Quantum Kush test

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    montanachadly Active Member

    Thanks Ocan for the camera info. So yesterday I went and bought myself a canon rebel t3 and the 100mm canon macro lense. I wasn't expecting paying that much but I totally believe buy nice or buy twice. Im not sure about the t3 it was $400 and is a 12 mp the other canon that was the next up was $550 and was an 18.1 mp. I have two weeks to decide if I like t3 but im thinking im gonna have to go back and upgrade the camera. What blew me away was the price on the 100mm macro lens 5 bills. Now I just gotta buy all the other accessories tri-pod, filter, and all those other cool photo gadgets. Also most certainly going to go take some photography classes and strive to bring the pics you, TC, Nugs, Sub, and some others.

    GreenSanta Well-Known Member

    I have a t3i that my girlfriend bought a while back for 2000$ with a lense ... I dont know what I am doing I always shoot on AUTO settings but you can swing by my journal and look at the pics, I really like this camera!!

    DiggittyDankMT Member

    Alright its Montana here and ive tried to load the pictures with my other account and this one and neither will load the pictures with the new camera. I gotta say I love this camera probably one of the better investments ive made of lately. Right there with the AR 15 anyway. But anyway heres the pictures on my diggity facebook page you should be able to see them. they are set to public view. https://www.facebook.com/diggity.dank.1/media_set?set=a.1377616505834472&type=1

    Tagh90 Member

    Looking good OC. I've been away too long, Sub keeps throwing these new strains out, still need to get through what I got on hand lol.

    TCurtiss Well-Known Member

    I had the T3i then some stuff got stolen on me while in SF so I upgraded to a 7d and it's a HUGE difference with the new full frame 100mm macro lense


    MrDankFace Member

    Awesome thread man, thanks for sharing! I have 2 phenos of this that I'm testing going into bloom this week. Pretty excited!

    Rhizo Member

    Omg my screen is oozing with resin:P


    Rhizo Member

    NUG PRON forsure

    Mr.Juana Member

    Can't wait for that smoke report :D

    Ohmless Member

    i am looking forward to a smoke report also. I am likely buying beans tomorrow of the QK.

    BroJohnson Active Member

    We have 4 Quantum Kushes that are couple weeks away from showing sex but very excited about finding a female so we'll see.
    Not about to steal the show but just wanted to say Ill be posting footage of the progress. HappyPlants YouTube

    Here is the Mickey Kush we have in flower, smelling like straight fruity pebbles @ day 28.
    (Made us go out and buy a box of Fruity Pebbles!)


    Thank you and happy growin!
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    i have 4 quantum kushes. still lil babies. but growing much slower than 9 lb. hammer , plushberry, and jesus og. I was expecting fast growth with it being quite a stretcher.. so is that the norm with you guys?

    IcculusX Active Member

    i have 4 quantum kush females and 1 male. the four females are ridiculously different phenos just from initial week of flower..

    #1 = fingery and wispy long internodes very thin branches, most sativa.
    #2 = ridiculously fast veg, thick stalks, so much so im nervous it is too hempy (been in the cloner for 3 weeks with no roots showing still)
    #3 = male i pulled but kept clones of for later.
    #4 = bushy medium growth, prolly my favorite. (clones show roots in days)
    #5 = very stunty small leaves.

    Robs Well-Known Member

    Damn I'm loving on these! Nice show Ocan :clap:

    Ohmless Member

    all mine were uniform. I also got 4/5 females. No harvest yet but very excited for bioassay.

    ReefBongwell Well-Known Member

    I just got 5/5 germed on my Quantum Kushes... will post a thread soon

    Ohmless Member

    I had 4 of 5 females. All 5 had the same phenotype. Lanky single kola at first that takes off after 2 feet.

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I got 2 females out of 5. One seed wouldn't germinate at all. out of 23 seeds (various strains) thats the only one that did that

    Terk1974 Active Member

    IMG_20141123_233251.jpg There's my attempt at Quantum Kush, out of five seeds it's the only one that germinated doesn't look like most pics I've seen. To give you an idea of how fat the leaves are, I'm 6-3" so my hands are quite large.

    oldschooltofu Well-Known Member

    i got 1 out of 5. crossed it with her brother.
    sounds like i got #1 from iculus.
    thin stems with tight dense nugs, long leaves, long internodes, finishes early, trics cover everything including fan leaves. cant wait to make hash
    easy to trim, not huge fruit flavor like i am use to with TGA but still good.
    still curing, early samples, still needs more cure.

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