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    Ahh all mine are from Taiwan. Must have all been from the same batch I guess. Either way not all Asian made electronics are bad, meanwell is top of the line, so is samsung, and many more names not at all associated with "cheap chinese" if that's what you're point was. Being new here is irrellevant, I'm an electronics engineer and my input on this is very accurate.

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    Crees cxbs are made in North Carolina and sent to China for the phosphorus treatment. Pesky EPA LMAO
  3. Hlg having a sale October 1 on there lights 20 per event off and there lights replace a 1000.
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    What is the website?

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    they use cree 2540 (at least in some of their units like optic 4 and optic 6)
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    The Optic 2 uses 2530 but does have CXB3590 and 3070 units. Please go check the site and read the descriptions of the units before trying to correct me lol.

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    i wasnt "correcting you" i was stating a fact

    2540/2530 who cares. at the end of the day its a $10 chip from 3 years ago. i even disclaimed that the chip was used in the few models i was familiar with. They dont even list the chips for most models

    you seem to look for conflict wherever you go for some reason. How about actually listing which chips are in what models instead of assuming their chips are fake because arrow sells them for $20 (when you know jerry sells singles for $17 and manufacturers get them even cheaper in volume)
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    Hello. Have finished building my 10x cxb 3590 DB 3500K setup. Now I am aiming on 30x COB grow kit, is there anything better now that cxb 3590 in my case 3500k DB bin? Should I try to mix 5000K and 4000K in? Or there is something cheaper and as good as CREE products?

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    what is your criteria for 'better'?

    theres about a half dozen chips at the same price that are more efficient

    theres another half dozen chips which are equally as efficient and cheaper

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    hey bobby have you ever tested the nichia cobs to see how they compare?
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    nope but send some over id be happy to
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    I have a funny feeling they would be very similar to Citizen....... One may make the other lol.
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    I have been checking out only cxb 3590 cd/db versions, nothing else. Could You enlighten me on other models/brands that are as good as these COBs? By better I mean - better or same spectrum, better or same efficiency, lower price, parts availability (available cob holders), etc..

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    Same shit different name.

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    brighter at same price: citizen clu058-1825, luminus cxm32, vero29C
    cheaper at similar efficiency: luminus cxm22, citizen clu048-1818, vero 29 B/D

    none of these have any "magic bullet" spectrum. while a 3500k from one mfr may differ slightly from another mfrs 3500k, the plants dont seem to mind, ive seen great grows with all kinds of chips
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    White COBs and Boards and even high grade white discreet diodes have seperated themselves so far from other light sources that present individual chip results are very small in comparison. I would be happy using most any of the leading COBs or Boards and so would the girls. They, in fact, are quite happy this morning!
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    Could You recommend sellers for each of these on alibaba?
    I bought CREE products from Kingbrite. But I have found another one, that could do the same +-, but shipping is cheaper for about 110$ by using same dhl.
    I bought cxb 3590 for 28$ a piece, is that expensive, comparing to those cheaper you mentioned?
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    I sell luminus CXM22 for $17 and if youre in the US shipping is cheap

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    as one who got some when our" jorge" buddy was posting..at 34 w per they [J130 B] did a good job for me..

    of course i can only speak from growing experience.. i admit to not being a real tech
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