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    super silver Haze i grew in '15. I miss those babies?

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    Hello everyone I hope I am allowed to ask a few questions if it is okay with the OP. I am 28 years old and am considering becoming a grower in the Portland area in about a year. I am currently saving along with my mother and brother who are also saving. My questions are:

    How many plants can 1 person grow?
    How much is a license to grow?
    What would be an estimated start-up cost for three people to grow indoors in 1-2 bedrooms, including cost of setting up the room(s) and needed materials for plants including nutrients and all.

    I know answers will vary as all grows are different but would like a harsh estimate so I know what I would be getting myself into. I have resesrched for a few years now, but I am always learning so I hope someone here can help me :). Thank you for reading!

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    What I can tell you is that it is a very competitive market. If you already have experience growing at a decent scale indoors than at least you have a small head start. If you want to produce at a wholesale level, the license you need will depend on the size of the grow per sq/ft and not plant count. You're probably looking at one the micro canopy tier licenses for two bedrooms, which starts at about $1,000. Im not sure you can even do a commercial grow from inside your residence, but maybe someone around here will know. You will also need to comply with all the regulations of having the grow-- such as setting up video surveillance and having inspections done by the OLCC. You can do the research for what the gear and nutrients cost online, but you're going to need quite a lot of shit if you are starting up fresh. Im assuming you'd want to run about 6000w(6X1000w) per room, which will also require good ventilation and air cooling. An estimate off the top of the head would be $2000+ per room using HID lighting(not including adding A/C if you dont already have it in the rooms). If you have zero grow experience, it could take a couple of runs just to figure out what the hell you are doing as well as securing competitive genetics. From there you need to learn how to maximize your grams per watt. Any mistakes like letting a hermie slip, bugs, mold can all make your crop worthless.

    I moved here almost 6 years ago and started growing medical as soon as I got settled. I got to the point where I was selling to dispensaries before all the rec licensesing and stuff started. For me it was more for fun and the joy of seeing your hard work being enjoyed by others, never something I have depended on to pay my bills. If I had wanted to pursue it as a career, I probably should have arrived about 6-10 more years earlier. Not here to crush your dreams, just saying that its something that you really have to have your shit down to be able to do and make good money. There are other opportunities to get into the industry as well, working at the clubs and stuff.

    You can also find a normal job and just grow your own 4 plants and will have more than you can ever smoke if done right. Whatever you decide, I hope it works out!

    Heres more specifics about the requirements:

    MrMayhem1134 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Southerner! I do have a small amount of experience growing, never flowered but I have vegged a few times just to identify pistols/pollen sacs, get a feel for mixing soil, planting seeds properly, and topping. I tried to clone once and did not use a rooting gel or have much knowledge of the process or resources to gain additional information as I do now so it wasn't successful. I have been reading up a lot on it and feel more confident going forward. I also have a few solid sites for seeds as well as possibly visiting some of my family in Cali for seeds/clones, but I don't wanna bank on this as I haven't seen them in a while. I have a good idea of what kinda pots/bags, soil, trays for cloning, spray bottles, water bottles, etc. that I want to use my biggest concerns are lighting, A/C and Ventilation. I don't know the size of the area or how many rooms it will be until I actually get out there so gonna wait until I know to get lights, ventilation, and A/C if needed.

    For the micro license, If I go that route, can you grow as many plants as you feel comfortable fitting in that square feet or is there a limit for wholesale? Also I don't know much of the laws so thanks for the link :), but I worked at McDonald's and was required to study new programs, sometimes overnight or in a few days, such as the McCafe program before it was released and all necessary procedures and cleaning so it hopefully won't be too hard to study up in the next year.

    As for the competitive aspect I understand I will have to grow for a couple years to get the feel for my set-up and make bud dispensarys want to buy. The only thing I can thing of to help this is to grow the best I plants I can and source popular strains from around Oregon and strains not many people, if any, will have.

    I am by no means saying that I will have success or that I am an expert or have all the answers, merely explaining the knowledge I do have :). I understand the industry that I will be getting myself into and I appreciate you being blunt and straight to the point.

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    Where to start. go to the OLCC webpage to look up licence costs and what that entails. your rec grow cannot be in your primary residence. connected garage, bedrooms etc. now a shed in the backyard for example is another story. or a non attached garage.

    Start up costs are going to depend on you. Do you want to save money on the start up and pay more for elec? go HID lighting. more expensive is going to be LED at the start but your power usage will be less. depending on the canopy size your nutes and medium will depend. Hydro or soil? each has its own pros and cons and costs. not an easy question to answer. i would say if you are trying to grow in 500 sq feet you are looking at 2-5 grand just for your equipment.

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    The amount i've learned since posting that post is staggering, could answer them myself now lol. I like the idea of LED's but i'm afraid that the cost will be too high to go strictly LED. The news about growing where you live is unfortunate and home depots sheds are fairly expensive for a start up. I am wanting to do a flood and drain hydroponics system in coco as the medium. I am also concerned about the culture in Portland as I have read news online about it not being the most welcoming to African Americans, I am part African American, including a lawsuit in 2011 filed by a few employees against a company for discrimination. I guess I won't really know unless I visit first before moving because the internet isn't always the most reliable source of information. So without a micro grower license I would be limited to the 4-6 plant count depending on if i'm rec or medical? If I become a caretaker and grow for up to 5 patients can that be done at my primary residence? Sorry for all the questions :).

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    Note: without a license, you are limited to 4 plants PER HOUSEHOLD recreationally, and then as a designated grower or a patient growing for themselves (not caregiver) you can have an additional 6 mature plants and 12 immature plants. You're also limited to possessing (at home) recreationally 8 ounces of processed cannabis PER ADULT 21+ in the household (there are other limits for edibles and hash), medically you're limited as a patient to possessing 1.5 pounds. As a grower you're limited to 6 pounds per plant you're growing indoors (36lbs) or 12 pounds per plant you're growing outdoors (72lbs). If it's at all a possibility, I'd suggest being a grower for yourself and gardening outdoors where the sunlight is free. However, anywhere remotely close to portland that isn't always a possibility as density equals a higher chance of theft.

    As far as your race goes, sadly in 2017 the list of places that would qualify as welcoming to AAs is shockingly small. Portland has a lot of people with good hearts, but it also has a ton of idiots. Toss in that the pacific NW is one of the whiter parts of the country (portland more than seattle), and that it was a neo nazi area welcoming area in the 80s and you have some reason to be concerned... it's improved (largely) since then, but there are still far too many skinhead style people for my taste (e.g. it still isn't the liberal utopia one would hope...) The more urban areas of oregon are (by and large) more multi cultural, the rural east and south are less so (not sure about the coast.) Portland is making progress, look around and see how the feel is to you, the NE is the least white dominated if memory serves, but really... it's not an eastern city.

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