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    I use Vegamatrix. It's not "100%" organic because there a couple percent of stabilizers there because it's a shelf stable product. It's nothing crazy that I really worry about. The big selling point is for those who use it legit as medicine because products grown with vegamatrix (or veganic in general) test in the parts per billion when it comes to heavy metals and that's important for patients.

    it will ALWAYS be better to cook your own nutes, but for those of us who got other shit going on I do like pre-bottled veganic nutrients.
    Jared Cox

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    Are people actually getting results doing this? I don't really understand veganics - as there is always going to be microbial life dying in the soil, even if you are super sterile, there will always be some sort of life dying from the water or air put in.

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    Kyle Kushman has been winning cups with his veganic approach. That seems to indicate high quality of his flowers.

    The point is not to use manures, or animal products, use plant based composts to feed. In fact the application of composts depends on raw material. Manures and are to be applied in a shallower layer vs plant based composts that can be applied heavier and thicker. Manure based fertilizers are know to cause sodic problems to soil when applied too heavily.

    Manures, proteins, animal products. are not nearly as broken down as items in a traditional hot compost pile, or a vermicompost pile. Vermicompost is also loaded with microbes, enzymes, and polysaccharides that make PK easier to absorb by plants.

    Lastly the smell, I do not like the smell of liquid fish products or blood meal. Outdoors its not so much a problem, indoors it is, mainly fish products, when I water 50-100 plants a day it smells terrible.

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    Biocanna is great stuff. I've gown great results

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Anyone have any thoughts on the o.g. ( old school growers) line call veganic special sauce? Looks good to me, just curious.

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    I'm new to vegan recently started using vegan dry nutes in 2 of my 4 plants seeing if there is a visible change.

    Chippewa1 Member

    Also need some vegan bloom mixtures if anyone can help?

    Chippewa1 Member

    will post pics of experiment if there's interest

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    I believe sprouted corn tea in bloom.

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