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    opps he did reply.... nvm

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    Anyone grown their SR-91 yet ?

    littlegiant Well-Known Member

    Puffing on my IC 91 clone that was grown outside. Nice stone very relaxing. Every puff gets you a little higher each time.Only grew 1 female out of the pack, so I can only speak my experience from this 1 pheno. Slow up until the last 30 days, then the buds start pumping up. Nice trimin. Buds were golf ball size and very heavy. Dark red hairs. Stems are very sturdy. I shit you not I pulled every bit of 2 lbs off this plant. Did not go much higher then my six foot fence. Aroma is citrus w/fuel chem. Taste is chemy/ fuely. Never had a male plant out back, but found a few big beautiful beans so far. Hermie you think? Cant wait to go through the rest of the pack. Still have a pack of bx3 to get to. :peace:

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    OneStonedPony Well-Known Member

    Holy shit man, those are some big colas for sure. Like 2 liter soda bottles.
    Looks like the IC91 is spreading it's buds around that tomato plant, like it's going to grab it. She looks as wide as she is tall. If I didn't see any pollen sacs on the plant itself, I'd assume airbourne pollen from the neighborhood. I'd grow them seeds out for sure just to see what she produces.
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    Ya those buds weigh too! Was not the tallest, but sure pumped the nuggets out in all directions. I never really checked for sacs. I hardly looked at it all summer. 2 grows inside and never threw any nanner's. I would assume that it threw some balls outside for what reason I don't know. I just cant believe that it was airbourne pollen, but I could be wrong. I should pop a few of those beans though! :peace:
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    @littlegiant I've run IC91 indoors only, and like you had no issues indoors. I bought some more off Cannabeanery dot com, some 91 Dragons, and got some SR-91 freebies in the deal. I'm getting them all wet this week. Sampled some some 91 Dragons a friend in Ann Arbor grew. It was w-a-y potent. Half a joint and we were both non-functional for a few hours. He fell asleep talking, I feel asleep laughing at him for falling asleep. My whole body felt kind of semi-numb for 24 hours afterwards. No brain fog just serious body relaxation. I don't usually like to get that laid out, but I'm going to work this one into my line up. It's a fun one.

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    I ordered a pack of Insane Chem 91 and 91 Dragons from Cannabeanery and they definitely hook up the freebies. I got 2 packs of SR-91 (3 seeds per pack) and 2 full packs from other breeders (Gorilla Grape BX3 and Dawgy Treats). I don't know if they were feeling generous that day or its typical but I was surprised and happy!
    Sour Wreck

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    shouldn't have opened this thread. Chem 91 added to my growing seed list :shock:

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    Sour Wreck

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    if i did not have a copper chem clone being provided for me soon i would be all over that insane chem 91
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    I jumped the gun on these beans as they are a steal..

    Second time around dealing with cannabeanery, fast shipping and good freebies.. 20171124_140914.jpg
    The Pipe

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    Insane chem 91 from a broken branch about a week early... smells like nose full of Wal-Mart brand mixed berry antacids and skunk ass... smoke this and fight off sleep for 2 hours 20171209_143635_resized.jpg
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    not sure the status of my copper chem clone, so i grabbed the last pack of chem 91 from cannabeanery
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    Glad I didnt hesitate and picked up a pack of 91 dragons and Chen 91 yesterday

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    i have 9 super va(Skunk VA x Chem 91 BX3 ISP) plants in veg now...
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    @IInknth IME with ISP's Chem's they add to or beef up anything they hit. I've run several crosses I've made and ones friends have made. Bottom line they were all potent !! Anyone seen their SR-91 offered anywhere ? Ran some and finished them in Jan, but didn't keep cuts. Kicking myself hard. I need more of those SR-91 seeds bad.
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    That's good to hear.
    I've sprouted a pack Insane Chem 91 and I hope to find some great plants to mix.
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    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    I have a pack of Chem 91 here, but won't be running it until summer. you gonna start a thread?
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    I'll probably just post pics here. I'm terrible about neglecting my grow journals.
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    Kp sunshine

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    I have a few different pheno’s of IC91 (6)and orange diesel(4) finishing up soon. Next watering I will take some pics and post them.

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