1. ddeck96

    Pheno hunting, strain choice SOG

    So, I’m starting out by growing 20 plants (soil) in a 4x8 tent to pick the best pheno. Questions: #1: I am thinking about doing 2 different strains so I have a variety? Is this a bad idea for my first pheno hunt? Should I do just one strain? #2: Any strain suggestions that work well with a sea...
  2. FarmerRock

    Ayahuasca Purple, Week 6

    Not a purple pheno, increasing lights-off temp drop variation hasn't forced anything. Hoping for some late colour. Pungent lemon, diesel, gasoline and trailing pine. Starting to smell some earthy, dark fruit notes forming as we begin week 6. Not what we were expecting, but she's pretty...
  3. W

    Home Assistant Hydroponics Discord

    Hi all, I set up a discord aimed at people using Home Assistant or similar for automating their grows. The link is: https://discord.gg/DBHhHZKD. I hope this is aloud because its useful to have access to somewhere for very quick answers. Cheers Jacob
  4. FPVGrow


    So prior to lights out last night I noticed Uno was drooping. Thinking it was because lights were about to go off I didn’t give much thought but after waking up they are still drooping. I’m not trying to lose this one. Any one know what may be causing it as they are still dropping worse. No...
  5. Armyofsprout

    Need a mentor for DWC 5 gallon buckets.

    I keep fucking it up somehow . I need someone experienced with DWC buckets to help me out.
  6. T

    Ec rising IN RESERVOIR

    Hello everyone. My setup: I have a small 1.5m x 0.8m, 4 plant hydroponics setup. I got them as clones but I think it's their 4th week veg. Plants are grown in 7.5L off brand airpots, filled with clay pebbles and watered 2x a day for 5mins via small flex hose rings with self drilled holes...
  7. R

    Drooping plants papery leaves.

    Plants dying, looks like overwatering but it's not Is there anyone out there that has seen or heard of anything like this? So I'm not a noob and I've successfully grown plants in much harsher conditions than what I'm doing now, I've had them in all kinds of different methods with huge swings...
  8. K

    My first hydroponics grow (Custom Made RDWC)

    Hey Growmies! so I’ve been growing for all of a year now lol I’ve been posting here on and off throughout my first outdoor grow which resulted in a great yield! Finishing up my second outdoor now in a few weeks which went incredibly well and so much easier than the first. Now I’ve also...
  9. In4It789

    Cal Mag issues? Am I on the right track?

    I’m using an Aerogarden with a 1.1 gallon tank, with an added air stone and only 1 plant per system. Lighting is an SF2000 at 24 inches & at 90% output right now. Water temp is 68, air temp around 75, humidity between 50-60. PPM currently around 850, PH kept between 5.8 - 6.1, and I’m in the...
  10. K

    Overwatering issue RDWC system

    What the hell is going on here? This looks like overwatering but how? I have 2 inches of space from net pot to water level. Air stones are working... Ph 5.8 Water is 65°F Temps 77°F RH 60% Co2 1200ppm
  11. M

    Hi, Playing with Hydro & Grow lights

    I am from the UK, but located in Asia, so no bud growing here. However, interested in hydroponics and LED Grow lights. When I built my first setup, these communities offered the best advice and gave me some real expert insight to hydro. I'm here to learn more. Glad to be part of the community.
  12. Bushbaby11


    Hi guys! im running a good few plants in dwcI, 've always ran hydro set ups and never in my 7 years of growing come up against this issue 600w hps lights x 7 (only got 4 on atm) 30L buckets with air stones in Nutes - shogun grow A&B, silicon, calmag and katana roots, also have silver...
  13. xIPhobiaIx

    Comparison of Bennie Products... see attached

    Hello, Just wanted to attach pictures of my file (hopefully you can see it) for comparisons of all the different bennie products out there and there cfu/spore counts. Now, take into mind that more strains are not always better and that Bacillus amyloliquefaciens or Trichoderma harzianum are...
  14. S

    Best/most essential -supplements- for a dwc grow?(:

    hiya all, Looking to expand from a typical 3 part to some additional additives to ensure I get the best grow possible. I've grown some pretty hefty 4 oz autos before using nothing but grow micro bloom so I know they're not essential, but im wondering what sort of magic secret you might have...
  15. Rblade

    Two ways for a DIY air cloner. [3D print] very cheap and worth. [photos inside]

    Hello fellas. I have two air cloner system which I want to share with you all! First the photos: This is the first. It´s powered by a 2 Watt air compresor. You can buy one of then for around 5-10 $ in any pet shop Its very cheap. Only 3 grams of PLA. The most common print material. You...
  16. 3rdworldgrind

    Seedling Problem In Hydro

    Hello. Me and my wife are trying to grow indoors. We are very much newbies. Since we started we lost 3 batches between seedling and 2nd/3rd week of vegetation phase. With each batch we made some adjustments based on online input to no avail. Currently we use ALIEN® RDWC 12 Pot 20L PRO Silver...
  17. bellyofthebest

    RDWC Water level/circulation issues

    I recently purchased and assembled a 4 site 25 gallon RDWC. Followed the directions and what I’m ending up with is the reservoir bucket emptying and the return pipe is not filling. I have two water pumps, one for circulation located inside the reservoir and one for feeding the chiller also...
  18. Youngster420

    GeekBeast Pro 630 grow journal in 4x8

    What strain Destiny Farms - Yeiti - Braindead Jinxproof Genetics - Kismet - Bumblebud - Morning Vibes 2.0 DEMONIC GENETICS - Bannanna Punch - Mandarin cookies x Punch 2.0 - Pebblepusher IBL Method : Hydroponics, 8 site RDWC with chiller Vessels : Buckets, PH of Water : PPM/TDS : Indoor or...
  19. ScienceGrow

    Why do people recommend such low water temperatures for hydroponic root zones?

    I have no experience with hydroponics. According to most of the information I have gathered, the ideal root zone temperature for cannabis is between 26-30 C, which is higher than word of mouth recommendations that I have seen for hydroponics, and is around 18-24 C. Certainly, high temperature...
  20. L

    My first DWC: mixing Uncle Ben`s topping technique, mainlining and LST

    Welcome everybody to my first DWC growing! I will be posting weekly all the relevant material to the tracing of this crop. As you may notice, spanish is my first language so excuse me if I have grammatical mistakes :). I will list down the initial setup used: Tent: 0.60*0.60*1.60 m (CultivARG)...