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    Sonic was good. 5-6 oz in 7 gal pots with Super soil. not as potent as QK but a slight orange taste gives it a +. great bag appeal. looks amazing. watch out for male flowers, i got a few per plant on the bottoms. crossing it with QK fixed this for me.

    there was one QK that we lost, short, super crystally grew like an indica and was quick. i am kinda bummed she was lost in cloning. but i have more seeds. but right now i am replacing QK w Mothers Tongue, looking for a quick sativa with great taste and yeild.
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    Yeah I got a bunch of different breeders going now. Variety variety

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    wWe broke ties with Home Grown lots of Breeders use us to promote there gear and then bail its part of the business no harm no foul I think Quatum and Dr Who was there best work I wish em the best :)

    Meanwhile we created 7 new bad ass strains

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    I grew a Quantum Kush too. The buds are sparse. This pic is a 1.5" bud. IMG_4490.JPG I picked it early as it was done enough and I was paranoid of theft and wanted some weed if it all got stolen later. It was undernourished before it went into the ground, but of 15-20 plants which were primarily TGA strains it didn't recover very well from the indoor to outdoor transition. It did go into bud and finish early, but it had powdery mildew. It also had a shit-ton of seeds purposely made X Doctor Who!! Doctor Who will fix it up good. ! I made a decent Mickey Kush X Doctor Who batch of seeds indoors over the winter and I grew out ten females. Mickey Who. One got twice as big as the others at 2'+ tall budded and done. It smells like Pine Sol according to one of my taster/smeller guys. His dad cooks crack with cleaning agents, for sale, so he should know. Very uniform across ten females. I made a tester smell a squeezed bud to watch his face, as the terpenes literally burn your nose to where you touch your nose from pain, blink, squint, and turn your head. He also said it smells like Cat Pee. He works with animals. It smells sweet also. Purple DeathStar smells like Pee.. he said. Human pee. But so Dank also. It's bordering on the smell they call 'Loud'. It was a TGA tester strain-freebie.
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    P.s., I found my jar of better Quantum Kush buds. One tester calls it Candy Kush because it smells like candy. My earlier commentary was on the jar I had containing buds from lower on the plant. The top buds are killer.

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    The poor kid whose dad sells crack in SF got shot again...in a leg and in the buttocks. smh, idk how people do street dealing. It's so deadly up here.

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