Mega crop - free sample in UK and results feedback

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    Northernpop Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    A few of you have told me about a free nutrient sample of mega crop. I'm in the UK, but I'm very interested in buying dry mix, as opposed to shipping water, so have you guys any experience of using this in aeroponics ? Or hydro in gereral?

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    iAmGrimReefer Active Member

    I started using in coco almost 2 weeks ago. I'm happier so far than I was with canna, also is way cheaper. I have photos and comments on megas thread
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    kingtitan Well-Known Member

    I am using Mega Crop as my only nutrient. Journal in my sig below.

    dstroy Well-Known Member

    I use mammoth p and mega crop for my HPA setup, very easy to use, mixes well, happy plants. As long as you’ve got proper filtering before your nozzles you shouldn’t have any problems.
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    NrthrnMichigan Well-Known Member

    I'm doing dwc and coco with MegaCrop and Hydroguard. Looking good.
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    iAmGrimReefer Active Member

    2 weeks with mega and sweet candy. Couldn't be happier, and the price is unbeatable even if you pay overseas shipping 20180316_152139.jpg
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    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    I'm running Megacrop in a couple of DWC buckets-I've always used GH Flora series. The Megacrop plants are thriving and I'm really pleased with the results.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Just got my “free” sample and no it’s not really that cheap at all in Canada lol. Shipping was $10 for 250 grams :(. I will look at a bigger quantity but still thinking it’s gonna be on point with other higher end lines :(. Not the companies fault btw :).
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    SmokeyMcChokey Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure they can ship megacrop to the UK. I believe @GreenleafNutrients has addressed this in their thread but could probably provide more info. I'm currently using it as a stand alone in my rdwc. I like it better than gh flora. I have been having an algae issue in my drain to waste coco res but I think it's tainted airstones not megacrop
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    GreenleafNutrients Well-Known Member

    We are working to lower shipping costs to Canada for the sample. Shipping international works like, the smaller quantity you ship, the more expensive it is (per weight). We actually just lowered shipping costs to Canada 2 days ago, since the shipping software has problems calculating international shipping, so for that same package is should be $7 now. For international, by far the cheapest shipping option is the 21.7/9.9kg bag ($55 + shipping). This might be too much for a lot of people, or they aren't sure if they want to commit yet since they haven't tried the sample.
    yes, we ship to UK! We are also working on setting up distribution warehouses locations in UK in the future.
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    The 9.9 does look like the best option but it gets expensive here with exchange rate but again totally not your fault and I still may do that

    mr.jinks Well-Known Member

    Same here. I think I will probly order a bag on Friday. I’m still on the fence.

    mr.jinks Well-Known Member

    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I just switched back to my old faithful lol.

    Ryante55 Well-Known Member

    Megacrop smells really bad amazing veg growth but yellowed faster than expected during flower I prefer jacks hydroponics I'm growing indoor in coco with led.

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    I just ordered the 230 and 1000g samples, so HOPE these perform as good or better as GH.

    mr.jinks Well-Known Member

    What did you switch back to? I didn’t bother ordering the sample, I ordered a 22lb bag.

    To go from about $1 a gallon to 9 cents, it’s well worth a good try.

    blowincherrypie Well-Known Member

    yellowed? with all the N I wonder what that woulda been
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    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    Well I was able to get my old stuff, thought the company was only selling wholesale but I called and they mixed me up a batch. As for the MC, I have had major issues this run, which is probably my fault, but never had them in the past. As for cost my regular stuff is cheap as chips with no shipping or currency cost :).
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    Johnny Lawrence

    Johnny Lawrence Well-Known Member

    As I mentioned in another thread, I had issues with MC as well.

    Everything was going great in veg and for the first 2 or 3 weeks of flowering, aside from the constant PH fluctuations. I'm used to my PH staying pretty rock solid. MC was all over the place - up one day, down the next. Kinda odd. Whatever - did the daily adjustments to keep it in range.

    By mid-flower, it seemed that my girls weren't stacking as much weight as they generally do, but that's sometimes difficult to judge with simple observation. The last couple weeks of flowering was the real heart breaker. I'm used to 8 full size girls drinking between 3 to 5 gallons per day. With MC, they were using about 2 gallons a day, and I knew that was going to translate to diminished returns.

    In the end, a room that generally produces 2.5 to 3 pounds per harvest clocked in at just over a pound. Had to cancel an upcoming Nicaragua trip. Oh well. Lesson learned - back to my old formula. Based on some of the pics I had seen, I really hoped that MC was gonna perform for me.

    * Ebb & Flow, LECA, RO Water
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