Rhino skin vs Botanicare silica blast. (need a hort person)

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    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    Hi was looking into using some potassium silicate to strengthen my stalks for my next grow. Just curious from the analysis it shows that the only difference is that the blast carries a "non plant food" ingredient
    Guaranteed Analysis:
    • Soluble Potash (K2O): 0.5%
    • ALSO CONTAINS NON-PLANT FOOD INGREDIENT: 2.0% Silicon (Si) from Sodium Silicate and Potassium Silicate.

    Rhino Skin:

    So my question is Why would anyone pay for rhino skin when a very comparable cheaper substitute?

    axionjaxson Well-Known Member

    dont use advanced nutrients , go dynagro.

    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for nothing. Why post this? looking for someone with a horticulture backround or has exp with both.
    also try reading. in my post i say its retarded to pay that much for rhino skin. never said i use it.
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    axionjaxson Well-Known Member


    RoninAmok Active Member

    I use the Dutch Masters silica , goes about twice as far as the Botanicare , less expensive than the AN.
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    Bigz2277 Well-Known Member

    i like that. its 4 times as strong as the botanicare with only being a couple dollars more, get some Mg as well. Thanks man.
    Mr. M

    Mr. M Member

    I actually study horticulture as my major. You would probably want to go with the rhino skin because it doesnt have any Sodium Silicate which is pretty much just salt and silicon and the less sodium you have the better, because fertilizers have alot of sodium in them already (sodium is bad for plants, thats why you need to change your water every now and then because of the salt build up). it has something to do with the nutrients are carried on the sodium molucles or something correct me if im wrong. the silicon as i remember kinda hearing about that in a lecture relatively has no effect on plant growth. my guess it might have something to do with keeping the consistency of the formula i dont really know. they dont really teach anything about hydro but the principle is the same.
    Mr. M

    Mr. M Member

    oh i think silicate is something else then what i was thinking of but it whatever the extra sodium stuff is not nessesary thats the point.

    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    No hort background but I was using the botanicare silica blast then switched to grow more Armor Kote. like it much better and at 2 tsp a gallon a bottle goes along way. With some fat ass sticks

    Type3Steve Member

    You mean overpriced Miracle Gro!
    Advanced Nutrients are plant specific! Silica Blast works great!
    Not very expensive either!
    250ml has lasted me almost 2 grows. I paid $10 on EBay!

    oceangreen Well-Known Member

    dyna gro protekt ;)
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    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    The difference is the percentage of silicon dioxide to the percentage of potash.

    Potassium (k) is not silica (Si)

    kingofqueen Well-Known Member

    Sillica blast is pretty watered down on the silicon it's only 2 percent and AN doesnt tell you ..... Dyna Gro Protek is 7.8 percent silicone and 3.7 % K which is perfect for K boosting in flower and it makes a hydro rez very ph stable . Or ya could get some Flairform at 18% silicon . But what do I know you want a certtteeefied horticulturalist .....oh and you can use it as PH up
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    WhiteRooster Active Member

    Rhino skin is part of AN's pH perfect line and doesn't allow you to use it as a pH up like Botanicare's Silica Blast or Dyna Gro's Pro Tekt.
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    A few things I have noticed from using the different silicas.

    Yes, Silica Blast has a low percentage of silica compared to some.
    D.G ProTekt Has a high percentage of silica but also the highest amount of potassium.
    A.N Rhino skin only has .5 potash but I cant seem to find the % of Si
    ProTekt makes my ph rise. Rhino skin does not. Protekt seems to cause my nutrient bucket to cloud with certain nutrients (called SI lockout). Never happened when using d.g as the base but if I try to use B.C or H&G as the base, cloud. I have tried all kinds of different mixing methods to avoid this, with little success. A.N rhino skin has never made my water cloud.
    Mad Farmer silica shield (not used personally) Has 8% Si and 3% potash. Have been wanting to try.

    So I guess depending on that application each has their own benefit. I unfortunately seem to be liking the most expensive one, Rhino Skin. Because, it is mixing easy and has a low amount of (k). I already have plenty of K in my bloom formula im not trying to add a excessive amount.

    There is many more Si products out there. They are NOT all the same I dont care what anyone says. Yeah, sure they all have Si in them but, different percentages of Si-k, and the size of the Si molecule can be different in each product changing the availability of it to the plant. Now I have no idea which product is the best but I have been having the most success with a.n rhino skin. The plants that are getting the rhino skin have thicker stems & stalks then the ones getting ProTekt. Hmmm...

    Oh and one more thing. Cheaper is NOT always better! IMO 9/10 times you get what you pay for...
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    There's a comparable, much cheaper substitute to EVERY advanced nutrients product. You pay for marketing when you buy their products...
    Botanicare doesnt have the best product either.

    I think DynaGro's ProTekt is 8% silica for roughly the same price.
    Go dynagro!
    Clown Baby

    Clown Baby Well-Known Member

    AN are plant specific? Please elaborate on how their nitrates specifically target marijuana, while other companies nitrates do not....
    Silica blast, rhino skin, protekt, are all silica products, derived from sodium silicate or potassium silicate.

    Silica blast works the same as protekt, except it's 1/4 the strength for almost the same price.

    DynaGro is a good product. It stays in solution and has everything plants need.
    As far as what silica does: It's good stuff. Try to look up reputable sources and not just what potheads repeat.
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    Warlock1369 Well-Known Member

    I use growmor's armorcoat. So far I'm happy. Is cheep and works well with the mix of nutes I use.
    redi jedi

    redi jedi Well-Known Member

    Are any of those products compatible with H202?
    mr. green thumb 01

    mr. green thumb 01 New Member

    I cant get protekt to mix with H&G? I must be handicapped...

    Does every product with 8% silica have to have 3% potassium? I wouldn't think so but im not certain. I just like .5 a.n potash. I know its over priced but there not all the same.

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