended everyone to try Seed City. Seed City is the best :lol:
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    james ygn

    james ygn New Member

    My first encounter with Seed city is by a recommendation by my good friend. So I ordered them using my friend's address. Unfortunately, my friend was not in. So the mail was bounced back to UK. I contacted the problem to Seed city has their response was amazing and very professional. They resent and now the girls are in their week 8. Germinated 4 seeds first and 100% success rate. AK48 by Sagarmatha and S.A.S by Big Buddha are particularly doing well.

    Big recommendation for anyone looking to buy seeds online. Thanks Seed-city and will definitely ordering again.
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    Rasmus Heikkilä

    Rasmus Heikkilä New Member

    We strongly recommend to order seeds here because the service was fast and good. I was also surprised by how quickly the seeds reached the destination so I will continue to purchase seed from here. Thanks =)

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    Some really great reviews coming out of Seed City, happy to hear I'm not the obly one that's been impressed :)
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