Marijuana And It's Effect On The Prostate/Sexual Organs

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    FingerStickingGood Member

    Hello there everyone.... I'm posting this not in my own interest but in the interest of others out there that have experienced the same problem that i am currently having and dont know where to turn to or where to look on the net for the right advice.

    I was in india in december and got bad stomach cramps, causing me to be on the toilet quite alot. In doing so i caused a reflux of urine (from using my stomach muscles so much) and i developed what i believe to be an epididymitis.

    Anyone who has gone to india (Goa) knows that the charras (hash-like solid) they sell there is AMAZING! anyway.... i smoked every day while i was there, and every day since....

    So.... My epididymitis hasn't gone away, with multiple rounds of anti biotics... and every time i smoked weed it seemed to intensify the pain somewhat (not loads, but enough to be noticable)

    And then i came across an article on the net (After HOURS OF SEARCHING) that might shed light on my problem...

    "Marijuana abuse raises the level of the inflammatory hormone prostaglandin E-2 in the body which can induce inflammation in brain arteries, constricting blood flow to the brain. These narrowed arteries require high blood pressure to pump blood up to your brain. Prostaglandin E2 can also loosen the brain-blood barrier and then increase the drug's penetration into the cerebrospinal fluid. All of this can result in hypertension, headaches, migraines, blurred version, gum inflammation, sleeping disorder, and ear ringing, in addition to brain disorders, body or joint pains and inflammation, liver and kidney inflammation, and disorders of the prostate, uterus, cervix, bladder, and urethra.
    If you have inflammatory pains, disease or asthma, you must stop pot smoking immediately. "

    Since i've stopped smoking it seems that my epididymitis hasnt bothered me as much, and hopefully in time it will go away... i've had it for about 3 months now.

    I hope this helps anyone out there who seems to have an epididymitis/prostatitis that does not seem to want to get better... try stop smoking weed.... a crazy connection, weed and your balls, right? just try....
    All the best.
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    FingerStickingGood Member

    P.S. i forgot to add: Prostaglandin is produced in the SEMINAL VESCICLES... the seminal vescicle links to the prostate (it secretes ejaculatory fluid) . Therefore, in my opinion ---> smoking weed ---> higher prostaglandin e-2 inflammatory hormone levels ---> prostaglandin produced in groin area -----> ULTIMATELY higher inflammation in groin area.... :)

    here's a link to the original article:
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    Zaehet Strife

    Zaehet Strife Well-Known Member

    im gonna get a vaporizer now DEF
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    grimreefer24601 Active Member


    Cause I've smoke cannabis for over half my life, and all I can really attribute is positive. Perhaps your right, and it causes some effects, but I highly doubt it.

    Really, most of the bullshit claims would be resolved if it were truly legalized and studied. No more crap about how it's dangerous so we can't even study it bullshit. Come on. Show me something that really proves it's worse than, say caffeine.

    Hardwire Member

    Those are all the keywords I need to think scare tactics. I would like to see where this came from and the clinical study results.
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    FingerStickingGood Member

    I didnt post this to cause controversy or doubt, i posted this in the interest of others who might have had the same problem that i encountered. This isnt a debate.

    ... Read a book called
    "Biology of Marijuana: from gene to behaviour"
    by a man called Emmanuel S. Onaivi (Phd)

    There is a specific chapter dealing with Marijuana and Prostaglandins.

    I rest my case.

    redivider Well-Known Member

    sounds to me like you went to india and drank the water and got sick.

    now your trying to blame it on weed, not the notoriously low quality water in india which could kill a foreigner who sips from the wrong place.

    marijuana has not been studied enough to know it's effects.

    the only studies are the skewed propaganda studies of the last decade, and a single study which positively links heavy marijuana use to psychosis over a 14 year period.

    next time, don't drink the water, and don't blame the weed......
    Biological Graffity

    Biological Graffity Active Member

    ...why is it so hard to belive that weed IN SOME CASES could do harm...coz ANY OTHER plant or drug will have some negative effect in some cases...
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    d6520 Well-Known Member

    Lol.. I guess Im gon be another
    Person that gon not pay
    Mind to this... Sex feels better high... So does life...keep toking

    DelSlow Well-Known Member

    Sure it is! Just because you say it isn't doesn't make it so.

