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Sheild stuff completely in metal. Wrap it up completely in foil or better like a turkey ready to go in the oven. With large items like a car it's probably best to just remove the electronics portions like computer and ignition and anything the car won't run without and wrap them up, or buy spares at a junkyard and wrap the spares up. The engine etc won't be affected, just all the control electronics needed to run the engine.

Then again there won't be gas pumping without power, and a car may be wasteful, so a car won't run very long unless you stockpile gas, and if you do stockpile gas you can be busted for storing dangerous chemicals because you aren't zoned for it, already happened to someone.

We have a right to keep and bear arms, but if you do to a degree someone finds questionable somehow you can be busted for it.

Which is why it seems like such a sell out to me...

I just am thinking about keeping my 150cc scooter protected. 70mpg and limited electronics and easy to work on.


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Like the Japanese and others I am looking at scooters too.

I'll let you know how the 150mpg+ bike motor works out.

I rode for 2&1/2 years and then had a car now I sold my 4x4 and I am waiting on a friend to do the actual work of putting the motor on a new bike.
I hope to get 1 to 2 years out of that and hopefully I will get a small truck after that.
Gust think carrying extra fuel for that bike means a small Thermos sized container LOL!

I remember riding in all weather and it did suck sometimes but I managed.

Now I see many many more people on bikes than ever before.. I guess they too see the wisdom of no car loans and no gas bills.

Now is the time to sell bicycles.


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"Now is the time to sell bicycles."
Not quite yet, but getting really handy and modding a bike is a good idea. I have looked into those conversions before both electric and gas, pretty slick. there are several fun looking schwinn occ choppers on youtube if you haven't seen them. Too small for most people though...

I rode an old yamaha dt100 enduro during high school and beyond as a daily driver in all weather for about 2 years or so, so yea I know what it's like. Loads of fun in good weather, mobile sufferring in bad, but liveable given the right gear.

I got sideswiped by a car on a freeway offramp with my gf on the back of that thing one day. We both survived fine, but that was the end of that bike.

Most recently I had a honda 250 enduro, but it needed too much work and was really beat up and past its prime so I sold it and then got a couple new china bikes that needed repairs for a bargain. a 250 rebel clone and 150 scoot both 08's.

I got the scoot running, still haven't tore into the rebel clone yet to fix it's transmission. Both are in the 60-70mpg range if I can just keep them running. Parts are super cheap though and plentiful, so that's a plus. scooters look kind of silly but oh well, it's sure fun to ride and practical. :) People sell them broken on cl all the time for next to nothing when they break down, usually it's a quick fix like ignition module or something easy, not much work to troubleshoot.

2stroke bicycle sounds cool, except the laws will kill you in most places they aren't legal to ride street or sidewalk or aywhere. What motor?


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I can't tell you much yet. I see a guy ride an old looking one around and his is a rocket. Freaky dangerous rider. Runs through intersections without stopping first.
Breaking will be an expense. I am ordering a disk brake for the front because the rear disc brake has to make way for the engine drive sprocket.
I was looking at break lights for the bike and a turn signal system as well.

Still it combines exercise and transport.

I'll just stop short on that until I take possession. But it will be legal. It's called peddle assist. In California when the road changes classification from road to freeway I guess or like an on-ramp the signs say no motor driven cycles I think..
That is what they mean - scooters under some CC rating. You need to have a helmet as well.
I'll do the good lights and any sort of safety thing I can such as a reflective vest for night riding.
It makes sence. I rode in all weather and I had my proper gear. Rain is a bitch because if you peddle even on a cold day you over heat fast in the yellow trousers and coat so I picked up a Army poncho. Tough as nails for as old as it is. The shoes and lower pants get wet but that is a lot better than riding over heated.
I think I'm like you in thinking it's time to find out what the lowest cost way is for a while.
Did you see the thread about used car prices? There is a shortage especially small economical ones.

So I take it I should post about the bike later on then? When I have it that is.

There is a Schwinn there as a demo I could of bought right now but I can't ride a Schwinn that is the uncool bike of the early 10 speed days.. Now it's 21 speed or more and still I cannot do a schwinn bicycle.

Some things never change.


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Cool. Let me know when it comes together, I'm curious. I think we should start a thread on this stuff.

I'd like a hybrid like this trike with a mini gas genset onboard as well, and solar panel in the yard for it, best of both worlds: Too bad all this stuff gets so expensive with lipo batteries and etc.

Here's the tiny schwinn I was talking about:

lots of folks have put motors in them:
Sounds like it's ready to chop down a tree:


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Not one, Not two, but THREE reactors in meltdown.


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Japan admits today that the reported radiation leak levels were twice as much as they reported.

So All along we were being lied to.

One Reactor is still in Critical meltdown.

On a side note Germany decided to shut down it's nuclear industry and magically they are hit with an unknown source, unknown cause and a super strain of e coli never seen before. Over 20 dead and still no source of the e coli has been found.. :)