Rhino skin vs Botanicare silica blast. (need a hort person)

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    silica blast: been using it a long time, it was given to me for free

    if you want strong branches, use strong fans too.
    Jypsy Dog

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    Wow! No, you cannot read. It says .15% as plain as day. You even posted the label.That is not 15% which would be a 100 times more potent, it is exactly what is says.……….. 0.15%.

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    Neither can you. The post you replied to is SIX YEARS OLD.

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    and since it's resurrected ..I use Plant Magic Bio-Silicon :blsmoke:

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    I use Skunk Labs Horticulture Silicate 7.8 Soluble Silica Supplement For Plants. It’s in powder form and makes 1 Gallon 7.8% Concentrate. Best I’ve found and like others have said- the liquids aren’t as good. No hype just pure.

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    If you really wanna get serious use Privi Silixol which ‘’delivers world’s only known form of Bio- active silica (Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid). Privi Silixol helps alleviate Abiotic stress in the plant – Temperature Fluctuations, water shortage, excess rain and soil related stress (Acidity, Alkalinity, Salinity, heavy metals etc.) Privi Silixol has been proven to also increase resistance against biotic stresses such as fungal, bacterial, insect and mite attacks. Its unique formula enhances greater uptake of nutrients and channels utilization for productive growth thus improving overall plant health, yield and quality of produce.’’

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