Marijuana Causes Bad Stomach Problems, Etc.

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    I prefer dabs and edibles, but whatever floats your boat!

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    I posted this in another thread. It's definitely related to this thread.

    I know this is an old thread but I've had this problem for years. The SAME exact feeling and reaction that you had. I could not figure it out at first but I noticed it happened almost 5 to 10 minutes after I smoked or 30 to 60 minutes after eating a THC treat. It didn't happen all the time and it didn't matter what weed I smoked or what food I ate before, or if I didn't eat at all.

    It mostly happened if I smoked too much and my stomach and esophagus would seem like they tightened up. My chest would start to hurt and I would get shortness of breath. Then I would have this huge burp start to build up and all of a sudden it would SLOWLY start squeezing out of my throat. Then this would repeat over and over for sometimes 2 hours or more.

    I tried eating cookies and gummies and the same thing would happen when the treats were too strong.

    So I started to pay close attention to what really caused this to happen. It's not smoke cause the same thing happens with treats or vape. I believe it may be the amount you smoke which then causes an anxiety reaction which makes the gas even worse. I believe something in the stomach and lower esophagus tightens/closes up and is not able to quickly release the huge amount of gas that's forming in your belly. So it builds up and gives a sore feeling to your chest until you burp it out.

    If the burp seems to slowly "squeeze" out of your stomach then our symptoms match up pretty well.

    So, in conclusion. I think strong weed, or too much THC, plus creating an anxiety situation, tightens stomach and/or esophageal muscles causing the gas to build up without a clear escape route. This in turn makes the anxiety worse and the gas worse.

    But there is a quick cure if you have access to a good doctor who is understanding of your situation. The thing that works for me is called Alprazolam. Just a .25 mg pill and my gas and anxiety subside within 10 to 15 minutes. Now .25 is the lowest dose you can take but I might take 2 or 3 of these a month so they work easy on me. Others might need a slightly higher dose. EDIT: If you are not having an anxiety reaction with the gas you can take a strong gas medication like Xantac 150 and this will help relieve the pressure in about the same 10 to 15 minutes.

    Remember, I am no doctor, but I do know the symptoms well. This also may need to be studied closer because it seems to be more of this going around than first realized. It may be that some doctors haven't been able to put this together yet because many people go to the hospital for this and wont admit weed use.

    I still smoke every day and deal with the symptoms as they occur. I only take a few small tokes and that seems to do the trick most of the time but I'll still feel a bit gassy right after toking.

    Good luck and pay attention to your body. It "talks" to you for a reason.

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    THC does cause delayed emptying of the stomach, so stuff could sit in there for a while and make gas.

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    I have had IBM my whole life cannabis helps my stomach anxiety does mess stomach up no sati a for me

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    Hope your stomach problem would have been solved.

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    If you guys followed the link the physical problems were in relation to long term/heavy users quitting, obviously smoking a bowl would ease the stomach ache ffs... But if you are quitting you just have to ride out the symptoms and take care of your body until it learns to regulate itself without the assistance/dependency it had on marijuana. Many of you disagreeing are admittedly all current smokers so you wouldn't really have any experience in what the article is talking about... Having a bowl to fix your upset stomach is exactly what the article is about- you depend on the weed to take care of your body instead of letting your body take care of itself so if you quit your body has to learn that there is no 'fix' for the problem coming and it will have to repair itself which is why there are physical withdrawal symptoms... Don't negate the negatives of smoking weed because it doesn't agree with your view of reality, you can become addicted physically and mentally and you can not its about how you regulate your use, how you take care of your physical/mental health when smoking and not using it as a medicinal tool unless necessary. It's like taking any medicine by becoming dependant on external influences to fix you, your immune system doesn't learn how to properly take care of you and when you consume certain substances that affect your bodily functions (which weed does both mentally and physically) your body doesn't know how to properly regulate itself until it learns to readjust.

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    Never smoke pot on an empty stomach. Some rastas taught me that.

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    just saw this article today. @curious2garden your evaluation please? could the fact the study was funded by the VA have skewed their opinions? Thanks
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    I think the fact that the two primary researchers both work in Substance Abuse might cloud their judgement. After a mere cursory review it's just a review of the literature with ranking of study strength by their criteria and extrapolation of what they consider the strongest studies.

    Speaking about pain alone the studies they 'studied' are insufficient. None of them ran over 15 weeks (I believe that was the longest), further the cannabinoid mode of administration was across the board from sprays, to edibles to 'cigarettes' from dispensaries. Until a stable source of a decent strain can be produced I would hypothesize (based on personal experience), that they are comparing apples to oranges.

