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    Have you ever noticed it growing different or smaller planting so close to the side?

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    No, the plant has the whole pot for the roots to fill out. It doesn't matter where it's planted. Just like a soil bed.

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    Do you mulch on top of the castings or compost that you put over the mycelium mat?


    So I'm coming up on my first harvest ever. This tent has been grown with bottled nutes, my other tents are being grown in organic living soil. I ditched the bottles after 1 grow lol.. my first grow ever.
    Anyways, I need some advice on how to chop and hang to dry. Do I just chop each main branch with its entire cola, trim the big non sugar leaves, and hang upside down?
    I plan to hang it in the tent it was grown in without the lights on so the temps will be about 68F. Turn on a small fan in there and humidifier to get it up to 60% RH.
    How's that sound?
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    Yes I mulch in top.

    Chopping - I chop the water leaves then hang. Sometimes i fresh trim too. If I want to make some fresh frozen bubble with the trim. It tales a little longer cure time with fresh trim for the chlorophyll to break down. When I have to chop a whole room and i don't have any help I dry trim. Either way the water leaves come off prior to hanging

    I hang for about 5-7 days at 70-75 degrees. Then cure with 72% boveda packs in the jars and only birp jars once a week.

    68 is fine. You want lower humidity when drying. 30% or lower. Humidity degrades trichomes while their drying.

    60% rh is good for while they're growing if the ambient temp is around 80.

    . I would like a dedicated room for drying so I can lower the temp to 40-50 degrees and slow dry for a month.
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    Some probiotic mendo breath f1 that's hanging. This is probably my favorite strain that I have in regular rotatation.


    These are 6 and 2 week old heirloom san marzano tomato plants from seed in 5 gal sips outside.


    Ripped Bubba

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    Have any of you guys made your own BioChar? I’ve got yard work tomorrow and it involves wood and burning just not in the same chore. My understanding is I can dig a hole in my outdoor veggie garden, put some dried wood (sticks, pine cones?) in there and fire it up. Once it’s smoked out it’s then covered in soil and drenched in water.

    Am I close?
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    I've seen people make small batches using paint cans and rice hulls, for larger wood products the most common source is buying a bag of hardwood lump charcoal and soaking/smashing.

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    I never tried to make biochar. I have seen videos doing the same method using coffee cans and rice hulls.

    Here's some probiotic blackberry cream

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    My LAB serum separated but the curds sank. Is that acceptable?

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    The curds should float. Strain the curds out.

    I use a laundry bag in a bucket for delicates to strain my ferments. You can get a 2 bag pack at walmart for $4.

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    Perhaps it sank from agitation?

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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Probably. You don't want to agitate it. Just strain it.

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Mendo breath f1


    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Blackberry cream flower rosin. The first pic is rosin that I pressed out last night. The 2nd pic is the same rosin 18 hours later after it auto buddered. No taffy tech. Just low temp low pressure


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    So, how do you guys feel about running clones indoors in soil.
    My experience with soil is that it is very slow, but great for growing long season plants outdoors.

    My partner seems to have his mind set on soil, I wanted to try Rockwool blocks on batting with timed NTF running down the batting (where most of the root mass is).
    The trays are to be covered with panda film, with small holes the stems poke through. Over this goes bubble wrap (to prevent conductive warming from the foil) and then an outer foil or mylar layer.

    Pipes are to be thermally wrapped to help prevent picking up heat from the lights.

    I have less airconditioning than lights available too. Would rather scale down the grow to fit with our cooling capacity, he seems to want to run wall to wall again.
    We are headed for the crazy hot time of the year again. My instinct is it would be easier to control root temps, with an outboard reservoir and maybe chiller than leaving bags of soil to the mercy of the heat.

    I love soil as much as the next guy, but I have a feeling it is not a good fit for the size of our op (80 to 90 plants in flower).

    What do you guys think?

    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Living soil all day if you want the best quality. Theres plenty of large facilities running no till... Most that run hydro are producing mids like jungle boys. I've been running no till living soil indoor for the past 7 or 8 years and ferments for the past few years. I ran hydro for 8 years before switching to soil. I ran bottled nutes in soil before running no till. Once you've ran living soil. You will never go back... The quality and flavor is a world of difference. Especially if you use ferments.

    For faster growth you can run sub irrigated planters with living soil. Soil sits above a resi. And water wicks up into the soil from the bottom up. Like in nature. Where trees pull water from the water table below the ground surface

    Look up brownguy420 on you tube. He runs a recreational op in oregon and runs all no till. Also Patrick King aka Soil king runs all no till in his commercial op. Seed to Soul Farms runs all no till in their commercial op too. Resin Ranch does all korean and jadam natural farming on their commercial op too.
    These guys are running 500 to 5,000 plants. 80 -90 plants isn't a huge op. Half will be in flower and half will be vegging. Most small ops have at least 50 plants total.

    Hydro is a lot more work than soil too and hydro uses a lot more water.

    The only hydro that I approve of is. Aquaponics. You can great results with aquaponics. Its a closed loop system that recycles water and uses a fish tank and plants get fed by fish poop and rock dusts. They're pretty expensive to set up though.
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    YeaYeah I have been doing a bit of reading, avoiding the usual cannabis sites and rather looking for agricultural production information.

    We settled on another coco run. outdoors I prefer soil any day, the taste is the best.
    The big boys must laugh at us, they spend $200 per acre on ferts.
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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    I’d be interested in some no till SIPs for a perpetual grow.
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    hyroot Well-Known Member

    Watch The Rancher, The Farmer, The Fisherman. Its a John Hoffman documentary thats Narrated by Tom Brokaw. Might be on demand or on kodi or netflix. Anyway they show wheat farmers in Kansas, North Dakota and another state I can't think of. They all had switched to no till in recent years. Their farms are better than they have ever been. Yields, quality, health of the soil / microbial life had all improved. They stopped using pesticides. They saved tons of money too.

    The Rancher and fisherman parts are cool too.
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    I've been running various designs of sips for a couple years now. All no till. Coots mix adjusted and ferments. They do great.

    Ima build some soma sip beds out of 30 gal totes here soon

    I have some soma style 5 gal sips that rock right now.

    Alpine sap


    Bermuda kush




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