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    some quick napkin calculations based off the data sheet http://www.nichia.co.jp/en/product/led_product_data.html?type='NFDLJ130B-V1' show impressive performance when under driven in the 700 to 1000 ma range, exceeding 180+ lumens per watt

    nichia has released a version 2 of these chips with a small improvement, but the usa distributor doesn't have any version 2 chips.

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    Looking for maximum 28V COB or two smaller ones to fill up MW HLG-240H-C1050 driver. Right now I have 210V on it - 6x Citizen 1212.
    Over voltage protection for this driver is 250-270V - can I mount one more Citizen 1212 on it? 210V + 35V = 245V ?

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    You don't want to go over 238 VDC with that driver. It will start cutting current. Over voltage is a shutoff condition. You may could add 1 24 volt led. QB 120 would work lol.

    Always look at constant current range. That is what the driver will give it's full current at. Anything over and it will drop current.

    Have you actually tested the voltage as well? Check at start up and also after stabilization (around an hour).
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    Hello, Speaking of QB 120's....When will more 3000k be arriving ?

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    Looking for a smaller and cheaper option, just to fill existing light.

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    First Tv screen that can grow weed? I can watch sport and in the same time growing plants..? I want it!! :bigjoint::lol:
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    So where's the grow light?
    Come to think of it, it is sitting in the LR. Upcoming tech is basically a big flat screen TV & the channels are 27k-65k w/ options to add photosynthesis driving colors.
    Wouldn't that be something!
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    so, guys, in the end, is CREE producing their cobs in China ? are the cxb's 3590 listed in their alibaba shops fake stuff ?

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    I think the PCB is made, and dies printed in china and the phosphor is applied in the US, or the other way round. What source are you wanting to buy from on Alibaba ?

    And why not go with Vero's better performance and has a scannable bar-code on each chip to verify its authenticity. It is not an easy chip to counterfeit anyway.
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    ... was thinkin of panda's .. or others ? isnt it the same ? kingbrite was the other thought

    ps. thanks for the vero info, didnt know that...seems like KB sell it... would that be a legit product ?
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    A Corporation may produce or have produced LEDs in China or elsewhere under closely qc'd conditions assuring top quality and performance or they or others may buy the cheaper alternative maybe from the same seller even. They might even arrange for identical packaging. Reputation and integrity is everything!
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    thanks @hillbill ... your speak wise words... ;)
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    Just order 2 unit for total of216$can
    1 day shipping on Amazon.ca i did not found it in the amazon.com im in canada
    Hydropics 800w Led Grow Light Full Spectrum for Hydroponics Greenhouse Indoor Plant Veg and Flower grow system and grow tents kits and package
    I will cover 2feet by 5feet with 2 light .
    compare to others :
    1.High Luminous Efficiency by Revolutionary Integrated COB Technology
    2. Best Color Ratio and Luminous Efficiency of Our LED Grow Light
    3.Patent Optical Reflector Enhance the Output of Par Value of LED Grow Light
    4.Best Heat Dissipation for the Best Stability and Longest Lifetime
    5.every led driver control two led modules , easy to replace the broken part if anything is wrong with the led driver or led module .
    Actual Power Consumption: 210W 4PCS*200W high intensityCOB(64*3W chip on board)
    view Angle: 90 degree Reflector 9 Bands for Indoor Plants Growth & Flower Spectrum of Light: 28pcs 660nm 16pcs 640nm;8pcs 440nm;4pcs 460nm;4pcs 470nm;2pcs 525nm;2pcs 730nm
    1 x 800W LED Grow Panel Light 90 degree Reflector COB;1 x Power Line;2 x Stainless Steel hanging kits
    Why choose us?
    Compared to normal LED grow lights, our latest integrated COB of LEDs effectively improves the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, which make a great help in the vegetative and blooming stage of your plants.
    Patent professional optical reflector significantly enhances Par Value for every stage of plants which makes the plant enjoy fastest growth, maximum yield.
    • Patented unique design of reflective cup and lens for higher light-gathering effect. High PAR value and Lux value than normal led grow light, reducing light and Par value loss
    • High PPFD,the PPFD is 1360 μmol/m2/sec at the height of 18 inch
    • Worldwide Voltage: AC85~265V, it could be connected with HPS (not suggest)
    • Compared to normal LED grow light by secondary lens and normal single lens, our latest integrated COB of LEDs effectively improves much the color uniformity and luminous efficiency, which makes it more powerful in the vegetative stage and blooming stage of your plants.
    • 3 year warranty .easy to exchange the led driver and led module(every module and led driver could be replace in one minutes)
    • Weight 7 pound

    108 can$ pretty cheap 3 years warranty
    4 like that could replace 1000w hps ?
    Good review on amazon
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    swed, look up the Emerson Effect

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    Wow im newb to led or cob does those light look good to u ?

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