Oregon OMMP and Growers.

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    Theres a few places to get a card, you can check out thcf,ogf,mamas there a bunch out there. I had gone to Thcf and they were really quick and easy. yeah, a patient can be all three, ;atient,caregive,grower.
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    Yeah. THCF but it is not thcf.org. www.hemp.org they have a new office I believe on Sunnyside in Clackamas???
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    thanks. i have heard of mama's, ill check out thcf. thanks. & reps.
    do the facilities offer seeds (not that i need them) but, i would like to get black moon by stoneygirl. and ive heard that tga/subcool is very generous to med patients. i want to get off some of the pain meds/anxiety meds, cannabis works just as well for some of it and is a lot better then being opiate dependant due to docs over writing. just preaching to the choir, eh.....

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    No, clinics dont have any meds for sale or distribution, if your looking for stoneygirl seeds, check out club putbull, they carry her line of clones,seeds,meds etc.
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    right, right. thanks for the answers

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    Woot! , Oregon is the land of milk and honey, literally. Good stuff grows in the Williamette Valley. It's in the world's top 5% of most fertile farmland, the glacial activity that occurred here makes for naturally mineral rich soils. Ironically I'm a hydro grower but looking to redeem myself with using locally sourced plant based organic fertilizers created from scratch.

    Speaking of hydro, the water here is awesome!

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    MAMA's was kind of a facilitator, imo. My own doc would sign OMMP renewals for regular patients, but the wouldn't sign the original apps. All I did was have a recent physical with him and go over all the regular complaints that I have as a broken down retired geezer. I easily had two recent doc visits anyway so I was basically good to go, except I needed a signature. I went to MAMA's.

    Took my paperwork in and within a day or so I was called and said that my medical situation was approved by their doctor. I scheduled the doc visit and a brief introduction/briefing on the co op type of things that are available through them. They went over cooking type classes and such and discussed the occasional meetings that they held where people exchanged varieties, clones etc. A little later I was called into the doc's office and had a brief go over of my medical situation. She then signed the form and then I waited in the waiting room. A few minutes later they call about four of us into this office where they provide us with all the forms needed for OMMP. The MAMA fee itself for the introduction/clinic thing...I don't remember. I do remember I paid a $180 fee for the doc visit and signature.

    I then drove right down to OMMP office in southeast. Paid $100 for the year membership to OMMP and they stamped the forms and I was legal. I went home and had a bowl.

    The sun came up the next day.

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    Try supplying your hydro system with some agua from the Willamette River, ...anywhere from downtown to the Columbia and you might get some buds that grow circular like a fucking curly fry or look like dreadlocks from Bob Marley himself. Oh I'm sure the tap water is fine, but if you're going for organic good stuff, I'd stay away from the city or the polluted water sources. Like when it really rains around here and the sewers end up dumping raw sewage into the Willamette.

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    i know it can bring in bad things, i was just pointing out that it can be used and i have done so with no probs or a filter but mabye i was lucky. i most likely wont use rain water any more though for indoor stuff.

    man those strains sound killer i would love to smoke some and get my hands on some seeds to. i how ever do not drive and it is hard for me to travel out side of my city.

    i wen through thcf and they were very polite and help full and also very quick
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    Thanks Oregonmeds for the input on that elect.bill knew that running 6 1000 watters and fans, pumps, dehydrater, heat & air was going to cost!!!, so called the elect. CO. and told them I was going to start working out of my shop that has its own meter, can you save me any money?? Yes they replied, asked me a few questions and then sujested a plan, where I use it most from 10pm to 6am and save 6 too 8 cents a watt or something, but they have to use a special meter that lets them know what hours the watts are being used and such. hoping to save alot. MJ
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    caz... tested the run off from the plants withtap water of 7ph going in, it was coming out at 4.6 to 5.0ph I think the smaller ones have locked up but the larger ones are still growing like weeds, will continue to flush untill when ??? maybe 6.5 run off or what. transfered the larger ones into the bud room last week, at thier rate if growth may end up with 7' to 9 ' plants which will be to tall for the lights, they are growing at a foot a week.

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    No problem, It will save you quite a lot actually. My bill went lower than when I didn't grow at all while still running 3-4kw of lights plus extras.
    I don't grow at all now but it's still cheaper on this plan.
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    Hey yalls, new to RIU but am basically a 40 yr old with bad knees. I am from pdx but live a bit south of wilsonville right now. I am maintaining 2 strains atm (blueberry haze & kandy kush) with other strains being maintained by some buddies. I keep a small rotation going with a plant coming out of harvest about every 4 weeks. See ya's around :)

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    hey i want to get my medical possibly tomorrow or thurs. would any growers in oregon be able to let me put you down as my grower? i am from california and go to oregon frequently and want to be legal. thank you

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    Something about you is just not sitting right with me. This is like the 4th or 5th post on this same question. I smell something fishy. If I was you like I said in your other post. Pay the dang ticket, it can't be much, worry about getting your card later if you still want it. As for finding a grower, What is to stop you from just taking their crop and crusing back to Cali, all because they have your paper. Whether you intend to for them to really provide you with meds. You also seem to be taking advantage of the system here to have growers in two states. If and when you cross the border as long as your not carrying LBs they would not fuck with you if you had your Cali card on you. I don't mean to point fingers I am just saying if you don't want peeps thinking these things you might want to slow your roll.

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    If any one is accepting new patients let me know! I need a grower asap. Send me a private message!
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    im a ommp card holder but i cant find a grower..can anyone help me out with this issue..im in southern oregon..

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    Hey, Awalcott - I tried to send you private message, but I got an error notice that said you couldn't get private messages. Try contacting me on yahoo at dep56.

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    Hi all... I' am a grower in NOR-CAL Mendocino CNTY, looking to grow outdoor in Oregon. I have been told that it would be better to locate in Southern Oregon. south of Roseburg. I have been looking for a place with at least a acre for a greenhouse grow. anyone know what area of state is best suited for outdoor / greenhouse grows. I was also looking around Klamath Falls area a lot of land but not sure about conditions. I would think they are about the same as Colorado front range area. How strict are they on Screening the grow from view? My grow 25 girls. SS850076_640_358.JPG

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    I'm trading a grower card for medicine, if anybody wants it. I've a Craigslist ad up in the Klamath area but anywhere in eastern or southern Oregon is ok.

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