    This is where the government's actions have hurt us the most. We can't get a consistent source of cannabis to do an actual comparison. The medical and pharmaceutical industries treatment of cannabis as homogenous is a huge failing in any type of patient research. But with such draconian restraints in place they are unable to know this. It is the same logic as one antivenin will work on all snake bites.

    Cannabis anecdotally works but it took me 2 years, finding the right strain while slowly and consistently increasing my tolerance starting with inhalation and moving to a chronic pain style regimen of round the clock stable state dosing with edibles. For me it required heroic doses of almost 2 grams/day edible. The current medical climate would quail a this.

    All during this time I was managed by a professor of anesthesiology who was a founder of a regional tertiary care pain control center. She was so impressed she put others on a similar regimen and saw similar results in committed individuals. The strain of cannabis is very important and you can not rely on dispensary cannabis, random dosing and unknown cannaboid profiles for extrapolation of any useful data.

    The language in their abstract is extremely weak and they are hinting at what their masters wish to hear. Frankly I am saddened by it. It reads to me as damnation by implication.
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    Thanks hon, I appreciate the time you spent reading and answering.

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    Care to share the strain name (or some seeds even better :) ) ?

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    How come you have come up with that conclusion ? As far as I know marijuana do not have such side effect

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    Incredible how these idiotic individuals are quick to shoot down other's experiences because they haven't had it happen to them. Let's look at how stupid you sound.

    Jimmy claims to be allergic to peanut butter. But I'm not allergic to it. Jane isn't allergic to it. Rob isn't allergic to it. No one in my family is allergic to it. In fact, the only person I have ever met that claims to be allergic to peanut butter is Jimmy. Ya know, I'm starting to think this whole "allergy" thing is just made up to discredit peanut butter! Never mind the fact that Jimmy openly admits that he loves peanut butter and wishes the allergies would go away so he could still partake. Nope, he's just trying to bring our precious brown gold down.

    Is it really that difficult to believe that a drug affects a subgroup of people a different way? I don't get high off of edibles. Of course, such a drastic statement would cause all you pathetic imbeciles to shed a tear! "No way, what a liar!" "You probably had shitty edibles!" "Maybe it was shit weed"
    No. I've tried homegrown, both my own, my friends, and a street dealers. Nothing. I've tried numerous cookies, gummies, chocolate, cake, drinks, etc from various dispensaries from Colorado, Washington and California. Edibles simply do not affect me at all. It sucks because I wish they did based off of the high my friends describe, but they simply do not. Are any of you idiots going to tell me my experiences are incorrect? Because based off of this thread, I really do believe the lot of you are stupid enough to tell me that I have been consuming edibles incorrectly from various sources throughout 4 years. People have different bodies and even a single mutation on a single gene can cause a vastly different experience between two people. "But hurrr durrrr weed is used to treat IBS and gastro issues my friends Cuzzin had crohns and weed turned him into superman hurrr durr" Right, just like how some people have full blown panic attacks on weed but others are literally prescribed it for anxiety.

    That being said, I've been smoking daily for over 2 years. 1 year into smoking, I began to have some pretty serious gastro issues. I would wake up every single morning with a burning feeling where my esophagus and stomach meet, severe nausea, and a guaranteed runny bowel movement. Every. Single. Morning. This has been ongoing since November 2016. The thought that it was weed never even crossed my mind. I went to the doctor. I got tested for ulcers (H. pylori). Negative. I got a colonoscopy done. Everything was normal. Well shit. Maybe that's just life. But screw that, I'm tired of not being able to sleep in because my stomach pain wakes me up. I changed my diet. Only healthy results. I started working out. MMA, running, change at all. I tried omaprazole and change at all. Finally, I googled marijuana and diarrhea and stumbled upon articles for CHS. Desperate for relief, I stopped smoking. Within a week, I had absolutely no symptoms. I love smoking so I decided to try again after that week. Literally the first morning after smoking again, the symptoms are back in full force. What a coincidence that there has been enough people that have reported my exact symptoms and find relief the exact same way I did and all these idiots on here still have the audacity to tell us we are bullshitting. You're all pathetic and are exactly why nobody takes this community seriously. Holy shit we are talking about a drug that has hardly been studied. I can't believe it is really so difficult for people to believe that a drug can affect people differently but then again, the individuals who spend their time on a forum dedicated to a drug can't be the most productive members of society.
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    Well I don’t know you and you just called me names for no reason but I will inform you anyway.

    Some people get your symptoms from breathing any smoke.

    And many people do not convert thc properly in their systems when digested because of various metabolisms.

    I suggest if you like to get high you try dropping tincture under your toungue. Faster canabanoid conversion and a high in between smoking and edibles.

