New 200 watt vero 29 build

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by Dr.StickyFingers, Aug 17, 2015.


    frica Well-Known Member

    So if I understand correctly the HLG-185H-C needs the heatsink grounded since it's class 1?

    Edit:My sockets of the grow room don't have a ground/earth either way, they're 2 pin
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    ReddEyez Well-Known Member

    That one looks good Robincnn, thanks for sharing. Im still pretty new at this so im just gonna keep it simple and spend the money i guess. Peace of mind and my safety is alot more important than saving a few bucks. I can wait another week. Thanks for the lesson on earthing Stardustsailor. Good luck on your project Dr.StickyFingers. Take care everbody.

    bvolt Member

    Hey Robin - do you know what the deal is with these HVG drivers? Is it just the increased input voltage capacity or is it a more efficient driver than the HLG series?

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