Legal Weed In Illinois!

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    Hello all.

    Any Cook County residents in Illinois, there will be a poll in the March primary ballot for the legalization of recreational cannabis. It will be a mock vote, and won't carry any REAL weight. But Cook county accounts for almost have of the population of Illinois, and if weed wins with flying colors it will push Illinois lawmakers into a corner! This could be what makes or breaks Illinois.

    If you, or anyone you know lives in Cook county (Chicago) please vote. Our voices must be heard! As we've seen across the country already, the media will not cover this. There will not be commercials or news articles on TV informing the public. It's up to us to spread the word and have our voices be heard! Let's lead the world out of the war on drugs, mother fuckers!!!!!!
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    Sup im from the chi anyone know the results of our tap waters ppm and such i was able to search it up before but bow the file wont open when i download it

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