    Of course you feel fucked. You were in india!
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    smokebros Well-Known Member

    this comment sum's it up for me too
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    FingerStickingGood Member

    lol its ben thee and a half weeks since i stopped and the inflammation in my epididymis has gone down. I didnt blame marijuana for anything.... i contracted epididymitis in india and all i said is that the smoking of marijuana enhanced the inflammation. You guys just dont want to believe that marijuana could have any adverse side-effects in any given circumstace... grow up. I came back from india in january, i have had epididymitis for 4 months, and since stopping smoking (might i add, that i dont intend to completely STOP!, i actually intend to start smoking as soon as thepididymitis has subsided fully) i am actually getting better and the inflammation has gone down... Listen to me or dont... this post is for people who have had the same problem as i have, not for naysayers and speculators :)

    All the best
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    karri0n Well-Known Member

    I have an inflammatory condition that shows up in random joints in my body. It's not a constant thing or even a dull ache most of the time - it's either there, or it's not. I haven't noticed any correlation of it showing up or going away with my smoking habits, which tend to go anywhere from daily to once every couple weeks. The weed gives a bit of pain relief when I am experiencing the pain, but other than that I don't see a correlation.

    It's not epididymitis or prostatitis though.
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    vonflow Member

    i realize this is kind of an old thread, but... it seems rather difficult to find information about pot and epididymitis and this was the newest/most hopping thread i could find via google. also noted the last post was on 4/20.

    anyway, i started having pain in my testicles in january, and was diagnosed with epididymitis after doing an ultrasound and urinalysis. no infection was found, but i went on antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs just to be on the safe side. they seemed to help but it didn't totally go away.

    the first thing i noticed causing irritation was caffeine, so i cut that out pretty early on after doing a little research and finding that there is indeed a link between caffeine and epididymitis. i also smoke pot basically all day every day, so i wasn't really sure if that was interfering with it and couldn't find much information about it. just some scattered posts on boards about people noticing that it makes the pain worse (and possibly prevents healing). so i decided to do some testing...

    i have been holding back from smoking for a day at a time, taking note of how my nuts were doing, then i would smoke some pot to see if it would get worse. i'm not a doctor, if you haven't figured it out yet, so i guess my little experiment isn't official by any means. however it is extremely obvious to me that being high makes the pain worse. drinking alcohol doesn't seem to affect it, only smoking.

    so i've decided to quit smoking entirely for a little while to see how it goes (ugh). drastic measures but i'm convinced that it's making things worse so i'll give it a shot. if i remember to, i'll report back here.

    i'm curious how the original poster is doing now..
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    bicycleday Active Member

    I just smoked a bowl and my nuts feel good:eyesmoke:

    txhazard Active Member

    The abuse of almost anything can have negative affects, including marijuana.
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    Brazko Well-Known Member

    Its not so much as smoking marijuana that causes the enhancement of inflammation. The introduction of any kind of smoke or, caffeine causes vasoconstriction of your arteries/veins. If you have inflammation happening somewhere especially those that are directly related to the circulatory system, you are inhibiting/impedeing your body from properly healing the area by constricting your blood vessels which prevents proper circulation and the natural healing process of the body.

    Vasoconstriction allows for continued stagnation & congestion that further promotes inflammation and prevents the body from entering the phase of proper healing.

    Furthermore, Your 2nd Chakra element is the Water Chakra for a reason. It's Organs consist of the ovaries & testes.

    However ingesting Marijuana by alternative means other than smoking it would/should actually provide some beneficial qualities to the disease such as temprorary pain relief.

    But I'm not a Dr so don't hold me to that.. Research it yourself.. And you are Right Tex.. Moderation is your guide...
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    Beansly RIU Bulldog

    I might have to look into this. I get a dull pain in my coin purse (aka testicles) from time to time, and sometime a horrible shooting pain. hmmm
    Damn these balls of mine.
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    vonflow Member

    cigarettes do not have the same effect.
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    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    i have asthma

    i dont use an enhaler and i vape all day

    im doing fine over here 8)
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