Marijuana And It's Effect On The Prostate/Sexual Organs

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    my prostate was normal and wasn't even tender when the doctor did the exam,but you know most doctors just describe antibiotics,this is all they know.,what makes me truly believe that it is a muscular problem,is the more i am stressed,the more symptoms increase.i also have the habit of clinching my anal muscles while walking,urinating which i think is contributing to a large degree to my symptoms,i'm trying to do my best not to clinch my pelvic muscles but its not easy,sometimes my balls move closer to my body when i am walking,which i think is from the habit of clinching the pelvic muscles.i also find that my symptoms are increased after i strain or force a bowel movement,which in my opinion because of the extra contraction of already contracted muscles.your opinion about my symptoms will be very appreciated Emin and do you think pelvic stretching is useful in this situation?thank you :)

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    Yeah just try to keep your pelvic muscles relaxed. It will get easier over time. Once you learn to relax your pelvic floor and you can do it without thinking about it, your symptoms will go away.

    You need to get a doctor who knows about pelvic floor dysfunction. You should be doing pelvic floor physical therapy right now. That's what I've been doing once a week for the last two months and I feel 75% better. I'm hoping I'll be back to 100% in a couple more months.

    Try taking warm baths and take advil. Those are the only things that I've found that really help. Muscle relaxers like Valium help a lot, but I don't want to get addicted to them.

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    just wanted to add ,that my symptoms are better when i wake up in the morning,i urinate normally and less pain,and it gets worst more in the afternoon and night maybe and after straining during bowel movement,which i guess is because in the morning muscles are relaxed from sleep,what do you think?

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    Yes according to my urologist this is very common with people who have a pelvic floor dysfunction.

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    Since cannabis hasn't been studied enough, how can you dismiss his claim so easily? The idea that cannabis has no side effects is absurd, abuse of any substance is going to have side effects. I don't know if his claim is valid or not, because it hasn't been studied. The studies that are out there are pretty ridiculous on both sides of the fence, but the tendency of cannabis users to automatically dismiss anything negative that is said about it is irresponsible.
    Serious Talk

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    Thanks a bunch for your comments they are really helping me understand whats going on. I think you are completely right about it being s mental and muscle thing. I'm going to try to find a doctor who knows about Pelvic Floor Dysfunction but until then I'm just going to work on keeping my stress out my gooch lol

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    Do you still smoke pot now that you have an idea of your diagnosis? I have the same dysfunction and I've experimented if pot could possibly play a role with increasing the tightness of the pelvic floor. I've had random results, either I am relaxed or it causes more tightness (I smoke mainly indicas). I think pot makes me more conscious of the tightness and pain, resulting in the inability to urinate and more tightness/pain. There have been times where I feel great and times (last night) where I feel it getting worse when I smoke. So I guess the question is, do you still smoke?


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    Yep I'm still smoking. It might be making my recovery take longer, but I doubt it.

    The way I see it there are two main things that are still flaring me up which are driving and weed. Driving flares me up much worse than weed. With the exercises I'm doing I've been noticing a reduction in pain over the past two weeks both while driving and smoking. Even if I quit smoking, the driving would still flare me up so I don't see a point in quitting, if that makes sense. In other words I'm hoping that when my driving flare ups go away the weed flare ups will too.

    I wish I could figure out why weed made this worse. The only thing I can think of is how it heightens your nervous system which would cause an increase in sensitivity, kind of like what you said.

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    Hey guys I'm here to make another big post about everything I've learned over the past year about this problem and (hopefully) the cure. I'm sure I'll forget something so I'll be editing this over time.

    As I've already said in this thread, if you are diagnosed with prostatitis you should definitely look at the muscles around the pelvis. I'm confident that in 95% of cases all of the pain is caused by trigger points in these muscles. Since last December I've been concentrating on the pelvic floor muscles thinking that they are the only muscles that can cause pelvic pain, but I was wrong. I got my pelvic floor biofeedback level to where my physical therapist said I shouldn't be having any more symptoms and she basically told me there wasn't much more she could do. At first this really scared me but all it really meant was that I needed to stop relying on her so much and I needed to take my treatment into my own hands. I started poking around at all of the muscles in my pelvis and found a lot of trigger points and tight muscles around my pelvis but not in my pelvic floor like the obliques and adductors.

    After working on my adductor magnus for the past four days I've noticed a huge relief. After the first night of doing it I had a huge overnight difference, which anyone with this problem knows is very rare. Trigger points in the adductor magnus can cause pain to be felt deep inside the pelvis including the bladder which is where I was getting most of my pain when I smoked. Here is a diagram of where common adductor trigger points are, and where they refer pain ( Magnus.jpg). I'm still having pain, but the dramatic reduction over the past few days has me very confident that this is the solution to mine, and probably a lot of other people's pain. I'll be checking in over the next few weeks and months to update my recovery.

    My suggestion to anyone with this problem is to go get a tennis ball and a theracane. These help you work out trigger points. The ball is to sit on and relax your pelvic floor muscles. Put the ball under your perineum and sit on it until you feel the muscles start to relax. Don't do it more than about 20 minutes. At first it will hurt but over time the muscles will relax and it will get easier to do. The theracane is a weird looking cane thingy ( that you can use to reach trigger points easier. Use this and the tennis ball to find tender areas in the muscles around your pelvis and work them out.

    Another thing you will need to do is to strengthen weak muscles. When one muscle is weak, the opposing muscles has to compensate and it causes tension. Everyone is different so I don't know what muscles you might need to work on, but common ones are the glutes and core. You can strengthen these with planks and gluteal bridges.