    Search “green dragon” or the like.
    kona gold

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    Please don't discount these peoples story.
    I have been burning since1980. I take super huge bong hits and pride the size of hits I can take! I still can take out the youngest of lungs!
    But over the last year have started to develop similar issues. Not to the point of some, but my brother,who even smoke's more, got the full blown problem!! Puking, esophagus would swell shut practically. Couldn't eat or drink, would lose lots of weight, ....
    I stopped and it vanished!! Even other things I didn't relate to this syndrome.
    Sorry that it is real, but sometimes shit happens and you have to be real and grown up!
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    I will discount it until I see any reputable proof of it. I come from a family of doctors. I take this shit very seriously.

    Let me know the results of you and your brothers upper gi test. When and if you actually get treated. Bet you got ulcers. And your brothers are worse.

    Continued smoking can worsen them but they tend to be from acid reflux. And it can hurt bad and cause serious panic. Many think they are having a heart attack and go to the emergency room. I took nexium for a few years to heal mine. I had very similar symptoms except for the freaking out like a crackhead and standing in the shower. They do that to to mitigate symptoms while hallucinating too.

    Why are we only hearing of this disorder now that weed is legal? 50% of us have been admitting to weed smoking since the 80’s.

    And how come I have never seen it? I moved a lot of weed when I was young. And have smoked continually since then with many others.

    Never heard of it until the pot forums. Like so many other myths perpetuated here by the uninformed.

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    What do you even define as reputable proof? Who cares about what your family has done? Are YOU a doctor? Sorry to let you know, but just because you come from a family of medical professionals does not mean you are one by association (even if you WERE a doctor, most professional communities are known for their factionalism and internal dissent, especially regarding syndromes, so I'd still take your opinion with a grain of salt). No, you grow plants for a living. Don't get me wrong, agriculture is important, but let's not pretend your job requires heavy critical thinking skills.

    I did get tested. Many times. No ulcers. No acid reflux. Literally had a tube stuck up my asshole for this. Same thing with all the other people across a multitude of forums who had my exact symptoms and found relief via weed cessation.

    What a stupid fucking question. First, it is clear the overwhelming majority of people don't have these issues with heavy weed usage as it seems to affect a relatively small group of people. Second, since smoking weed actually relieves the symptoms of the morning nausea/diarrhea/stomach pain, most of those who smoke are not going to think that it's the weed itself that is causing it, so it would go unreported. Shit, I didn't even make the connection until almost 1 year after the symptoms began. Third, what the fuck makes you think we are "just hearing about it"? This shit has been reported since at least 2004. This damn thread is almost 9 years old. I wouldn't doubt you didn't hear about it much pre-2000s due to the stigma relaxing in recent years, the proliferation of the internet, and the fact that much more people smoke weed regularly now than pre-2009. You even admit you didn't hear about it until you had access to the internet. Marijuana 1) isn't "legal" yet. There are a handful of states that allow sales, only one of which is heavily populated. 2) hasn't been studied very well due to its legality. Personally, my assumption that I pulled out of my ass (because I try not to deal in absolutes when I'm not 100% about should try it sometime) is that it's severe withdrawal symptoms that only affect a small group of people. I noticed that the severe nausea/vomiting/diarrhea would go away after I smoked for the first time during the day. The longest I went without smoking is when I slept, so I would wake up with bad withdrawal symptoms (the vomiting, diarhea, nausea). The symptoms were 24/7 when I stopped smoking and went away after about 4 days. I no longer wake up with nausea/diarrhea after I stopped smoking for 4 days despite the symptoms being present for well oner a year. It has been nearly 2 months and I have not had those symptoms at all, sans for the one time I smoked again since cessation. My body simply cannot handle weed anymore. "But hurrrr smoke lungs bad" Nope. I'm an avid cigar smoker. No intestinal issues there.

    "Hurr durr no one I know has ever had this problem so it can't exist" Sorry, kid, that's not how the world works. I know you aren't a kid but that is some child like logic so I will treat you as such.
    Woah, you mean you haven't heard about this issue until you used a centralized, international network that allows strangers from every corner of the globe to share their life experiences? What a fucking surprise. Jesus dude just keep growing drugs and stop trying to use your brain.
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    I just meant clear cause case studies.

    I don’t listen to over emotional triggered posters on the internet as proof of anything.

    Have you read the rediculous myths told and sold as facts just about growing the plant.

    Your post just re affirms I need credible proof.
    kona gold

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    Well my brother was hospitalized for three days.
    They ran the gambit of tests on him, and no answer.
    He has had two procedures. They expanded his esophagus, and biopsied his throat, and scoped his stomach. No ulcers.Soi you find out from your family then. I would love to find another answer.
    But the symptoms seem pretty common across the board.
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    Just wanted to update my earlier post. I don't care if people believe or not. I just posted my symptoms. BTW, after carefully watching what type of weed I smoke I can say with almost 100% accuracy that it happens mostly with sativas.

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