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  • :?:Hey man I saw your post with the Flood Table and Drip manifolds using the mesh containers and fabric inserts. I don't have a drip set up but I have them in the flood table and was planning on keeping them there during vegetative phase before moving them in the flo n gro system thats in the 5x9 for flowering but the idea isnt going so well, I was wondering since you have both a table and used those buckets and liners on a table and have the titan system as well could you help me out with some issues and concerns im having. Thx In advance:leaf:Please Respond
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    I got booted because I'm not a paid advertiser...oops! If you are still interested in a vacuum chamber, you can get a hold of me at [email protected] or by phone at (210) 932-8075. As for your inquiry...if you are not particular about material and do not need any type of plating, we can make a 10"Dia x 10"H chamber for around $650. Thanks and sorry I was not able to post earlier.
    Spray then turn lights off for 1 hour. But yes do it all today if needed. I gotta get off to my phone is dead.
    so what if i just flush today and spray them today will i be okay and ill posts some pics my friend imma get off but when i get back on ill show u one
    At 8 weeks of flower you should have nugs. You might have a sativa. But I don't count real weeks. I flip lights then when I see a fuzzy cotton ball looking thing about 1/4 inch. I say that's end of week 1. Mighty wash can be sprayed up to the day of harvest. But I don't recamend going that far. Farthest I will go is 5 days before then the day before wash it with power wash. Or you can spray if needed but befor you dry fill your tub with cold water and give each bud a fast shake under water to wash it clean. Then hang and dry.
    okay cool imma journal that and use it and i dont get how welding uses electricty and if im 8 weeks into flowering when do i see actual bud forming i see the hairs getting wild but no big nugs, is it an indica? and can i spray mighty wash on my lady if shes that far along?
    Well I'm larger then you. At the moment. But lights go on. Check water, check for bugs. Look for any nute problems. Fix any that need first. Clean up room. Then if you have anything eles to do do that. Pull dead leaves or make clones. That should be your last thing. Already growing plants should be first. When in there watch temps see what's going on. Then call it a day. Most days only 30 min works. Others a few hours.

    And BBQ you do some welding but it's not alot so adds up to your bill. If you said you weld all day you would use about 100 a day. And welders pull a big draw so that covers when all your lights are turned on. I am a welder so that's how I found out.
    haha appricate it man and why welding bbqs? and when your lights go can you breack down the steps you do? cuz i useally check if the have water and from there i get stuck?
    Fix nute burn? You flush them. Don't remember if your soil or hydro. So for soil you flush with clean PHed water 3x the size of the pot. ie 1 gallon pots need 3 gallons of water. Hydro clean ph water for 24 hours. You will not correct the damage already done. But you will stop it fron damaging new growth. Electric comp. Dosnt care what you use as long as you pay. But if they ever do ask just say you weld bbq's together as a part time job. No more questions. And I don't mind questions. Happy to help. Hell I think I got 80 pm's from 1 guy over 3 weeks. I'm just not fast at answering once my lights go on.
    Alright so it wont look fishy to the electric company unless it gets higher than what amount? And thanks for the help man, let me kno if my questions are to much. I feel like a young apprentice.
    AC and lights are something that just need factored in. I got 1000 bill every month. Best advice I can give to keep it as low as possible is. Cool your lights by bringing in air from outside and dump it outside. And run lights at night. Leave your self time to work on them but as late as possible. I run 12/12 from 8-8. And 6pm-12 for 18-6. And if I remember right your down the hill from me. But we get the same heat.
    aww sorry to hear about that man and I just Lost two plants they dried up I think under loving them? I dont kno ac id costing me alot I need some advice from a fellow grower what to do now I have clones im vegging but just five and back to the two ladys that died that makes six in totall only one left.
    just a first grow thing or whats happening. Got any tips ?
    hey i had a question you commented on my post the other day and you obv. know what your doing. should i could the nute burnt leaves?
    Sorry to bother you, but you seem to be the person to come to for advice. I'm just looking for an explanation of why lighting is discussed "per plant"? If I had a 4 foot flourescent bulb, why would it matter if I had one plant under it or three? As long as they are not casting shadows on each other, aren't they still getting the same amount of rays straight from the source? I get the same tan on the beach, if I'm alone, or there are hundreds of people around.
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