    Finally, you should always pay attention to tension in your pelvis. A lot of people with this problem hold their stress in their pelvis. This can prolong, or even initiate pain. You should pay attention throughout the day of how much tension you're holding in your pelvis.

    As for why smoking makes it worse... I still don't know that. There's a lot of information on the internet about weed making inflamed muscle tissue more sensitive (, I've been going on some hikes lately and I've noticed that when I smoke part way into my hike the back of my legs really start to ache. This makes me think that weed makes tired and inflamed muscles more painful. Like a lot of people say online, the strain really does make a difference. I don't live in a medical state so I don't always have reliable access to different kinds of weed. A week ago I got some stuff in called the ox which is a high CBD strain. I only get flares ups half of the days that I smoke now, and only the first time I smoke in the day. But that also might have something to do with working out the trigger points in my adductor magnus.

    I'm really hoping some people read this and give it a try. It's essentially the Wise-Anderson protocol without paradoxical relaxation or internal trigger point release. I think it will work for a lot of people. If it works for me I plan on coming out with some YouTube videos on it or something because currently the only good treatment option is to attend the Wise-Anderson clinic in CA for a week and spend $6,000 which most people can't do. They vehemently say that it's unsafe to try their protocol at home because the internal trigger point release could cause a flare up if done incorrectly. But I personally don't think it's necessary to stick an $800 patented electronic wand up your butt to fix your symptoms. Even if internal work in necessary, I don't see why you can't buy a therawand ( and work out the trigger points. The only thing special about their wand is that it tells you how much pressure you're putting on it. Don't you think you can figure out for yourself how much pressure is needed?
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    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting this and those that also added valuable info. I love weed, smoke all the time, and have noticed that after I smoke I feel soreness in my groin area and have to pee more frequently - or will feel like I have to. Recently I pulled my spermatic cord working out and have been off work for over a week trying to recover. Of course, being off work, I'm home smoking weed all day. Today I didn't smoke tho, and I was feeling so much better. Swelling in groin had gone down. I light up, and then not too long after I was all swollen down there and not feeling good again :(. Then I made the connection, wait a second - maybe pot makes inflammation worse? Reading this I'm positive that if I stop smoking while I heal - I may heal faster. Not quitting for good, just until I'm better. Thanks for those of you that posted about this again so I have some confirmation.[/QUOTE]
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    Yea, dont ever think weed is a cure all miracle drug.
    Its great but not that..

    And what yiur describing is a well documented side effect
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    You mentioned that this is well documented. Not that I am questioning your research into the documentation but could you provide some links or references? I'd like to give them a read since I've been experiencing similar effects in relation to Emin.


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    hey emim - hows your progress?

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    hello i am new here but been smoking for 18 years straight all day everyday.i believe to have prostatitis.

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    Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to thank Emin and the others for sharing their experiences. I didn't know what was wrong with me and ended up here after several nights of anxious Googling and freaking out. I now realize that the tension in my pelvic area was the cause of my symptoms. Smoking weed made me anxious, which increased the tension, but also increased the blood flowing to the tense areas. This resulted in some spastic movement of my scrotum, which made me even more anxious and tense. After reading the right words I finally understood what I was feeling, this enabled me to take back control and work on a solution. I stopped smoking weed for a while and I started doing some exercises, the symptoms were gone after a few days. I can still feel that my pelvic area is a weak spot, so I'll try to keep exercising, but at least I know where the problem lies.


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    I believe it's grouse for the sexual complex..thickened the blood!

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    This OP needs CBD to hell his inflammation
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    Cures cancer..hash oil and such..hopefully more as well..

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    I'll go ahead and share here because I've had problems with this over the past year and am finally on the way to recovering from it. It's been about a year since I got diagnosed with chronic non-bacterial prostititis and after a bunch of doctors, tests and everything else found it to actually be pelvic floor disorder which is the first place I'd recommend anyone start getting treatment if they have the same. I found that when I'd smoke it would immediately trigger my symptoms unless I was drinking or something at the same time. So I ended up going to physical therapy and took a 2 month break (due to unrelated events) while I was going through it. The physical therapy ended up decreasing my symptoms by about 90% and while I still notice that the first couple puffs of the day will cause some tensing down there it's relieved by going through relaxation exercises.

    I believe it's just a simple matter of subconscious habit that we don't really notice. Most likely when it first happened you were smoking or had some sort of stress-related experience with it that your body kinda took to a sort of muscle memory. So now when smoking it causes a sort of subconscious tensing of the area that leads to the symptoms. Give it a shot next time when you smoke and notice the symptoms try to relax the area physically and see what happens. The exercise I use is by tensing the area manually up and then very slowly relaxing it as much as you can all the way down to the bottom. The pelvic floor is a pretty obscure area that I didn't even know about so you may need to read up on some relaxing exercises and stuff first to get a feel of how to do it. There's also a book called "Headache in the Pelvis" that can explain stuff really good and give you pretty much everything you need to fix it yourself. And while the exercises in there and pelvic floor physical therapy are... painful and embarrassing to say the least it's completely worth it to not have to live in that hell.

    I'd also recommend taking some sort of break like I did just to get things in line first. It seemed to help me get a handle on things on my own without continuously reinforcing that muscle memory reaction. Again this is all speculation but I did run it by my physical therapist and she agreed that this could most definitely be the case. Then when you come back take it slow for a little bit. Don't jump straight into pre-level smoking. Just take a little and start working on breaking / getting used to your reactions to it instead of going business as usual on it. Hopefully this helps somebody out and I'm sorry for everyone who has to go through this shit.

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    I could care less if mary made me sterile. It's not like I'm interested in making copies of myself anyway. In fact. I'd probably smoke more if it did.

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