Oregon Diesel The perfect PNW Plant?

Discussion in 'Subcool's Old School Organics' started by subcool, Sep 3, 2011.


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    Oregon diesel and  black cherry soda.jpg o.d. and B.C.S.
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    @Sub, One of the guys on here tipped me of to your strains and you for that matter, about a month or so ago. I never believe it tell I see it so I had to do my homework on you and TGA and I'm really seeing your totally worthy of the hype!

    Keep up the amazing work, you inspired me!

    AOS is in my Veg room right now, it'll be my first taste of TGA genetics, I'm expecting great results!

    Take care,

    Matt the Canadian
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    Sticky Lungs

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    $100 says sub ends up crossing it to something in an attempt to have a TRUE outdoor strain. Not like his current strains, that would need another 2006 weather season to be considered a decent outdoor strain.

    jaydub13 Well-Known Member

    I bet he doesnt.

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    Why do people visit subs threads just to hate on him??? It makes no sense! If you actually read the first few posts you would have seen this:
    And there you heard it directly from the man himself...there will be no TGA label on this strain! Now stop making a fool of yourself and go back to trolling the beginners section. peace.

    Sub - keep up the great work, sorry that people dont actually read your threads before posting negative comments! Guess thats just something that happens when everyone is jealous 8-)
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    jaydub13 Well-Known Member

    from Ocanabis Oregon Blues grow journal:

    "The Monkey food is coming from the creation of the Oregon Diesel as it was selfed we gave it a shot and its fucking amazing weed but no way this mother will ever carry the TGA brand this does not rule out the jamacan blueberry male and we continue working with him. Breeder Ray will probably make em available to others and its certainly amazing flowers but these tough choices are what makes the diff. I will miss her Hash very much!!!
    Like Smoking opium"

    Just to put some firm clarification on the subject...

    I'll take my $100 in twenties, StickyFace.

    ocanabis Well-Known Member

    Just to let you know but I cut the nanner baby down last night.To bad cause she was only 6 weeks into bloom but she was throwing off way to many nanners for my likeing

    Thanks one and all for checking the thread out.I'll be getting to another up date some time next week

    Sticky Lungs

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    you guys act like whatever subcool says goes. I guess you've never seen him go back on his "word" which is about as solid as a newborn baby's shit. If there is a forum, use it for whatever kind of comment you feel is appropriate. Sure, call it hating. I hate subcool, so you might as well say anything from my keyboard about subfool is "hate" from a "hater." You fools fail to recollect I've spent more time along side subcool than you guys have spent on the boards licking up whatever he types. We'll see. Subcool is known for going back on his word. Wouldn't suprise me one bit to see this strain "carry a TGA label" (as if that means anything...)

    MrGreenTooth Active Member

    nevermind , i changed my mind...
    Burning Acres

    Burning Acres New Member

    We here at Burning Acres have been lucky enough to get some Oregon Lumberjack seeds by Ray (Oregon Diesel x Jack The Ripper) complements of our favorite patient and extractor Joe at NDA. The first seeds are sexed and clones are being nurtured into future monsters :). Thank you Ray and Subcool for doing what you do. #NationalDabAssociation #fireinfireout #TGA #OMMP

    bigdank Active Member

    Good story Subcool and very motivating for me as im an outdoor Oregon grower on the quest for early flowering genetics that get super kryp before the rains come near late September. Thats why i'm growing some of your strains :)
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    petert Well-Known Member

    Hey Burning acres. I've been looking to get my hands on some Oregon Diesel for my garden this year. I had two clones last year yielded a little Over 24oz a plant and was is probably one of my favorite strains in the past 10 years. Do you know where I might get some OD clones?

    petert Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention. I'm in Oregon and willing to travel to get it.

    atvman84 Active Member

    yea me too
    will travel for clone of this!

    eugenedude Member

    I've grown it 2 years outdoor now. It fully ripens around the 2nd or 3rd week of september to be honest. You want to keep it under 18-24 hour light or it will flower. It bushes out well naturally so you only should top it once or twice. kolas out fatty so it MUST be trellised or the whole plant will fall over. It may have autoflower traits because after a curtain amount of time in flower (3-4 weeks), it wont reveg even under 24 hour light. but thats just speculation... I dont think theyre lying about the genetics because it has a heavy diesel flavor and is much much stonier than ruderalis strains typically are.

    Be really careful to plant it in ground on the longest day of the year or it will begin to flower, reveg, and then flower again which just makes it a mold and bug trap. Or do the necessary light dep during the appropriate time to have it finish in july or august.

    They typically dont grow that tall because of beginning flowering early, so plant them at the southern end of your garden so your other plants dont drown them from sunlight while ripening.

    Worms liked it. Stock up on b.t. and spinosad.

    Im gonna keep growing it. Outdoor only though.

    eugenedude Member

    did I read o.d. X jtr? I want!

    eugenedude Member

    Oh the blackberry was autoflower I see. So it is 10% autoflower. Very interesting.

    #1Raiderfan420 Well-Known Member

    Great read Sub. Its been a while since I've been on these boards. I was given some Oregon D this year and they looked so good in early veg I planted 30 in my outdoor garden this year. I was caught off guard by the early flowering and feel better after stumbling across this thread. They all started at the same time regardless of sun exposure, so I had assumed there must be some auto flower somewhere in the mix, but the 17 hr trigger must be right on because they started right about July first. Unfortunately they were only 3 ft tall when they started with two weeks in ground veg time. The breeder that gave them to me forgot to mention the early flower to me because he is an indoor guy. I am hoping the bud will make up some for the decreased veg / yield from this part of my garden.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing the knowledge Sub.
    John Dieselman

    John Dieselman Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure you will even get this, the thread is HELLA older. But, just in case you do I'll get right to the point.
    A couple years ago I ordered from a Dutch Collective called sannie's shop. Under the Umbrella of sannie's shop are approximately six or seven independent breeders. One of them is nerds at work NAW. I received 5 free b's. Labeled purple chemdawg X head candy. I was curious about this particular strain as it is limited. I asked polder grower about the " purple chemdawg" and in a nutshell he told me that sannie's and Knutsel had acquired them through Moto Rebel? Who had acquired them from you and Vic. I have searched the internet... all of it! Not much to be found on this particular cut of chemdawg. I read a post where you had an opportunity to hang out with chemdog himself over some barbecue and samples of choice Elite strains. My question is what can you tell me about what I just told you? Is it total bullshit? Do you know these people that I'm talking about? Also, if I told these guys over and the Netherlands that I had taken there scrawny 5 freebies and am now at 2 F3 and getting some very interesting if they would let me start calling it Sour Girl... Secondly why would someone that has what they told me hundreds of those seeds the straight purple chemdawg not want to send me a few packs even when I offered to pay for them. Because I have a $200 order the five freebies are the only ones that survived :-( they they were crushed when I receive them or they didn't germinate comma or they grew a couple inches and stay that way for 2 months shriveled up and died. I guess I've gotten off track a little bit because I'm a little salty. I have been trying for over a year to get a hold of some good can dog beings. Not three or four we can cross that just me just some chem dog seeds. Hands I would go to a new york-based seed company but I don't think any seeds especially at this juncture in cannabis genetics is worth $250.
    God bless you and chill and have a Happy New Year. Our prayers are with you as you experience what is no doubt a very uncomfortable condition. Get better.

    Terpchaser420 Member

    Thanks!! Well put

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