Is it too late to start LST on my autoflower?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER, Dec 6, 2017.


    VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER Well-Known Member

    So here is my white widow max autoflower.
    She is being grown in coco with GH trio nutes.
    She just turned 3 weeks old.
    This is just a fun hobby grow for me.
    She has been growing under 4 40w cfls.
    I was wanting to know if its too late to lst her or maybe transplant her into a bigger pot?
    I know autos do not like to be transplanted.
    But if I do LST her, the pot would need to be bigger. Right? white widow coco week3 #1.jpg white widow coco week3 #2.jpg white widow coco week3 #4.jpg
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    Nope you can still LST her, i did mine a lot later. As for transplanting, im not sure sorry.

    VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER Well-Known Member

    Ok thank you for the reply.

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