Quantum Kush test

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    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Quantum Kush Test thread

    Quantum Kush= Sweet Irish Kush x Time Wreck

    This should be epic

    I planted 5 seeds and all of them have sprouted.These will be grown using a combination of compost, sunshine mix and tea's

    Qusntum Kush (1 of 5).jpg Qusntum Kush (2 of 5).jpg Qusntum Kush (3 of 5).jpg Qusntum Kush (4 of 5).jpg Qusntum Kush (5 of 5).jpg

    MichiganGrows Active Member

    Just started some as well Ocan. This is gonna be fun :)

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Rock on @Michigangrows Rock On


    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Quantum Kush @ week 3

    I re-potted them @ week 2 into 1 gal pots as they were growing pretty fast and I also topped them once
    The soil was prepped using Pro Mix, a dash of Bat Poo, Earth Worm Castings, Steer Compost

    Other than that thats all she wrote
    Quantum Kush @ 3 weeks (1 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush @ 3 weeks (2 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush @ 3 weeks (3 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush @ 3 weeks (4 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush @ 3 weeks (5 of 5).jpg
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    Oriah Well-Known Member

    this is one of the new ones that im most excited about... ill be watching QK from all the nerds closely..

    subcool Well-Known Member

    Nice start bro one thing you will notice about the new lines is there incredible speed of growth!


    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    I noticed.
    I only just topped them 7 days a go today lol

    geekmike Well-Known Member

    This might be my favorite smoke out of the HGNW crew yet, still love that Dr Who though... though choice. Looking forward to more Ocanabis.

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Week 6

    Where does the time go. I had to dbl. check the dates but yea, it's been 6 weeks already
    I ended up topping for a second time because they were getting so tall fast. I also started using some fimming to help strengthen the stems a bit as they are a little on the flimsy side.

    Yesterday I made a small batch of S.S. for them as well. So it's cooking now and hope fully in 2-3 weeks they'll be ready for transplant to there final home.Right now they are still in 1 l pots

    ocan. Quantum Kush (1 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush (2 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush (3 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush (4 of 5).jpg Quantum Kush (5 of 5).jpg

    thepaintedchef Well-Known Member

    Lookin good o

    Dubsta Active Member

    Looking good I got a tester pack at hempfest of the Quantum Kush. Also picked up Marionberry Kush, Dr. Who, Mickey Kush, and Jesus OG Kush (2packs even thought i asked for 1) I wanted Conspiracy Kush. That was actually strain I wanted the most. I really like the Obama Kush i've been trying to find it locally cause I know a lot of local's here in the PNW are growing it. Expecially in Washington. Thing that sucks the most that i got 2 more packs of Jesus OG Kush is I've already picked up 3 packs. killed 1 1/2 packs on accident let them dry out. And the rest I got a kept 1 female and 1 male. Just wanted 1 pack incase I ever lost it. Whatever I'll get some more money and get a pack unless I can find a Obama Kush clone.

    I wish I knew BOG was there with his own tent. I would of picked up a shit load from him. He saw giving super good deal's to from what I heard. I don't know how I didn't see his tent! I already have almost TGA's whole lineup now besides a few of the new ones.

    Sub and the Home Grown Natural Wonders guys and others there of the tgacrew, farmerjohn I really wanted to talk to but everyone was so busy this year. Hope to get to chat and smoke with you again sub. First time I met Sub he gave me a fat nug of his querkle and it was IDENTICAL to the querkle I was growing at the time. Also gave my boy a 1+gram nug of Vortex. Even had 2 seeds in the querkle and 1 in the vortex and they all produced females that were killer.

    I'm actually in the Weed Need Video though from this years hempfest. When I was leaving I met the guy who donated the guitar for the raffle i noticed he has a tga hat on and we talked alot walking out hes a pretty cool guy. He told me he donated the guitar and he was gonna be on the weed nerd and of course he was! Rock on Weed Nerds! Love ya TGA

    Dubsta Active Member

    I'm going to start Germinating my Quantum Kush's first since there still in the testing stage. Should be germing within the next 24hr's. Would be cool to maybe be TGA Tester one day. Gonna let my Grow Logs do the talking.
    Commander Strax

    Commander Strax Well-Known Member

    there is a "Dr Who" strain ???
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    DLOPEZ1420 Well-Known Member

    That Quantum streches like crazy.. mine is 7 foot. Bigger than anything in my room. Top and train the hell outa her.

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Yea I have noticed how vigorous they are and have roped them for the 3rd time aalready I repotted them over the wk end to 3 gal pots and will hopefully update you all this wk end


    ronerone7 Active Member

    Maybe your particular strain does because I have 1 that is Sweet Irish Kush Dominant and its short and stocky so there must be quite a bit of variation within the Genotypes!

    DLOPEZ1420 Well-Known Member

    Both of my phenos are stupid strechy..

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Hi Ya'll

    Back with another update
    The kids are about 10 weeks old now. I had repotted them 2 weeks ago now and they are hummin' along. There fast growers and a bit lanky so I have topped them a few times now and making some nice bush's. They'll be going to flower very soon I expect


    Quantim Kush @ 10 wks (1 of 5).jpg Quantim Kush @ 10 wks (2 of 5).jpg Quantim Kush @ 10 wks (3 of 5).jpg Quantim Kush @ 10 wks (4 of 5).jpg Quantim Kush @ 10 wks (5 of 5).jpg
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    tobinates559 Active Member

    looks healthy and they have bushed out a bit, any flowering pics??

    beuffer420 Well-Known Member

    Glad to see this report I def wondered about the stretchy ness this strain would produce. Glad to hear though there is stout lady in there. What did anyone think of penny wise if any info pm me so I'm not shifting gears on the thread.

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