Seed City - Anyone else use them??

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    bringcannabisback Member

    Has anyone else ordered from Seed City?

    I've only ordered from them twice so far. The first time I didn't need to have any contact with them, I ordered a pack of 5 Sweet Tooth from Barney's Farm and they arrived in about 3 days (UK to UK delivery). Decent price too, as delivery was about half of the price of other companies.

    The second time I ordered, I decided to get an Indica Bundle, which is like a single seed mix pack. My bundle contained-
    LA Confidential from DNA
    The OG #18 from Reserva
    Pre 98 Bubba BX2 from cali connection
    Sensi Star from paradise
    California Hash Plant from Dinafem
    Blueberry from Dutch Passion

    . All the tubes were clearly labelled, and they also sent me sections of the original packaging, some of the packaging I could not tell that it was the particular strain, but it was obvious that it was the correct breeder packaging. Also when I came back this time, I realised that they'd started giving away free seeds with orders, as when I got to the cart I could choose a free seed. there were 3 choices of seed if I remember rightly, I can't remember what they were but I chose Tangerine Dream from Barney's farm (got packaging for that too). I'd give em 8 out of 10 all in all.

    also......I recently contacted them to see if they had something in stock, they got back to me pretty quickly with an email, within half an hour or so. Much better than some of the other experiences I've had.
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    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    Saw their site, I like the selection and layout...anyone ever have any dealings with this place?

    natastna2 Member

    I've used them a good few times. Emails are always answered extremely quickly. Delivery was fast and free to the UK, no idea about elsewhere. The selector is the best I've seen, I can only recommend them. Interested to see other opinions.

    Corso312 Well-Known Member

    ship to the states and take a credit card?

    canna_420 Well-Known Member

    their ok i got an affiliate account with them

    jidhu Active Member

    i live in canada,have ordered 8 times in the last 2 years
    never had any problem
    best selector i ve seen
    accept paypall
    fast delivery
    I can only recommend them
    fairly good price
    better then anyone in canada

    Temis420(Qc) Member

    I have ordered 4time from them nice stuff!! and customer services!!!
    @Jidhu go with Bckingseed you will see they got only bad ass stuff maybe not alot of choice but only stable and killer pheno!

    wahoo Active Member

    I like the site and love the fact you can choose which freebies you want. Only one problem for me and it's the one reason I won't order from
    them. They don't have guaranteed shipping. I'm in oz so if I order I want either a resend or a refund (especially if I spend $200-$300). There are a few seed banks
    that offer this so I will stick with them.

    Herbie's offer a resend or a refund if your beans get seized by customs or lost. They basically ask you what you want to do!! Cant beat that man :weed:

    Georgi1992 New Member

    This is the greatest site for this stuff ever!I never had any problem -they always respond to the e-mails,delivery is fast,the prices are good and the best selector-this is the better site who i use .They give me a discount every time when i order seeds and i will definitely order again .I really recommended them!!

    bringcannabisback Member

    I've used them quite a few times now, not used any one else since i started this thread. They will guarantee delivery if you choose signed for delivery actually I think.

    bundee1 Well-Known Member

    Yo OP please leave out their shipping methods to prevent identification and seizure. Peace

    PS Do they ship to the US?
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    dbear69 Member

    I Have ordered from them 4 times and it has always been excellent. Customer service is top notch, response within 24hrs everytime. Use coupon code Maydaydeal for 20% off. Cheers!

    dbear69 Member

    No they don't ship to U.S.A .

    redzi Well-Known Member

    Seed City blows ...was living in Austria for a few months and hadn't received order...take your order when seeds not in stock but happy to ding your credit card.
  15. good site everything . make mine order. got evrything in 3 weeks. all nice labeled and in a box. i am living abroad, in holland. also good services. the option to order a single seed is a nice experience .

    vlex429 New Member

    This is the first time I try to plant cannabis.
    I bought 14 different single seed because I don't know what cannabis is suitable for me.
    Order arrived in three weeks and the very good stealth packing amazing me.
    Also, the service is good, very fast reply with email, very good purchase experience.

    As a beginner I strongly recommend this site to others who want to start their planting.

    If it can pay with Paypal it would be perfect.(The payment method is difficult to use in my country, bank transfer charged a very expensive fee, credit card didn't work at the site)

    vlex429 New Member


    my order was purchased at SEP and now i'm enjoy with planting those girl.

    EvilMania Member

    It's pretty sick!I'm a Chinese Guy.I've order many times.They always finish delivery Safely.Really dope cool!
    giancarlo g

    giancarlo g New Member

    the seed city refound me ,i editing this post ,because my opinion not interest anymore ,thanks to all this forum .

    urban1026835 Well-Known Member

    well no offense to anyone here but when someone i know from the forums or that can be vouched for by someone i know who actually grows i will avoid it.

    sucks because i am all for new seed banks so i will keep my eye posted on this thread.....

    oops no u.s. shipping...not that it makes it impossible but not worth the hassle of having it sent through someone else.
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