Oregon Diesel The perfect PNW Plant?

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    A few months ago during the California Medical Cup I met a really nice older grower who was a friend of Dioxides. Before introducing me he explained that the guy was a really laid back and passionate grower who had been running a good bit of our genetics up in Oregon. He introduced himself as "Ray" and immediately started pulling out flower after flower grown to perfection. During the event he told me about some of the strains he was growing like Elephant and Medicine Woman a strain bred specifically for people suffering with MS. One of the strains he described really peaked my interest, a purple diesel that finished outdoors in early September. I was very busy at the cup speaking with everyone so I asked Ray to hang out with us and he did so all weekend loading bowls for people and helping us out folding rolling treys and such. A few weeks ago Dioxide told me that Ray had invited us to drive up and see his garden and document his creation called Oregon Diesel a strain that buds in 17 hours of light but does not auto flower indoors under a standard 18/6 light regiment. From a journalist perspective it was an exciting story but as a grower and breeder I couldn't wait to see, smell and learn as much as possible about a strain that finished early. I supply a few medical gardens with clones each year and a strain that finished in early September would really help prevent the mold and mildew that is such a problem in the PNW when normally plants don't finish normally until mid October. A modest but well kept garden was inside in the basement and what a collection of genetics to look at. I saw strains I had never even heard of before like Elephant and Sweet Irish Kush. There were hybrids that Ray had made himself like Sweet Silver a cross between Sweet Tooth and Super Silver Haze. There were Dutch based hybrids like AK-47 X Bubblegum as well as a few TGA strains like The Flav, Void and Vortex. Then there was the plant we had traveled so far to see, Oregon Diesel. Ray explained to me that it was a hybrid cross made using pollen from an auto flowering, hermaphroditic female Black Berry plant that he claimed was so potent it made you stupid. He used the pollen on a New York City Diesel female plant because his patients loved its potency and density. As Ray told me this project was 5 years in the creation and his goal was to make something that would make you stupid and have no ceiling. Over that time he has started close to 80 seeds most of them producing female plants and I was surprised to hear a very low tendency to produce hermaphrodites. After checking out the indoor garden we headed outside to a fenced off area with 10 nice sized plants inside. The plants are actually in the ground inside large holes filled with super soil. In half the holes they used super soil with blood meal and the other half they used feather meal just to see if there was a difference. I first saw the Elephant strain with its unique Sativa look up top but total wide Indica leaves down low. I wondered why the strain had been named Elephant but when you see it in bud it actually has a curvy trunk look to it.

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    Half of the plants were the Sweet Irish Kush I figured they must really like it a lot and when I leaned over to smell the young buds I understood why. Already sticky the plant had that classic juicy fruit gum smell and made my mouth water. Also growing in the garden were Chemdawg, Sweet Tooth, Sweet Silver and some of the plants were greener then they others. They explained that the greener plants were the ones that had the blood meal which is a faster at releasing nitrogen. The plants that had started to yellow were the ones that feather meal had been used on which takes longer to become available, this let me know that while some vegan growers don't agree the Blood meal serves a definite purpose in the Super Soil recipe. Then it was time to check out this Oregon Diesel strain which was easy to spot because it looked completely out of place. Instead of small 2 week old buds like all the other plants had these two plants were sagging from colas as large as my arm. With a nice fade the outer leaves were yellowing but the center of the buds were tinged in a light purple color not quite pink and not quite purple. The calyx we stacked with resin and you could smell the mature buds from 3 feet away!

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    The plants were placed outdoors on June 15th and after hardening off and getting used to real sunlight they went straight into the ground. By July 1st the plants were already forming buds. I asked if the cut auto flowered inside under 18 hours of light and Ray told me indoors it acts normal and even takes a full 9 weeks to finish to his satisfaction. That means the plant does not flower in 18 hours of light but does by July meaning its flowering "trigger" is somewhere around 16-17 hours of light. A plant that start budding in mid-summer is just mind boggling to me and I took hundreds of pictures with Multiple lens trying to make sure I captured the best possible image to show my readers. The plant could go another week at the longest but its been an exceptionally bad year for growing. This year has had too many cool over cast days and cold nights, left any longer and mildew could become a problem. The garden was totally uncovered these beautiful buds were exposed to the weather so later that day Ray planned to harvest both of the plants. I asked him if he would pass along cuts to me so I could pass them to Dave at Weeden who donates his entire crop to patients at no charge and he said no problem. That kind of charity is normal in the medical community but it always warms my heart. As far as me breeding with the cutting I don't feel it would be right, this is his creation and if he chooses to distribute the seeds I'd be happen to open some doors but like me this guy puts his heart and soul into his work and it belongs to him until he decides to pass it out.


    Up Next Smoke Report!

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    sub thank you so much for sharing. i was planning on tinkering with super soil regarding the nitrogen source and sharing with community. i was thinking 50/50 blood/feather or taking the blood out all together, or working some alfalfa meal in as well. im far less inclined to alter the recipe after reading this!!

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    I've had my eyes peeled for a new diesel hybrid. I ran the deathstar a couple of times. Much more potent than any sours ive ever seen but it just didn't cut the butter for me.

    What is everyones favorite Diesel, Chem, and/or Kush?
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    i just picked up a jacks cleaner x strawberry diesel for the test room yesterday. from what i hear its kill kill!

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    Good looking rudy cross! Is this from the same man who was behind the breeding of medicine woman?

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    smoke report :D

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    Sub...awsome photos, report and video i sat watchin the youtube video without blinkin las nite. you keep me shakin my head in admiration and my mouth droolin with danky nugs on my mind...keep it up man! Peace.
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    Any thoughts one making seeds and Selling the Oregon Diesel Strain?
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    Sub said it would be the guy that holds the strain decision to do anything with those genes and at this point it is not planned, of course things change.
    Sir Stickybuds

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    Heres your answer quoted above

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    sounds fukin boss. you do a little smoke report on the oregon D.

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    Fuck yeah! Way to represent the PNW brother. Nice very nice !

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    Jus read the article in weed world...nice Sub
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    Was gifted a small nugg of this a while ago from a grower who said it was a test strain... very enjoyable, lovely taste, smooth burn would love to add it to the garden!!! I was stoked to find the article and photo in Weed World!!

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    Thanks for putting this info together Sub. Very helpful :-)

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    I'm excited to see how she performs for Dave at Weeden!

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    So if you grew this thing inside would it be better to flower it with a 16/8 light schedule instead of 12/12? Is the 9 week inside finishing time for a 12/12 light schedule?
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    the plant indoors responds just like any other photo period and takes 8-9 weeks to finish in bloom. I remember that being mentioned in his vids last year.

    it finishes fast outdoors because its sensitive to change in the photo period and begins flowering as soon as the daylight cycle starts to decrease after the solstice, and it really gets a headstart over the other plants that were in those videos. If i remember correctly it doesnt have any autoflowerin traits though, so its gene pool isnt ruderalissed' to shit like other early finishers.

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